Leading the Way to Christ
    Established 1996

Report attendance, tardy and early dismissal to

Extended Care Phone   (703) 899-2191

Math Club

As part of the math club, students will participate in 
Math Olympiads and Math Madness.  
Open to 3rd-8th grade students
Mondays 3:00-4:00.  

The first meeting Monday,  Setpember 23
                    Cost per student: $65.00
   Battle of the Books is...

looking for adventurous readers who like to read and discuss stories, plots, characters and themes throughout several genres.

The club begins in October and meets Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00.

Open to 5th & 6th graders.

Completed forms are due to school no later than Friday, September 20.

                                         Girls' Leadership Training Program is coming to Nativity

The mission of the Leadership Training Program is to inspire, guide, and form youth to become strong leaders through the example of Jesus Christ.

The Program
The Leadership Training Program is designed to equip youth with the tools to integrate leadership skills with a Christian worldview in order to make a positive impact on society. 

Definition of Leadership 
A leader is an individual who seeks to imitate Christ's example through dedication and 
service, inspiring others to make a positive impact.
Three elements of the leader we aim to form are:
  • Spirituality: the youth receive tools to build a friendship with Christ. Faith is real and desired to be lived. 
  • Community: sharing common experiences with friends help shape the individual with common values.
  • Mission: giving the youth a direction in life and a goal to go after, to want to get others onboard to do good in the world around time. 
Mentors & Juniors:
Mentors: 4th-8th grade girls
Juniors: 1st-3rd grade girls

 Keep a watch in future newletters for upcoming sign up dates for 
Chess, Robo tic s, Jr. GEMS, Fashion Club, and Runfit Kidz.   

Nativity School Theater Club & Crew

We may not have yet announced the show,
but we want you to put Theater Club on your calendar!
September 7 & 8: after all Masses
Stop by the Nativity School table at the Ministry Fair
to find out what Amazing show we're doing this year!
September 12 & 19: 3:00p-4:30p
Theater Club Open House
Learn about Theater Club & how to audition!
Open to students K-8 who have turned in a signed permission form.
September 23, 3p-6p   OR   September 24, 6:15p-8:15p
Sign up for a 20 minute slot!
Audition Call-backs: September 27!
October 24, 3p-4:30p
Theater Club begins, for those students cast in the show
Club will continue every Thursday through April 2. Additional rehearsals for both Cast & Crew will be necessary in March, just prior to performance. Dates will be provided during Theater Club Open House.
April 3, 2020
Performance at 7p!
Not an actor/actress? We are looking for creative students to join Theater Club Crew, Tuesdays 3p-4p, beginning October 22!
Crew is ideal for creative students who want to learn more about the magic that happens behind the scenes!   No audition necessary!
For more info, email Mrs. Siepmann:


                      6398 Nativity Ln
Burke, VA  22015