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Saturday, October 13
11 AM to 3 PM

Fun for all ages!

BBQ, bounce house,
craft beer, face painting, pumpkin painting & more

Volunteers needed
Sign up sheets to work a shift  or bake (brownies or mini-muffins)  
are in the Parish Hall      
Inova Blood Drive 
In conjunction with our block party, the Inova Blood Donor Services Bloodmobile will be on site from 10 AM until 3 PM ( please note: the blood drive begins 1 hour before the block party). Arranged by fellow neighbors in honor of Kim Sutter, this is an opportunity to support our greater local community. Details about the drive, including how to make an appointment, are here. Questions? Contact Missy Simons, 703-801-8173.
Our Patronal Feast Day

This is one of my favorite questions: "The Episcopal Church has saints?" Well...yes, but not quite in the way you may imagine. The Roman Catholic Church is the most famous for their canonization and adoration of saints. The Episcopal Church believes in the ministry of all baptized persons. We do not go through any formal processes of investigating the holiness of one individual over another. Rather, we believe that we are all holy because we are made in God's image. The stories we choose to tell with our lives impact how others may experience God through us.

Our resource for celebrating the saints is a liturgical supplement entitled, Holy Men and Holy Women, that was updated in 2010 after a call from General Convention to be more inclusive as to whom we turn to for inspiration. It is large, very, very large! By way of explanation from the liturgical commission, "In these saints we encounter not models of absolute perfection but men and women whose lives, with all their diversity of gifts and graces, were reshaped by God's redemptive activity." May we take heart as we realize that, in spite of their failings and ours, we are all alike redeemed sinners called to be saints, those in whom the risen Christ's words to St. Paul come to fulfillment: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." (2 Corinthians 12:9)."

Many churches are still named after some of the Biblical saints, as are we. This tradition is meant to inspire all who come into contact with us. We must also make sure the story doesn't end with a dead saint! The most creative, faithful response to this call that I know of comes out St. Gregory of Nyssa, Episcopal Church in San Francisco. Above their altar, the sanctuary boasts a mural of saints whom they have deemed reflect the holiness of God from all corners of the world. Alongside Biblical characters, you'll find depictions of 90 larger than life saints, including Anne Frank, Cesar Chavez, Desmond Tutu, and Ella Fitzgerald. I wonder whom we would choose as saints that inspire us to live more faithfully.

This Sunday, we will celebrate the story of our parish community, both past and present! We'll kick off our stewardship season, and celebrate all that God is up to in our midst. The story of St. Michael's in Arlington matters not just because of our patron saint, but because each of you continues to tell the story of God's love through your own lives.

XYZ Lunch: "Space Quest with Dr. Jim"
Join us, Thu., Oct. 4,  for a potluck lunch. Pretzels and punch at noon. In elementary schools, parishioner Jim Thorne uses music to teach students about space science and history. Come and see examples of his presentations, including science quiz questions and story-songs. He'll also describe his plans for a children's TV show on Fairfax Public Access called "Space Quest with Dr. Jim," scheduled to air next year. Lunch at 12:30. All are welcome, especially seniors. Contact: Evelyn Bence or Jane Cook.
August Vestry Meeting Minutes

Please be aware that the content contained in these meeting minutes was accurate at the time of transcription. Some details may have since been updated.

Read the full report  here .
Michele Casciano, Registrar
Communication Deadlines
Please submit short announcements of a timely nature to Wil Harkins, parish administrator, by noon on Thursday prior to the Sunday that you'd like it included in the service bulletin. 
Longer articles and items that are not time sensitive should be submitted to The Guardian newsletter staff by the 1st or 15th of the month. The newsletter is published on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. All submissions are subject to edit and approval.
Support St. Michael's


You can make single gifts and recurring donations (pledges) through our online service  Network for Good.
Adult Inquirer's Class
What is an Inquirer' s Class? It is a class for those interested in confirmation, reaffirmation, or reception; a class for those who have been in the church for some time, and have fresh questions; a safe place for curiosities about any topics covered in the three sessions listed below.  
Classes will be held Oct. 7, 14 & 21 in the Parish Hall from 12:00 to 1:30 PM.  
Oct. 7      Storytelling and Baptism
Oct. 14 
  Scripture, Reason, and Tradition   
Oct. 21    Prayer Book and Sacraments
Questions? Contact The Rev. Beth Magill 
Common Cents
Shrine Mont Scholarships: A few rain showers didn't keep the St. Michael's kids from having a great time at Shrine Mont this year! Once again, the Vestry provided scholarship funds for all the children attending. In 2018, St. Michael's will pay approximately $1,500 in scholarships to cover the 14 children who attended!
Beth Addington, Finance Committee 

Flower wreaths provided by members of a floral design workshop.
September Financial Report
Our income as of August 31, 2018 was slightly ahead of our projected budget by 6%. For the same period, our expenses were less than our projected budget by about 8%. But as is always the case, income and expenses are not evenly spread over the year. Our TD Bank balance (cash on hand) was $65,628K as of August 31, 2018. For fiscal year 2018, we have 67 pledges totaling $243K. Twenty-one of these pledges are now complete. As of August 31, 2018 (70% of the year completed), we have received $182K, which is 75% of the pledged total.
Read the full treasurer's report (which includes the Outreach collection figures)  here.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Dean Scribner, Treasurer

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