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September 16, 2013

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Upcoming Events


Sept 16 - Meeting at Arlington Heights Library


Sept 28 & 29 - Festival of Pianos at Northbrook


Oct 14 - Meeting at Rolling Meadows Library


Oct 20 - Classical and Pop & Jazz Recital


Oct 21 - AIM Coffee at Suzanne Fleer's home


Oct 28 - New Member Coffee at Suzanne Murray's home

  A Welcome from Our President
Maureen Flood
Welcome back to NWSMTA!


I hope you all had a relaxing and fun summer.    It always seems to go by so quickly!  I hardly taught at all this summer and had plenty of time to recharge, read and catch up on things I'd neglected around my home, and I was able to take  a few short trips, too. 


We have a great year coming up in NWSMTA -- lots of interesting programs planned for us by our program chairs, Mary Anne Block and Lisa Oehler, as well as the 20th anniversary of the Festival of Pianos, which will take place on September 29th, at Northbrook Court.  Please stop by and experience it if you have never entered students. 


We will do a little moving around for our meetings -- our first meeting will be held on September 16rh, at the Arlington Heights Library in the Dunton Room.    George Radosavlijevic will be presenting a lecture on "Beethoven, the Master of Architecture."


Our second meeting will be at the Rolling Meadows Library on October 14th -- Matthew Hagle will present the Awards repertoire.


Our third meeting will again be at the Arlington Heights Library on November 18th,  Eric Sutz will be demonstrating how Jazz Harmonies can apply to our teaching.


So - write down the locations in your calendar, in addition to the date & time!  All other meetings will be in Rolling Meadows. 


There will be an AIM coffee at the home of Suzanne Fleer on , and a new member coffee on October 28th, at the home of Suzanne Murray.
Plan on enrolling your students in the Classical and Pop & Jazz Recitals on October 20th, and in the Sonata-Sonatina Festival on November 10th.
You will receive your yearbook at the first meeting, and you'll be able to fill in the rest of your calendar then.    We've got lots in store including a new event -- the Baroque Festival -- which will come up in late winter/early spring.


If you are a Facebook member, please "like" our Facebook page, Northwest Suburban Music Teachers Association, as we will be posting pictures from time to time, and recommending teacher discussion pages. 


Please try to be on time (or even a little bit early) for our first meeting in Arlington Heights, so that we can get all business taken care of and leave plenty of time for our speaker. 


Looking forward to a great teaching year with all of you!!
Maureen Flood, President
 2014 Awards Repertoire List


Dear AIMy



EKR: " Essential Keyboard Repertoire" edited by Olson (book 1), Palmer (book 7).



PRIMARY (up to age 8)

List A

Rebikov: "The Clown" (EKR V. 1, p. 110)

Gurlitt: "The Little Prankster" (EKR V. 1 p. 101)

Hook: Minuet (EKR.1 p. 48)


List B

Scarlatti: Aria (Melodious Masterpieces by Magrath, Bk. 1 p. 11)

Steibelt: Adagio (EKR V. 1, p. 68)

Prokofiev: "Short Story" from Children's Music Op. 65 (EKR v. 7, p. 154)


ELEMENTARY (up to age10)

List A

Beaumont: Tarantella (Encore! Book 2, p.40)

Handel: Courant in F major (HWV 488)

Khachaturian: Etude (Applause! Book1, p. 54)


List B

Tchaikovsky: "Song of the Lark" from Album for the Young Op. 39

Grieg: Waltz in E minor from Lyrical Pieces, Op. 38, No.7

Turina: "The Village Sleeps" from Miniatures (The Turina Collection/Schott, p. 18)


JUNIOR (up to age 12)

List A

Bach: Invention in E Major No. 6 (BWV 777).

Benjamin: Jamaican Rumba (Anthology of 20th Century/ Hinson/Alfred, p.40)

Schumann: Album Leaves Op. 99, No. 5


List B

Mendelssohn: Children's Pieces Op. 72 No. 4

Grieg: "The Lonely Wanderer" from Lyrical Pieces, Op.43, No. 2

Copland: Sentimental Melody (Anthology of 20th Century/Hinson/Alfred, p.48)


INTERMEDIATE (up to age14)

List A

Mozart: 3rd mvt from Sonata in F Major, K. 332

Ginastera: Rondo on Argentine Children's Folk Tunes (Anthology of 20th Century/Hinson/Alfred, p.88)

Rachmaninoff: Polichinello Op. 3, No. 4


List B

Bach: Allemande from English Suite No. 2 in A Minor, BWV 807

Liszt: "Cloches du Soir" (Evening Bells), G. 186, No. 9 (Anthology of Impressionism/Alfred/Hinson, p. 146).

Ravel: � la mani�re de Borodine (In the Style of Borodin): (Anthology of 20th Century/Hinson/Alfred, p.160).


SENIOR (up to age18)

List A

Weber: Rondo Brillante, Op. 62

Chopin: Impromptu Op. 29

Debussy: "Jardins sous la pluie" (Gardens in the Rain) from Estamps


List B

Albeniz: Evocaci�n from Iberia

Poulenc: Intermezzo in A Flat Major

Rachmaninoff: Prelude Op. 32, No. 10 in B minor

September Program - Arlington Heights Library


The first meeting of the year will take place Monday, September 16th, at the Arlington Heights Library.   George Radosavljevic will be presenting a program BEETHOVEN, THE MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE.  

Pianist George Radosavljevic has appeared on the Dame Myra Hess Concert Series, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chamber Music Series, and in many solo and ensemble concerts broadcast live on WFMT Radio. His playing has been called "polished and elegantly shaped" by the Chicago Tribune and "consistently enchanting" by the Pioneer Press. Mr. Radosavljevic appears as orchestral pianist with the Lake Forest Symphony and the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, and is currently on the faculty of the DePaul University School of Music, Community Music Division, and also at the North Shore School for the Arts. He is the director of the RMU Chamber Ensemble (Ensemble in Residence at Robert Morris University) which provides educational concerts in a variety of venues, and is also a member of the Wilmette Fine Arts Commission. Mr. Radosavljevic holds the degree Master of Music in piano performance from DePaul University as a scholarship student of Dmitry Papernoo.

Note from the Editor 
These are difficult times for many families financially.  It's great to realize how committed the parents and students are that are returning.
I remember what my student, William's mother did to encourage her son to take ownership in his own progress.  William was nine or ten years old.  His sister had very serious health issues, so William's piano was taking a back seat until their lives could get back on track.  I understood when his progress got slower, but William was getting discouraged with it.  Then William's mother came out with the wisest words I have ever heard to encourage a child to continue his lessons; "William, I don't care how much progress you make.  Taking lessons is something you will do as a part of your education, because it's important.  I love to hear you play.  And if you're in 8th grade playing the same level you are now, that's fine with me.  I will still love to hear you make music.  If you're not happy with still playing at this level,, then you are welcome to work hard and raise your skills.  I look forward to you playing for me in the future, either way.
By removing all pressure from William, and yet being totally supportive of his music, William had permission to set his own speed, but he was definitely in the race, with family cheering him on.
This year, my student, Alex's parents bought him a new piano.  Alex just turned five and was happy with the piano, but probably didn't find it as momentous as his piano teacher did.  When I realized the new piano was arriving on his birthday, I told him how wonderful I thought it was that he got a piano for his birthday.  His mother explained that she had told Alex the piano would be his wedding present.  For a moment I was confused.  Then I realized this mother was also letting Alex know that music was a lifetime experience.  I hope Alex marries someone that enjoys playing duets with him for a lifetime.
I marvel at how insightful some parents can be.  I watch my own children parent their small children and marvel at the patience and love they pour into all the "small" moments.  And as I watch, I think how "big" their patience and love makes those countless moments each day.
Deb Lynch, Editor
Church Accompanist Position Available
grand piano


Church of the Holy Spirit in Schaumburg has an opening for a pianist to play for Saturday and Sunday Masses and for Thursday evening choir rehearsals.  If you would like more information, please contact Suzanne Murray at 847-884-7903 or at

null New Members' Coffee            

I would like to invite all members who have recently joined NWSMTA to attend a coffee at my home on Monday, October 28 at 9:45.  We are eager to get to know you and share information on all our activities and events.  The list of dates in the Yearbook can seem overwhelming at first, but our committee chairs and board members will be there to help guide you through it.  Any returning members are also welcome to attend.  The location will be: 916 Eden Dr., Schaumburg  60195.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at 847-884-7903 or at with any questions.

Suzanne Murray, Membership Chairman

null CSO Tickets


All tickets for piano recitals are $20 each except for March 2nd, Evgeny Kissin recital.  The price for the E. Kissin recital tickets-Main floor are $50.  Balcony are $40.  Gallery are $35.
The price for the CSO 3 Saturday Family Matinees on November 16th, February 8th, and May10th are - Main floor - $15, Upper Balcony - $10 and Gallery - $6.
Please bring the list of recitals, the number of tickets for each and the money for the tickets you wish to purchase to the September 16th meeting.  I will be placing an order from our group following the meeting. There will be a second opportunity for ordering tickets in February 2014. 
Genya Kanterovich, Group Ticket Sales Chair

I sent a sympathy card to Marilyn Tesmer on the loss of her daughter. We are all sorry to hear of Marilyn's great loss.


A get well card was sent to Galina Kostukovsky, following the news she had broken her arm.  She is trying her "hand" at being a one-armed piano teacher.  But only on a temporary basis.



Janice Wilkans, Hospitality Chair

Northwest Suburban Music Teachers Association
Maureen Flood, President
Joan James, Webmaster

Deborah Lynch, Newsletter