Geminor uses CBI grinders for biofuel production
Bøn Biobrensel, which was acquired by Geminor in February 2019, uses CBI grinders for the production of biofuels in the form of waste wood chips and biochips. The company is based in Eidsvoll in Norway, and has two mobile teams working both domestically and internationally. In addition, Bøn is handling garden waste for companies producing topsoil.

First machine ships with new Rocket Flex remote
The first CBI machine has shipped with the new Rocket Flex remote! CBI is introducing two new exciting remote options: the Rocket Flex and ERGO-S.

The Rocket Flex (pictured above) will be a standard option designed to meet the control flexibility demanded by current machines. The ERGO-S is expected to be released in early 2021 as a premium option with joystick inputs built into the remote and a more advanced display screen. Both remote options are compatible with machines without a program update. For setup, all that will be required is the removal of the old receiver, mounting of the new receiver, and a wiring adaptor cable to get connected.
6400CT producing wood chips
Here’s a photo of the 6400CT getting some chipping done! The new “cassette style” clam shell design allows end-users to completely swap out rotors faster than any other grinder in its class. Go from grinding to chipping in half the time as before, and know you can accept jobs with various material demands. Four interchangeable rotors give this Horizontal Grinder the versatility needed to stay on top of changing markets. 

Safety Reminder: Avoid overhead power lines
When working with the machine, maintain a safe distance from overhead electric lines. If work is to be carried out close to overhead lines, the working equipment must be kept well away from them. Set up the work site appropriately at a safe distance.
Customer Video: CBI grinders clearing for gas line
Dan Jares put together this cool drone video of CBI grinders clearing for a gas line in Florida. Making it look easy! Continue sending us pictures and videos of your equipment to be featured on our social media channels!

CBI Gear Shop Item of the Month: Fall Gear
Safety is always in style! It’s never too soon to start thinking about the high visibility options your team will have for the cooler weather. Check out the options on the CBI Gear Shop and stay tuned for more items. As always, if you don’t see something you need just call and we’ll make it happen!

Freedom Hog sighting in New York
Last month we posted a “Throwback Thursday” image of an old CBI Freedom Hog from 2003. It turns out Rob from New York still owns his and it’s still in operation! He sent in the above photo.