Join us as we show our entire Pastoral staff appreciation during the month of October!

On Oct 16th @ 6:30 PM

you are invited to a "Confections and Conversations" event in the Family Center! Enjoy sitting and talking (and coffee and sweets) with each of them as we hear testimonies of their impact on lives!  

Also "fill their buckets"

To participate, please write a note and/or purchase a small gift for our pastors. Labeled buckets will be located in the main sanctuary foyer for you to drop your notes and items-starting October 2nd and running through the month! 

Here's a list of our pastors' favorites:

Pastor Jamie:

Drinks-Sweet Tea, Diet Coke

Snacks-Jack Links, Nabs

Gift cards-Starbucks, Urban Brew, Lost Locals, Outback/Longhorn, Fat Patties

Pastor John:


Snacks-Oreos, Fig Newtons, plain potato chips

Gift cards-Any

Pastor Angela:

Drinks-Mountain Dew, peach or raspberry tea

Snacks-Cheddar flavored chips/crackers; Twix; blueberry or lemon-flavored things.

Gift cards-Anywhere really....

Pastor Daniel:

Drinks-Any Pop/Soda, Dr. Pepper, Mtn Dew, Coke, Root Beer (Barqs is my fav)

Snacks-Doritos (cool ranch), Chips & Queso, Zebra cakes, Ding Dongs

Gift Cards-Anything that would be a nice date night event would be wonderful - Olive Garden, Outback, stuff like that.

Pastor Tonya:



Gift cards-Chick-fil-a

Pastor Darick:


Snacks-Danish Cheesecake

Gift cards-Walmart 

This is a class for any couple;

engaged, newlywed, or seasoned.

Beginning October 2nd at 9AM in Rm 109

For more info contact John and KevinAnn

For more info contact Jim Ripper

6-7pm Ages 7-12

7-8:30pm Ages 13 and Up

For more info contact Pastor Angela


Pathway is designed to bring you from just being a fan of Jesus to a true follower - beginning with the story of the Bible and how you fit into God's redemptive plan, to help you understand the core beliefs of the faith, and finally to learning some best practices and habits to shape your spiritual life. 

6th - 12th grades

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm 

Wednesday Kids


Nursery Available 6 weeks - 2years

Excellerate Classes have begun with 2 new students. Excellerate, a 16-week program, provides classes for students aging out of foster care, equipping them with life and spiritual skills. Through the generosity of the Praise Assembly Family, we have provided 4 students with a car when they completed the program. You can be a part of making a difference in the lives of these Young Adults. We still need teachers, helpers, and meal providers for each session.

Contact Tammy HERE for more info

Signup HERE to provide a meal

Adult Worship

Preschool Classes

Kidz Church

Middle School Class at 10:30am


Quick sign in for your kids before arriving.