Volume 90 | September 22nd, 2021
Street Outreach Team Having Early Impact
On Thursday, Nettie, a member of HSC's Street Outreach Team, was talking with an individual outside of campus about re-engaging in services and potentially getting housed. A young woman (Carol) overheard them talking, and approached Nette. Carol said "I can't do this any more, please help me." Nettie immediately stopped what she was doing as Carol continued to share "I can't do what the voices are telling me to do any more." When Nettie asked what the voices were saying, she turned over her arms to show cuts up and down her forearms and wrists. 

Nettie then told her "You are right, you don't have to do this anymore,and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure you get the help that you need." Nettie then took Carol to Community Bridges (CBI) on campus to get her connected to that support, and she is now getting the help and support needed.  

This is just one example of how HSC's recently launched Multi-Disciplinary Street Outreach Team is helping people make the journey from street to home every day.
Episode 17 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
For many experiencing homelessness, the path to housing is not always a quick or easy journey. What are some of the roadblocks and how can we make the process better? We sit down with one expert to talk about strategy as well as opportunities. Plus, we go inside the organization “ELAINE” for a look at how lives are being changed one ride at a time.

In the latest edition of McQuaid Mission Mythbusters, Amy Schwabenlender and the panel discuss the myth that people who are homeless should just go out and get a job and they won’t be homeless anymore.

Special guests include Michelle Miguel, Single Adults Coordinated Entry Compliance Coordinator, Human Services Campus; Eric Barr, Executive Director, ELAINE; and Shana Ellis, Executive Director, ASU Action Nexus.

Episode 18 will air on Monday, September 27th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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