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The current world situation has ushered in a new normal, with myriad changes in our work and home lives. Companies are reimagining office spaces to safeguard employee health and increase wellness with new physical layouts and improved sanitation. Meanwhile, for the many people who will continue working remotely or in a hybrid mode, they require home offices that are productive and flexible enough to function in a physically distanced fashion.

One way to create a safe and comfortable work environment is with creative lighting. Here, we share ideas for rethinking residential and commercial office spaces with Vibia luminaires.

Arik Levy design, Sticks offers endless arrangements for home or office spaces. One composition features a rod cutting across each desk then swooping upwards to create its own architectural plane in space. In a second Sticks layout, a row of rotatable rods lines the walls and cantilevers out in crisp right angles. The geometric profile anchors the tables in the lofty room while providing vertical and horizontal light

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In a home office, Sticks defines the corner of a room, rising up along a wall and connecting to another rod that extends into space. The design delineates the work area with a graphic border while providing light on the wall and along the length of the desk.

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A small meeting table with bar-style seating is brightened by two Duo luminaires. Designed by Ramos & Bassols, its unique material mix features an oak interior contained in a sleek, aluminum shell for a versatile vibe that’s at once earthy and industrial. The inverted bowl silhouette and wood offer a warm, organic sensibility, while the metal ensures an even distribution of light on the table below.

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The modular Tube collection by Ichiro Iwasaki offers personalization options for any setting with a network of tubes that channels light to different shades. In a conference room, this composition features two ceiling lamps to provide general room illumination connected to a smaller pendant that casts focused light over the bar table.

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This home’s dining room table doubles as a desk and is complemented by the Tube luminaire. The metal conduits snake across the ceiling like a metro map with the pendants suspended in a web-like configuration at varying heights and colors for visual dimension and layered lighting.

VibiaStories-MakingOfTube39-600x710 image

VIBIA is here in Arizona this Wednesday, the 29th! If you are interested in checking them out, or learning more about their products-reply to this e-mail and we will be in touch!

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When it comes to illuminating a space with high ceilings, there is no need to sacrifice aesthetics.

Zeta is an Aesthetic cylinder with a sleek and contemporary look suited for 15 – 30 ft. mounting height applications. Installed in Corporate spaces, Exhibition halls and Retail, this luminaire has seamless exterior finishing.

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Meteor is here in Arizona on October 7th! If you are interested in checking them out, or learning more about their products-reply to this e-mail and we will be in touch!

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Media & Facade

ProPoint Kontour Rhythm

Coming soon!

An omni-bendable, flexible tube used to outline and distinguish facades, walls and architectural borders with smooth, dynamic luminance.

Product Webinar


Please join us for a live 30-minute product webinar on the newest additions to our product portfolio - Media Pixel Ribbon & ProPoint Kontour Rhythm - presented by Traxon e:cue's Cy Eaton, International Projects, and Anthony Zamparelli, Product Marketing Manager!



Wednesday, September 29, 2021

1:00pm PST | 4:00pm EST


This is an online event hosted on Microsoft Teams.

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Traxon is here in Arizona on October 13th & 14th! If you are interested in checking them out, or learning more about their products-reply to this e-mail and we will be in touch!

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IP66 Rated for demanding environments including protection from dust, oil, noncorrosive material and water intrusion.

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Contractor Ready Solutions from LITECONTROL

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The Dirigo series

The Dirigo series is a new lighting concept for outdoor spaces. Available as single elements or modules to create continuous lines, it is a ground profile designed to illuminate walkways and other foot traffic areas, and be placed along paths and walls to mark out routes. It can be safely walked on, and its distinctive and award winning design features a hidden light source that creates controlled, ground-hugging and glare-free illumination.

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Who's coming to town?

The following manufacturers will be visiting us in Arizona! If you are interested in having them come to your office to see some of their latest technology in person, please reply to this e-mail with who you are interested in seeing, and your account representative will make it happen!

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Wednesday, September the 29th

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October the 7th

with Meteor

Wednesday and Thusday,

October the 13th-14th

with Traxon

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