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Pastor Sarah 

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Sunday, September 8

9:00 am 
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Friday, September 6 , 2019
Reflections for Sunday:  Each week, Pastor Sarah will provide reflections on the readings for the following Sunday.

The readings for Sunday, September 8 
The readings from Deuteronomy and Luke put one simple but profound question in front of us: Whom do I serve? In Deuteronomy, Moses speaks God's word to the people. God challenges them to "choose life," to follow and to serve God rather than anything else. In Luke, Jesus tells a whole crowd of people that in order to follow him they must give up everything they have and love him even more than their dearest family members. These seem like pretty harsh terms. Do we really have to give up EVERYTHING in order to follow God? Will that really lead to a fulfilling and blessed life? 

The answer is yes.  Letting go of whatever it is that keeps us from loving God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength will leave more room for God in our lives. And that will lead to a life overflowing with abundant grace.

+ What am I clutching that if I let go there would be more room for God in my life?
+ Who can I talk to about wanting to let go and let God take up more room in my life?

Family Devotion:  Each week, Pastor Sarah will provide a short devotion for families based on the reading for the following Sunday.

Read:  Luke 14: 25-27

Bring it homeHere are some questions or activities to help you think and talk about the reading as a family.
+ Jesus says that we should love him more than we even love our family members! It is hard to imagine that! But God loves you as deep and wide and vast as the whole universe!
+ How do we show people that we love them? How can we show God our love? What do you do that helps you remember that God loves you?

Pray:  Consider lighting a candle or having a cross to look at while you pray. Have someone pray this prayer:

Each person in the family name a person you love. Pray for that person to be happy, healthy, and to know they are loved.
Sunday's Readings
First Reading: Deuteronomy 30: 15-20
Psalm: Psalm 1
Second Reading: Philemon 1-7
Gospel: Luke 14: 25-33
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8: Immediately following worship, you are invited to watch the video of Susan Nienaber's presentation to the congregation. 
A Message From Arlie Post: 

Thank you to my St. Paul Lutheran family for all of your cards, hugs, and words of condolence at the passing of my mom, Linda.  You all make this difficult time easier.  I have been very touched. 
CPR Puppets are gearing up for an exciting season but we're short-handed (LITERALLY!) 
We NEED YOU to make this happen!
We are looking for anyone in 2nd grade up to retirement and beyond! 
ALL are  welcome. If puppeteering is not for you, we could use help with sign holding, prop making, script organizing, etc. 
· Confirmation youth - this is a great way to get service hours, make new friends and share God's message with others.
· Retired or Empty-nesters - are you looking for something fun, meaningful and rewarding? Children are not required!
· Families, this is one activity that you can ALL be involved in, spend some quality time together, and get to know other church families.

What's in it for you? Fun, camaraderie, creative outlet, quality time with your family, re-connecting with church friends, sharing God's message in a fun and unique way. Warm Fuzzies Guaranteed!

Our fall session will meet twice monthly at 11:00 am in the Fellowship Hall,  Join us Sunday, September 15 and see what it's all about!

Questions? Contact Carrie Reed 651-323-4028 or 

Cindy Gruett gave in memory of Sue Jordan and Linda Brooks. 

Zella Oswald gave in memory of Linda Brooks.  
Small Group Book Discussion
The foreword  for  Congregational Fitness by Denise Goodman  promises this book is a "manual for Spirit-based,  communal sanity, " and that it "outlines five steps that individual congregation members can take to live through rather than die from destructive church conflicts." This book, Beloved of God, is for us . Sign up for a small book discussion group at  or on the sign-up sheet at the Welcome Center.  

Small groups will meet at  10am on Sundays beginning
September 15th through November 3rd.

If Sunday doesn't work for you, please indicate that and another time will be announced. Please talk with Pastor Sarah if you have any questions or need assistance getting a copy of the book. You can order the book at  Smile Amazon or Barnes & Noble

In addition to the Children's Bibles, SPL will also be ordering Lutheran Study Bibles and A Beginner's Guide to Studying the Bible.

Please check the updated order form for complete details.

QUESTIONS,  contact Katie Fetterly, 
As of 09/05/19 Actual Budgeted
Over/(Under) Budget
YTD Totals
$ 134,713.61
$ 139,806.80
$ (5,093.19)

Is this light yours? If yes, please pick-up in the music room. If no one claims this light, we will be donating it to Family Pathways. 

Questions, please contact Melissa in the office.
Food Truck Family Pathways
Saturday, September 21
9:00 am

Donations of food are greatly appreciated. They may be placed in the cart in the Narthex. Volunteers are also needed for this wonderful outreach program. Sign-up at the Welcome Center. 
Wednesday, September 11th
11:00 am - Village Inn

Grab a friend and meet other seniors for a time of fun and fellowship at the Village Inn in Wyoming. 

Don't forget it's free pie day!

Wednesday, September 11 
1:30 pm
Adult Bible Study will resume on Wednesday, September 11th. To kick it off, we will be studying the lectionary. We look forward to seeing you there!
Prayers For The Congregation
Please join Pastor Sarah in the sanctuary Wednesdays at 1:00.  All are welcome. 
October 4th & 5th
Grab your craft supplies, some friends, and join us for a Creation Vacation. Enjoy a weekend for yourself to work on your most cherished projects with home cooked meals and fun with fellow crafters without the distractions of home!

This is a fundraiser for the Global Missions Team. Funds will be used to support our ongoing relationships with our sister churches in Tanzania as well as other outreach opportunities. 

The Global Missions Team looks forward to seeing you on vacation! Sign up sheets are available on the welcome table. 


Confirmation parents please check your email for information regarding the upcoming year.  If you didn't receive an email, or if you are interested in signing up your student, please email Melissa (office administrator) at .

SPLASH information coming soon! 
Sunday School starts THIS SUNDAY, September 8, and is available for kids ages 4 through 4th grade.  Registration forms can be downloaded here or found in the Narthex.  Immediately following the worship service on Sunday, please  bring your child(ren) to the fellowship hall  to register and see how Sunday School  works this year and to register.

Additionally, we are looking for guest readers to read the bible story to the kids at the beginning of each class. We are encouraging those without kids in the classes to participate as a way to engage the kids with others in the congregation. This would be a 10 to 15 minute commitment at the beginning of the class. If you are interested in reading, please contact Katie or Chris with your availability or with any questions you may have. 

Also, this year we are using the Spark Children's Bible to teach from. We will be ordering a few to be used in classes and are opening up ordering to anyone who wants a bible. The cost is $19.99 per bible. Order forms can be found here or in the Narthex and are due back by September 15, 2019.

Please contact Chris Clark or Katie Fetterly with any questions. 
School starts: September 9

Click here to learn more about the preschool and download the forms.   
Stagecoach Celebration!  Wyoming Stagecoach days is Friday, September 13th and Saturday, September 14th.  Visit  for events scheduled.  Additional events are posted on the community board.  
Sunday, September 8
  9:00 am        Worship
10:00 am        Sunday School (ages 4 through 4th Grade)
10:00 am        Susan Nienaber's Video Presentation
Tuesday, September 10
  7:00 pm        Cub Parent's Weekly Meeting
Wednesday, September 11
11:00 am         Keenagers
  1:00 pm         Prayer Time in the Sanctuary
1:30 pm           Adult Bible Study
Thursday, September 12
6:00 pm           First Aid Training
6:00 pm           Girl Scout Meeting
Saturday, September 14
Sunday, September 15
  9:00 am        Worship 
10:00 am        Sunday School (ages 4 through 4th Grade)
10:00 am        Small Group Book Discussion

Save the Date: Sunday, November 17 - Bake Sale.