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UWP Update - September 27, 2019

PACOUNTS Texting Campaign for the 2020 Census
This year, PA 211 is partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to offer information to Pennsylvanians about the upcoming Census, via text message. To participate, members of the community can text PACOUNTS to 898211, to receive free tips about the Census. Subscribers are added to a list, and will receive infrequent messages by text, which will ramp up in frequency as we approach April 1st. Translations are offered for Spanish speakers, who are often hard to count. Links will be provided to pages on census.gov for people to learn more about topics like the schedule of Census activities in their neighborhoods, why the Census matters, how to complete the 2020 Census form, and how their information is protected.

Since the Census data determines the level of funding for so many programs that help individuals in need, and that are vital to United Way's work, it is incumbent upon every LUW to do what they can to assure that each person in PA is counted. To help you spread the message about the PACOUNTS texting campaign, UWP has prepared a toolkit with ready-to-use social media posts and images for various platforms, plus a print-postcard template. UWP is also engaging community partners to help spread the message about PACOUNTS.

If you have any questions about the PACOUNTS texting campaign, you may contact Maggie. If you have questions about the social media resources, Kate can help you out.

Unemployment Rate Remains Steady for August  
August held steady for Pennsylvania in terms of employment, with the unemployment rate remaining at 3.9 percent and more people joining the labor force. Employers reported an increase in 16,500 jobs from July. Further, 5,000 more Pennsylvanians reported being employed. At this time last year, the unemployment rate was 4.2 percent.
August was also positive for employers, as they increased job creation by .3 percent, with Pennsylvania's goods-producing and service-providing employment sectors reporting net gains. Of the 11 state employment sectors, only three reported a net loss in jobs. Those net losses occurred in the Information, Mining and Logging, and Trade, Transportation, and Utilities sectors. In contrast, the state's Profession and Business Services sector set an all-time record high of 810,600 jobs in August.
ALICE Data Mentioned by PUC Commissioner Place
Last week, Pennsylvania's Public Utility Commission (PUC) advanced two proposals that focus on energy affordability for low-income households throughout the state. The first proposal makes updates to the PUC's Policy Statement on Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs). The second proposal will begin the rulemaking process to develop new CAP regulations and update existing regulations for low-income utility-operated Universal Service and Energy Conservation Programs (USECPs). PUC Commissioner Andrew Place used UWP's ALICE® Report data in his comments on the proposals. It marks the first mention of ALICE in an official public record. You can read the PUC's press release on the actions here  and Commissioner Place's comments here
UWW's #GivingTuesday Toolkit
In the spirit of helping LUW's on their journey of digital transformation, UWW has released a #GivingTuesday toolkit for its members to use - at no cost. If you are unfamiliar with this day, it was created in 2012 to harness the collective power of people connected all over the globe by social media. Falling on December 3rd this year, it is the biggest giving movement in the world, and something that is free to every nonprofit to take part in.

UWW has provided exceedingly useful resources that will help you roll out a robust #GivingTuesday campaign this year, even if you are uninitiated in the socials. UWP encourages all of its members to make the most of these tools, and jump into the world of digital fundraising, with the help of the scaffolding that UWW has provided. Read on to learn more about the elements of the #GivingTuesday toolkit, and how you might use them to benefit your UW.
  • Six-Week #GivingTuesday Guide:  A planning checklist that will keep you on schedule to build a successful campaign (hint: you should start planning during the last week of October)
  • United Way Giving Tuesday Logo: Different variations of this year's logo, for both print and digital use
  • Five options for social and email campaigns complete with copy and graphics: Email, blog, and social media copy and design assets for the weeks leading up to #GivingTuesday, and the day-of; includes a plug-and-play version, a customizable campaign, and one for each of UW's focus areas: health, education, and income
  • A teaser video for social channels: A short clip designed to pique your audience's attention; offered in different formats for each social platform
  • Customizable social media templates for quotes, images, events & C2As: Slides that you can customize with your own images and messaging, editable in Photoshop or PowerPoint
As expressed in the #GivingTuesday webinar hosted by UWW earlier this month (a recording of which can be accessed at the toolkit link), the gist of this day is to reach new and younger donors, experiment, try something new, and exude an exciting and happy vibe to your audience. It's a great idea to go in with a goal: not necessarily $X, but perhaps a certain number of new donors, or young donors. Using partners to collaborate is highly encouraged. Authenticity is key - a true connection with your audience - homemade materials (especially videos) can be better than over-produced ones.

Finally, and this is the crux of the digital fundraising trend: to succeed, you must focus on your audience. If we are not donor-centric, and focus, instead, on the needs of our own organization, we will come across as salesy and boring. In other words, don't only communicate with people when you are asking for donations. In today's digital landscape, where people have the whole world literally at their fingertips, lackluster messages will be drowned in the clutter.

UWP is preparing an analysis of PA LUWs who participated in #GivingTuesday last year, to see what kinds of practices resonated well in our state, and perhaps also identify maneuvers that didn't work as well. This summary will be available soon, to help you plan this year's campaign!

If you have any questions about UWW's #GivingTuesday toolkit, you can email content@uppurpose.com.

#GivingTuesday #GiveUnited #YouPowerChange #LIVEUNITED

Poll Workers Needed Across PA!
Every year, elections in Pennsylvania are made possible by thousands of regular citizens who serve as poll workers. These are the people who do the important work of checking in voters at polling places and setting them up at voting machines. At the end of the night, poll workers deliver the returns to county election officials. We depend on these workers to run fair and secure elections.

More than 40,000 poll workers are needed at least twice a year, every year, to staff the polls across Pennsylvania. While this has always been the case, in recent years, county officials have found it increasingly difficult to fill these positions.

Poll workers generally work all day on Election Day, from before the polls open at 7 a.m. until after the polls close at 8 p.m. In addition, they may be asked to attend a training session before the election. They can also watch training videos on the Pennsylvania Department of State website at www.VotesPA.com. The good news is that poll workers are paid for their time on Election Day. Some counties also pay poll workers for attending training.

Do you know someone who sounds perfect for this kind of job? Perhaps you would like to involve members of your church, club or civic organization in this important work. You can direct interested candidates to www.votesPA.com/getinvolved. To find out what else you can do to help recruit poll workers, talk to your county election office.
2020 Membership Sampling by United Way Worldwide
As part of an effort to prevent fraud and theft or ensure early detection, United Way Worldwide has put into place a three-pronged strategy to ensure compliance with UWW Membership Requirements. This includes the following: 
  • Random Sampling of Local United Ways of all sizes to ensure that their most recent compliance and financial documents are in order
  • Encouraging local United Ways to invest time and resources in good board governance using tools like the United Way Board Walk
  • Recommending the adoption of tip-lines as a best practice, such as Fiducia Solutions which is free for United Ways
To learn more about this strategy, please visit the announcement at United Way Online.

ALICE® National Summit Registration Open!
United Ways of Collier County, Florida and Northern New Jersey invite PA ALICE United Ways to the inaugural ALICE National Summit, an informative and inspirational conference where ALICE stakeholders come together to share best practices and envision the future path for the project. This Summit will provide opportunities to gain insight on how ALICE has already shaped strategies for community impact, corporate policy, and public policy.

This event is only $100 to attend if you register by September 30th! After September 30th, it is only $150 if you register by December 31st! Please click here to register. Currently, this event is not pre-approved for UWW Flex Credits. 
The event will take place in  Naples, Florida at the Hilton Naples. There is a special group rate of $209/night and to reserve please call 1-800-HILTONS and mention group code UNW or use this customized event link

Attendees will span the scope and breadth of the ALICE movement: United Way staff, Research Advisory Committee contributors, National ALICE Advisory Council members, present and prospective partners.
Constant Contact 
For anyone wanting to learn  more about digital capabilities,  and how to apply them to  make your United Way more  successful in today's  marketplace, Constant Contact  offers training on  various topics.  Short in-person  seminars  are  o ffered all over the U.S., a few  times a week. Some of these  seminars involve a fee, and  some are free. Live webinars   are also offered, most days of  the week. Like the seminars,  s ome are paid, and some are  free.

Coming up on October 16th in  PA, there is a free
holiday marketing seminar
in Harleysville. Also on October  16th, there is a $35
email marketing seminar in Ohio. 
On November 6th, a $20  seminar  will be held in Annapolis,  Maryland to teach you how to  segment your contact lists for  better results, and automate your 
marketing for the holidays.

On the live webinar side, there  will be an  email marketing  mastery  workshop  
on October  1st, for $49. On October 2nd,  a free  webinar on monetizing 
Facebook  will be offered, and  on the 3rd, a webinar on planning your email content will be made available, for free.  

If you would like to view more upcoming events, please check Constant Contact's event page.  
Live United in Music on October 10th! Tickets still available!
UPMC Susquehanna presents LIVE UNITED IN MUSIC, benefitting the Lycoming County United Way, on Thursday, October 10th at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport. There are still tickets available if you are interested in attending this event! 

This is your chance to sing along with the Music of Billy Joel, starring Michael Cavanaugh. Also appearing will be The Uptown Music Collective, The Strolling Strings and a very special Live United Pops Orchestra performance conducted by Walt Straiton.

The event will be held at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport, PA. You can purchase tickers at the CAC Live Website or by calling (570) 326-2424. Tickets are limited, so make sure to grab yours now! 

Do you have a local event you want UWP to spotlight? Let us know by clicking this link or emailing Amanda McNaughton
Upcoming training opportunities for PA United Ways
October Marketing/Communications Webinar - Health
October 2 2:00PM 
Register Here
For UWW's October Marketing / Communications Webinar, the focus will be on the Q4 Quarterly Communications Theme: Health. 

UWW Revenue Results
October 8 2:00PM
Register Here
UWW will be sharing results and key takeaways from the most recent Database 2 Survey and United Way Worldwide Information Gateway.

ALICE Learning Community: Employer Resource Networks
October 21 1:30PM
Register Here
This webinar is exclusively for our ALICE Committed United Ways! Join the ALICE Learning Community to learn about Employer Resource Network ® .
The Employer Resource Network (ERN) model is an innovative approach to workforce development that was initiated in West Michigan in 2008.  Since then, ERNs have grown to 27 Area Networks and 11 Lead Organizations in Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana.
Join Pocono Mountain United Way's Sarah Jacobi and James Vander Hulst from ERN USA to learn about their journey bringing the ERN model to their community!

ALICE Learning Community: Dasher's Team Member Prosperity and Success Model
November 6 1:00PM
Join Sharon Ryan, CEO of Dasher Inc, as we talk about the way Dasher shifted their culture to focus on helping economically fragile workers achieve success. Dasher is a for-profit business dedicated to supporting ALICE workers in all aspects of their lives while increasing productivity and reducing turnover. Sharon will share their model and how businesses can take small, operational steps to help ALICE while also addressing the shift in culture required to help ALICE meet their fullest potential.

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