Volume 88 | September 8th, 2021
HSC Multi-Disciplinary Street Outreach Team Underway
With an initial focus on unsheltered individuals sleeping on the streets surrounding the Campus, the HSC's Multi-Disciplinary Street Outreach Team is underway. In the month of August, the team engaged 71 people in services and development of a housing plan. The Street Outreach Team locates individuals to engage, assess, and triage people to a temporary location for care (options including, but not limited to, recovery program, medical respite bed, bridge bed, emergency shelter, and urgent psychiatric center).  

While there are numerous reasons why people are sleeping on the street, one of the main reasons is a lack of shelter beds. The City of Phoenix recently approved increasing the number of beds on the Campus to 700; CASS is in the planning stages to renovate their space to increase their capacity from 425 to 600 beds. The renovations will take several months to complete.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the length of time people experience unsheltered homelessness. Once sheltered, the chances increase dramatically for individuals to move into permanent housing. Based on current data, it is anticipated that up to 50% of individuals engaged will need support and treatment for substance abuse. The HSC outreach team will connect these individuals to Community Bridges and/or other recovery programs. Those engaged who have physical disabilities and other medical conditions will be connected to Circle the City. Both of these HSC partners, CBI and CTC, currently have facilities and employees on the Campus. 

HSC is working with Campus partners to join the Street Outreach efforts, making it a “multi-disciplinary” team. This holistic approach to street outreach is designed to increase the likelihood of engaging people in services and helping them move from street to home.

A big thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield and Molina Healthcare for helping to fund a portion of this program! We are so grateful for your support!
Our Last Donation Drive-thru
of the Year is September 11th

September is here and should bring us cooler temperatures. We are closing out the monthly donation drive-thru events for 2021 this Saturday, September 11th. From 9 am to Noon at 15th Avenue & Harrison, you drive up and staff will remove the donations from your vehicle. Bottled water is the key item we are seeking in order to be stocked up. We also welcome travel-sized toiletries and adult clothing; currently seeking men's pants/jeans (waist 24-36), all sizes of men's/women's belts and sneakers, new men's/women's underwear, and new twin flat sheets. 

Our donation drive-thru's will resume in the spring of 2022.Thank you for helping us all stay healthy and hydrated!
Episode 16 of
The McQuaid Mission
on the
The issue of both permanent and temporary housing for those experiencing homelessness is an urgent one. We sit down with leaders from Maricopa County’s Human Services Department to hear what resources are being put into action. Plus, we go one-on-one with the “Tiny House Doctor,” the Valley physician whose love of tiny homes has turned into a big passion project that’s changing lives.

Special guests include Bruce Liggett, Director, Human Services at Maricopa County; Rachel Milne, Assistant Director, Housing and Community Development at Maricopa County; and Shana Ellis, Executive Director, ASU Action Nexus.

And in the latest edition of McQuaid Mission Mythbusters, Amy Schwabenlender and the panel discuss the myth that homelessness is simply the result of poor economics.

Episode 17 will air on Monday, September 13th! Click Here to View All Episodes.
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