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Upcoming Events:
Sept. 24: Soccer Game at Northshore Christian 4pm
Sept. 24-28 - Spirit Week
Sept. 26: Popcorn Day
Sept. 28: Walk-a-Thon 
Sept. 30 - Oct. 6 - Washington, D.C. Trip
Oct. 3 - Parent Teacher Conferences
Oct. 4-5 - No School


Keep sending out your Walk-A-Thon letters!  To date, we have received $2,640 in donations.


Our all-school Color-Walk-A-Thon is this Friday, September 28 at 3:00, here at MCS. 



  • Bring water squirting gadgets (for parents, not kids).
  • Bring towels for your student/s or a change of clothes.
  • Bring blankets/chairs to sit on.
  • Bring food to share: Last name A-L: Dessert or Chips / M-Z: Veggies, Fruit, Salad.
  • The school will provide fried chicken, ice water, napkins, plates, cups. 
  • Parents must attend in order for their children to participate.  

Walk-A-Thon Donation Letter


Parent Instructions

This week, Chapel has been moved to Wednesday morning at 8:35.  Moody Aviation from Spokane is coming to our school to tell the students about what it means to be a missionary pilot mechanic or a maintenance specialist.  We look forward to meeting Jay Bigley and his colleagues as they share this important mission work with us.  Parents, you are welcome to attend.
Today was PJ/Favorite Book Day and was enjoyed by all!

Tuesday - Crazy Hair/Sock Day
Wednesday - Superhero Day
Thursday - Beach Day
Friday - School Color Day
Many thanks to Ben Werkhoven for fixing our vintage bell timer clock!  Mrs. Orcutt is hereby relieved of manual bell ringing duty!

Tuesday, October 9th - Preschool, K-4th

Wednesday, October 10th - PreK, 5th-8th


The next TAPP popcorn day is Wednesday, Sept. 26th.

If you would like to pay-in-full  for your child's popcorn and/or pizza for the entire school year, please refer to the following:

14 popcorn only = $7.00
14 popcorn and Capri sun = $14.00
16 pizza lunches (1 slice) = $64.00
16 pizza lunches (2 slices) = $96.00

Please bring in-full payments to the office. Individual payments will go directly to the teacher. Please note, any missed days will not be refunded. Thank you.

The scheduled pizza, popcorn, and Yoforit dates can be found on this downloadable  TAPP Calendar.

TAPP is holding its MCS Holiday Bazaar again this year on Saturday, November 10th, at First Baptist Church.  If you are a crafter and would like to be a part of this bazaar, complete the attached application and return to the MCS office with a check.  Questions?  Reach out to Carrie Cox or Missy Hughes.  

The fifth graders attended Outdoor Education camp at Warm Beach Conference Center September 19-21. Here is just a snapshot of their time at camp.
I made it to the top of all 3 forty-feet rock walls! -Emily
Our class worked as a team to walk on "turtles" to get to the island across the green sea. -Delsin
The rock climb was more difficult than I thought. -Mercer
The food was super good! -Lili
"The Game of Life" in the forest that included carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores, poison plants, hunters, and searches for food and water. -Madison
Shaking and making butter. It was more difficult than I thought, and the others tell me it tasted good. -Gabe
The girls tried to prank the boys. It was fun, but it didn't work. -Samantha
Experiments! -Frank
Nature walk with cool animals or animal remnants: ducks flying up from the pond, horses, snakes, an owl feather, an owl roost, and a rabbit skull. -Elizabeth
Super Fun:
Mini golf and basketball. My mom and Eli's dad played, too! -Frank
I climbed 2½ rock walls! The Super Hero Wall was the easiest, then The Chimney Wall, and Burley Face was the most difficult. -Sam
Pioneer Challenge! -Samantha and Lili
Putt-putt golf and winning money from Elizabeth's dad; 75 cents in the "Hole in One Challenge." -Emily
Rock wall climbing! -Shaylee
Swimming! And my dad got to come along. -Elizabeth
Gaga ball! And the playground!
Skits: Paw Print- Samantha, Madison, Lili. Baby Pack- Mercer, Frank, Delsin. Water Bowl-Eli, Sam, Gabe. Bug Protector- Emily, Elizabeth, Shaylee
Curling up at the end of Miss O's bed, and she thought I was asleep. -Lili
Things that were difficult:
Mini golf on the last day. -Gabe
Canoeing. -Eli
We crashed our canoe into the dock. -Samantha, Lili, Madison
Getting us out of our comfort zones.
We are all proud of...
Our teamwork.
The fact that we all stayed dry while canoeing, even if our canoe was tippy or spun in circles.
Emily's accomplishments on the rock walls.
The fact that camp is safe and super fun so that our parents don't have to worry about us. -Samantha
Watching the class bond and work together on the challenges. Watching the girls play games in the cabin. -Miss O
Thank you!
Mary Pat, Anna, Carlos, Mart, Joseph, and Billie Bo Bob (Justin) for their patience and hard work. We enjoyed the challenges, the skits, and the experiments!
Thank you, Mr. Enoch and Mr. Skifstad for driving, chaperoning, giving us fun nicknames, and participating with us.
Miss O for making the arrangements and hanging out with us.
We will always remember how we cheered each other on during the rock wall climb, the campfires, smores, and silly songs!

One of our social media followers recently raised an excellent question:
"We want to model completing chores with joyful enthusiasm, right? But then, sometimes when kids 'put back our energy,' they do so by doing chores for us. Are we not sending conflicting messages? Are chores fun - or are they a punishment?"
This is a great question and it gets right to the heart of Love and Logic. The answer is YES - we want kids to feel great about completing tasks and contributing to the home. Does that mean that chores are always pleasant? Of course not. Chores still require time and energy and human beings (especially grown-up ones) only have a limited supply of each.
We can almost think of "energy" like money. Spending money can be fun. But, if I am careless and break a window, I don't enjoy spending that money because I would rather spend it on something more fun. Spending time or energy (or money) to fix a mistake might feel good - but I could probably have found something else I would have preferred to spend them on.
An important thing to remember here is that the Energy Drain is about a restorative way to solve a problem (a problem the kid caused). We are not trying to punish kids or make them feel bad. For this reason, we don't panic when they end up enjoying the work they do to replace our energy. The goal wasn't to make them suffer, so we can feel good when they enjoy the process.
In the end, we want kids to feel good about working - whether their work is contribution or restitution. And if they don't feel so great about working to restore, the problem still got solved and we can move on.
Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible.
Jedd Hafer

Matching Employer Funds - Many larger employers offer matching funds when their employees donate to the school through their portals. Check with your employer to see what they may offer!

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Office Depot - Use our school ID #70106855 and we will receive credits towards future purchases.  
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