Holy Eucharist in the Memorial Garden
Continuing this Wednesday, September 30 at 5:30 p.m., we will be offering Holy Eucharist.
No need to register. Just come to St. James’s Memorial Garden.
A priest will be there to give you Holy Eucharist.
Blessing of the Animals & Pet Necrology
On Sunday, October 4th for the Feast of St. Francis we will have a 'Blessing of the Animals' during our Sunday services. We will bless photos of your pets, stuffed animals and the pets in our hearts departed from this world.

If a pet of yours has died this year and you would like to add a name to the necrology (a list of remembrance), contact Weezie by Monday, September 28.
Confirmation for Youth and Adults
Registration is closings this Sunday, September 27th for the 2020-2021 confirmation preparation process for youth and adults seeking confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation in the Episcopal Church. To learn more about our innovative new approach and to register here
Children’s Ministry
We have a variety of events to work with varying your schedules. Storytime, Children’s Chapel, Godly Play videos, and Growing in Faith offerings will all be posted on doers.org/faith-formation/children/

The Children’s Chapel and Godly Play videos will be posted and available every Sunday. Growing in Faith lessons will be posted once a month. Are available here
Our Stewardship Matters
Mark Cooper square
Its Stewardship season, & this is our time to listen to God’s call to us to sustain the mission and ministries of our church. In the coming months we will share some powerful stories about the Holy Spirit moving among us. Pandemic or not, we continue to be Doers because We are the Church.

This week, our own Mark Cooper tells his story about finding St. James’s and how surprised and grateful he is to have found his church home. Being open to the Spirit is essential in life, and anyone who knows Mark is sure to agree. Listen as our teacher tells us his story.

Watch Mark Cooper share his full story.

We make offerings in thanks for God’s generosity to us. You are invited to participate and support our transformative ministries. We are into the season of Annual Giving for the year 2021, we want to be prepared to fulfill our call to serve. Thank you for pledging online by filling out the 2021 Pledge Commitment.
Our app and you
Make sure to check out the new fall updates on our App. On the App, You will find tools like giving, streaming, and the bulletins. It is highly recommended to use the app as an alternative to paper bulletins.
This Sunday's Propers
The proper (Latin: proprium) is a part of the Christian liturgy that varies according to the date, either representing an observance within the liturgical year, or of a particular saint or significant event.

  • Psalm 25: 1 - 8
  • Philippians 2: 1 - 13
  • Matthew 21: 23 - 32