Volume 91 | September 29th, 2021
Monthly Partner Spotlight
Each month we are highlighting a partner organization that provides services on the Campus. In FY2020, collectively, 2,480 individuals were housed through campus engagement and partner programs!
Care Beyond Survival
Elaine believes that transportation is more than a means to move people farther and faster. Our mission is to connect people experiencing homelessness and those who are underserved (e.g., low income, uninsured, older adults) to social and community resources vital to an individual's health and wellbeing. By providing empathetic and reliable transportation, we reduce barriers to the Social Determinants of Health, by increasing access to: 

1) Healthcare – medical appointments, prescription refills
2) Food – grocery store, food boxes
3) Employment – interviews, day jobs 
4) Housing – interviews, lease signings
5) Criminal Justice – court, case management appointments 
6) Economic Opportunity – Department of Economic Security (DES), bank visits
7) Educational Opportunity – parenting, financial literacy courses
8) Social/Cultural Cohesion – community centers, support groups
9) Necessary Errands – Mobile phone providers, laundromat, etc.

Elaine currently has two vehicles that provide services within a 15-mile radius of the Human Services Campus, as well as one vehicle dedicated to serving the residents of the City of Scottsdale. So far this year, Elaine has provided over 3,000 rides, and is on track to serve over 500 unique individuals through 2021. And as a direct result of utilizing Elaine, 26 clients are no longer experiencing homelessness! 

We are thankful to be part of such a wonderful collaborative effort to end homelessness, and look forward to increasing our impact as we continue to grow. For more information, please visit elaineaz.org.
Episode 18 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
For those experiencing homelessness, getting into a safe place can be a scary and daunting journey. In this episode, we look at the process of “Rapid Rehousing” to see what’s working and what obstacles still remain. In a booming housing market, landlords play a critical role in these programs, so what steps are being taken to get them on board?

Then, in the latest edition of McQuaid Mission Mythbusters, Amy Schwabenlender and the panel discuss the myth that more services for the homeless will attract more homeless to our community.

Special guests include: Angel Ocegueda - Case Manager Supervisor, A New Leaf; Pam Bridge - Director of Litigation and Advocacy, Community Legal Services; and Shana Ellis-
Executive Director, ASU Action Nexus.

Episode 19 will air on Monday, October 11th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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