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September 2023 - Footnotes

I'm a little late to the party for our past meeting and I apologize for that. There were some issues with our email blasting service and it never really got resolved, so hopefully my redo of our email format works well for you viewing pleasure. Rest assured, I'll do everything in my highly skilled internet skills to make sure the newsletter will go out a little more timely in the future than this one.

Hopefully you were able to be at our last meeting to enjoy Jimmy Jacobs' presentation. If you missed it, then you surely missed out. A lot goes into getting the presenters lined up for our meetings, so please try to attend if you are able to make it. Rumor has it we'll be getting a presentation in October about fishing in Argentina, so you'll want to mark that on your calendars.

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Monthly Meeting

Date: 09/14/2023 (yes, it already happened unless you are somehow in the past reading my future newsletter)

Time: 6:30 PM


United Community Bank

468 W. Louise Street

Clarkesville, GA 30523

Program: Jimmy Jacobs


A Message from our Chapter President

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I have been busy with a few items I would like to update you with. The conservation project we discussed and funded at our last meeting in June is all planned and accepted by our partners. With much thanks to Jeff Durniak for spearheading the planning and bringing everyone together. I’m attaching a document of the plan for our work going forward. Please look it over and comment to me any of your concerns.

Hardman Hooch Buffer Proposal

As you will see, we think we can stay well under the initial $5000 budget we had planned. I expect that I will receive matching funds from the Ga TU Council at the council meeting on September 16th. I think this is a fantastic project for our chapter. It fits right in with Trout Unlimited's conservation goals. I’m really excited by all of our partner organizations that are joining us to protect the Chattahoochee River.

We have been requested to do a fly fishing presentation at Smithgall Woods SP. It will be on Saturday October 14th. We have done this presentation in the past and they would like to get it going again. I have spoken to a few of you about it and will be looking for volunteers at the September meeting. It will basically be a Flyfishing 101 presentation. Equipment, flies, a little entomology, casting instruction, fly tying, and maybe an instream demonstration. Please come join us in getting a new group of fly fisherman started in our sport.

I recently received notice that our Trout in the Classroom tank at East Forsyth HS will not be in operation this year and possibly not in future years. Just this past Sunday evening I received a request for a Trout in the Classroom tank from a teacher in Toccoa. These events seem really karmic to me. So this week I’m working on moving the tank. I’ll report on it at the September meeting.

I think that brings us pretty much up to date. I hope everyone is happy and safe.





14 Foothills Meeting: United Community Bank, Clarkesville, Georgia


12 Foothills Meeting: Unicoi Outfitters


9 Foothills Meeting: TBD


14 Foothills Meeting: TBD


Georgia TU Membership Drive

Over the summer, we received the following request. See the message below:

Dear Georgia TU Chapter President:

I am writing you Chapter Presidents this evening to introduce myself as the new Georgia Council Social Media Chair. While new to the Upper Chattahoochee Chapter, I was a member of TU for years at an earlier time, am a dedicated and experienced freshwater, spinning, and Tenkara.....and am familiar with the basic functioning and objectives of the national organization. In this new role I will be working closely with Guy Eroh, who is our very talented videographer for the Council. Guy's videos will show all of us off in our best possible light. Don't be surprised if Hollywood comes calling......

The basic idea is for me and Guy to apply our complimentary skills toward the basic objective of growing the membership at each of your chapters. Guy and I met earlier today and already have some interesting ideas, but....... can't work without YOU. We're pretty sure that each of the Georgia chapters does wonderful work in river conservation, outreach and education, fabulous fishing outings and much much more....but, only you know the details.

The dates, times, people, and places. 

Guy and I are asking you to communicate these items to us on a regular basis, and with enough advance notice so that we can arrange for filming, interviews, and other preparatory activities to best showcase your chapter.  

Not only do we wish to grow your chapter membership, we want to especially target the younger generation. At my recent first Upper Chattahoochee meeting, I looked around the room and saw a lot of grey hair and beards, or no hair at all, some pretty thick eyeglasses and a few equally thick other words, forty guys who looked just like ME.

While my wife says there's nothing wrong with the way I look, the demographic was pretty monotonic.

Where are the younger folk? Where are the females? We know that the sheer joy that is fly fishing transcends gender, age, and racial/ethnic boundaries.

In order to reach the younger generation, Guy and I plan a pretty heavy and constant presence on social media. We are focusing on five social media platforms: 






What better way to reach younger anglers than via the same platforms this generation spends half their waking hours on?

So, please get with your own chapter members, gather the necessary information, and send it on to either me or Guy at:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Feel free to forward this email to other members or officers within your Chapter.

Thanks a bunch......and TIGHT LINES.

David Jeffrey

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New Social Media Presence! Need Content!

We also received another request from the Georgia TU side. See the message below:

Dear Georgia TU Chapters

I now have three social media platforms up and running for our Council-wide marketing activities:

Facebook Page: Trout Unlimited in Georgia

Instagram: georgiatu2023

YouTube: @GeorgiaTU

I now need you Chapter Presidents to do two things:

1) Spread the word throughout your chapter, and have your members visit, Follow, and Like these sites and posts.

2) Send me content!

Re #2, I am in particular need of of chapter members cleaning up a stream, or working with younger anglers at Trout Camp, or any other item that I can then turn into a posting.....or even story. 

To facilitate this, I have set up a dedicated folder in my Google Drive that I just shared with all of you. Simply open this folder and find your chapter sub-folder, then upload your photos, with a brief description.

Tight lines

David Jeffrey

Georgia Council TU Social Media Chair

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Certified Casting Instructor Seminar

For those interested, the Atlanta Fly Fishing School is offering a seminar to become a Certified Casting Instructor. You can find details below and with this link:

Atlanta Fly Fishing School Certified

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American Legion Post #7 in Gainesville

The Project Healing Waters group usually meets the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 2nd & 4th Tuesdays and virtual meetings 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month at the American Legion Post #7 in Gainesville, Georgia.(2343 Riverside Drive, Gainesville, GA 30501).

As the weather warms and the rains hopefully fall, they will start offering some fishing opportunities. They have a great group and good time at their meetings. All Veterans are invited.

This program could not be offered to our Veterans without the support of the Foothills TU Chapter, the Gold Rush TU Chapter and Unicoi Outfitters. They have really began to grow in numbers and programs because of all of the hard work by the volunteers who are TU members.

For more info: contact Deborah Scott



Dear Bruce, Foothills Trout Unlimited Board of Directors and Chapter Members:

As you can imagine, the past few years have been challenging years for Casting for Recovery Georgia. Due to Covid-19, CfR Nationwide made the difficult decision to cancel all retreats in 2020. In 2021, with lots of safety precautions put into place, the Georgia program was successfully able to hold one retreat last November. In May of 2022, we were able to hold another retreat for any woman with any diagnosis of breast cancer. All of the women who attended those retreats told us how important and meaningful their retreat experience was, especially after so much isolation due to the pandemic. They were grateful to be able to share their experiences and seek advice from other women with breast cancer diagnoses, as well as our wellness team, including oncologists, social workers and a registered dietician, all experienced in working with breast cancer survivors. We are so grateful for all of our dedicated volunteers & supporters who helped make these retreats happen.

CfR Georgia started hosting 2 retreats per year in 2016 but due to Covid vulnerability, the decision was made to postpone metastatic specific retreats. Casting for Recovery now has a National medical advisory board, responsible for keeping us with all things Covid and making recommendations for retreat safety.

There is no cure for breast cancer. Women with a metastatic stage IV breast cancer diagnosis know that their time is limited but they don't know what that time frame is or what their health will be during that time. They want the opportunity to experience a week-end, free of the day-to-day challenges of balancing family & work and still finding time for themselves.

Costs for our retreats are increasing each year, especially for lodging and food services. We have been limited in our fundraising efforts over the past few years since we have not been able to hold any person-to-person events. We are relying on our generous donors and supporters to help us fund our retreats.

The Foothills Chapter of Trout Unlimited has been a generous donor in years past and we ask again this year, that you give consideration to making a donation to Casting for Recovery Georgia's program to provide FREE week-end retreats for more women. Donations can be made at or by sending a check to our National office at the Bozeman, MT address below. Please be sure to specify "Georgia" in your donation.

If you would like additional information about Casting for Recovery, you can go to the website: or feel free to contact me. Also, please feel free to share this information with the other members of the Foothills Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration in supporting Casting for Recovery Georgia.


Beverly Booth

Co-Program Coordinator, Casting for Recovery - Georgia

M 678.480.8052

PO Box 535, McCaysville, GA 30555-0535

National Office:

109 E. Oak St., Ste 1G

Bozeman, Montana 59715



Embrace A Stream Project Needs Your Help Today

The Upper Chattahoochee Chapter of Trout Unlimited's project on Crayfish Creek may reach it's goal by the end of the year, but they are not there yet. Numerous hours of volunteers have been logged to remove two old culverts and cleanup of both invasive plants and debris have occurred.

A contractor has been selected to cleaning up the degraded banks, but additional funds are needed to get to that remaining estimated cost budget. As of right now $180,000 of the estimated $200,000 has been raised. The finish line is right there and they are so close, so we hope you'll consider donating.


But wait, there's more. There are going to be some volunteer opportunities this fall to assist with the project, so please also consider donating some of those incredible muscles you built up during the COVID shutdown.


One more thing, spread the word about this wonderful grassroots project. This project is but a small example of what this country's foundation has been built on. It's the small ideas put on by the people that get traction from the smallest places and builds into some of the greatest things you've ever been part of. Please spread the message about the wonderful effort to save and protect one of the few spawning areas for brown trout along the Chattahoochee River.


Restoring a Heavily Impaired Tributary of the Chattahoochee River


Unicoi Outfitters Fishing Intel Blog

We got this message from our good friend Dredger (aka Jeff) who now takes all the good spots on the streams during the week, but its for good reasons so you get get the most up to date fishing reports.

During my spring trout stream treks I’m running across a lot of metro TU’ers. Right now, In fact, I’m at a windy Smith DH conversing with three longtime UCCTUers. Like me, many of your older members prefer to stay out of the social media frays and are not personally active on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Feel free to make them aware of the winter resurrection of our fly shop’s blog, “Angler Management.”

It has the same timely angling intel as our social media sites. All of it is entertaining and much of it might help your members, especially new flyfishers, to catch a few more fish.

Why? We live, work, retire, and fish up here in north Georgia. From Jimmy to Jake to Wes and Hunter Pittman( our young buck “grown” by Rodney Tumlin and Mack Martin), fishing is in our blood. And now it’s online, too, for non-Facebookers. Enjoy our UO goodies from bear triplets to Friday fishing reports to the hot flies during my Dark30 trips on both weekend evenings.  

Give it a look and a try. We want you returning home to the flatlands happy, and coming back up here soon. On what stream? Well, I don’t believe I said! But you’d better be carrying stimmies, caddis, and cahills as the sun sets!!!



(Charter Rabunite)


Fishing Information

Are you new to town? New to fishing? A terrible fisher?

Fear not, help is available thanks to the Georgia DNR.

Below are a few links to get you started on your way to becoming a professional fisherman or fisherwoman.

Fishing Report:



Follow GA DNR:

You can also check out NGTO for Dredgers Weekly Fishing Report"


Stocking Dates

The DH stocking schedule in North Carolina. Remember to check the regulations before you go.


Heating up for Active Fall Fishing

53186068750_eeb8a4ee32_o image

Here we sit on the edge of the ending of summer and the beginning of our second season. The Delayed Harvest (DH) season up in North Carolina starts in just over a week on October 1st and the Georgia DH season hitting off on November 1st.

The stream temps are finally starting to come down a bit, but still a touch on the warm side. You'll find better success still early in the morning and the further north you head (or on a tailwater). Look for the upcoming October Caddis hatch (pay close attention that name for when). Terrestrials are still out and about and are a great fly to use for wild trout as they will greedily gobble up that offering with out much hesitation.

Look for the fishing to heat up as temps cool down and good luck.

Check out: for stocking reports and other great info about trout fishing in our state. You may also want to follow the Rock Creek Fish Hatchery on Facebook as they also post stocking from their side of the world.


Chubby Chernobyl

This fly is a loud and a slap in the face by how gaudy it is, but this fly catches fish and can float even the biggest droppers. While this may be more of a western late summer/early fall kind of fly, it can work well here in the south. If you want to try this in clear spooky and skinny water, you may want to consider color/size changes. It does may quite the slap when hitting the water, but if you are using this in a place with terrestrials hitting the water, that can actually work in your favor. I find it great dry-drop fly when floating the Hooch and doubles as an indicator that the fish will eat. Give it a try here over the next couple of weeks.

For tying instructions:

- Hook: Lightning Strike SN1, size 10

- Thread: UTC 140 Denier, fluorescent pink

- Tail: Krystal Flash, pink

- Dubbing: UV Ice Dub, pink

- Body: Peacock herl

- Wings: Polypropylene yarn, white

- Legs: Sili legs, barred, pink

Courtesy of



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If you haven't looked at the website lately, check it out. It is up to date and packed full of new information. Check us out. It's where we post all of our information and updates about chapter meetings, projects, fishing outings and any other items pertaining to Foothills.

Also, for even more up to date information, check out our Facebook page. Our Facebook page editor, Ted Jones, does an excellent job at adding new information almost every day. Be sure to "Like" it and share with your friends.
For all information regarding Trout Unlimited in Georgia, check out the Georgia Council website at:
Thank you for your interest in the Georgia Foothill Chapter of Trout Unlimited. We are always looking for new members from the area to join us, so please tell a friend and have them join us at our next meeting.