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Housing for Displaced Residents of Hurricane Harvey 
On August 25, 2017, President Trump declared Hurricane Harvey a major disaster. As of September 6, 2017, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) designated 39 Texas counties as major disaster areas.  
Under Internal Revenue Procedure 2014-49, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) provides housing tax credit owners temporary relief from income requirements for individuals displaced by a major disaster. Households are eligible for emergency housing in Housing Tax Credit (HTC) properties if their principal residence was located in an area eligible for individual assistance.  
Owners and managers of Housing Tax Credit (HTC) properties who wish to provide temporary emergency housing to displaced residents must have written approval from the Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC). Please review the list of impacted Texas counties at  
Owners who would like to provide emergency temporary housing must complete the Owner Request to Provide Emergency Housing form. 
Unless your written policies and procedures provide a preference for households displaced by presidentially declared disasters, you may not skip over households on your waiting list to provide emergency housing. Likewise, you may not displace existing households in order to provide emergency housing.
Owners that are approved to provide emergency housing must use the Displaced Household Certification for each displaced household.
Please see the Affidavit of Displacement Exhibit A and Project Tracking Exhibit B. Necessary forms and other resources are available on KHC's website within the Hurricane Harvey Relief Resource webpage.
Units leased as emergency housing are subject to the program rent limits. The Internal Revenue Procedure 2014-49 allows units to be used on a transient basis and relieves the owner and household from providing evidence of income eligibility. The emergency relief period ends Saturday, August 25, 2018. After this date, displaced households that cannot document eligibility for the HTC program cannot occupy program units.  
Please review Revenue Procedure 2014-49 carefully and in its entirety to avoid noncompliance. If you have any questions, please contact Phyllis Clem or Mary Beth Smith at or, respectively.  
Tenant Data Certification System  
To all Owners/Management of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program only: Due to the recent disasters, KHC may be providing information to displaced households of projects in Kentucky that have available units for occupancy. Please ensure that the Tenant Data Certification System is updated with all your current unit information. This will ensure that KHC is giving out current vacancy information for anyone reaching out to us for available rental units in Kentucky.

DO NOT REPLY-This is an unmonitored email address. 


Kentucky Housing Corporation prohibits discrimination on the basis of race; color; religion; sex; national origin; sexual orientation or gender identity; ancestry; age; genetic information; disability; or marital, familial, or veteran status. 


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