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From Ottoman Empire sweets to 1900s babka to 1990s lava cakes to current-day Starburst margaritas, cooking up September book club menus has been fascinating and delicious!

Ahead this month: authors' literary fare will transport you to Manhattan, the Midwest, England, Afghanistan, Greece, Turkey, Nigeria, and beyond.

Happy fall reading, and cooking!

Judy Gelman
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Authors' book-inspired recipes, menus, and giveaways
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Jenny L. Howe
(SMP Romance)
In this rom-com debut, two college exes find themselves battling against each other—and their unresolved feelings—for a spot in a prestigious literature Ph.D. program.
Lynda Cohen Loigman
(St. Martin's Press)
Historical Fiction
The story of two extraordinary women from different eras who defy expectations to realize their unique talent of seeing soulmates in the most unexpected places.
Book Club Daily Feature Titles
Authors' book-inspired menus and giveaways
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(Harper Paperbacks)
Set against the backdrop of the massacre of Greeks and Armenians after World War I, a deeply affecting family story of love and survival infused with rich historical detail.
Elyssa Friedland
Fiction / Humor
At their milestone high school reunion, a group of friends makes a pact to achieve their high school superlatives one way or another.
Sally Koslow
(Harper Paperbacks)
A humorous, big-hearted multi-generational story about the complicated relationships between mothers- and daughters-in-law, told through three women who marry into the same family.
Jeannée Sacken
(Ten16 Press)
Fiction / Thriller
Seasoned war photojournalist Annie Hawkins finds she's under investigation for an incident that took place six months earlier in Afghanistan.
Novel Noshes: Ask the Author
Authors Share Book-Inspired Fare for
The Girl with the Louding Voice and the Dictionary of Lost Words
Thanks to authors Abi Daré and Pip Wiliams for sharing book club menus for their novels!
Miriam's Book Club of Cary. North Carolina: Can you suggest a menu for Abi Daré's novel The Girl with the Louding Voice, about a teenage Nigerian girl's courageous struggle for the right to choose her own future?

From Abi Daré: "I suggest Jollof Rice, Puff-Puff (deep fried dough), and Suya (spiced meat skewers). All three are well connected with the book. Puff-puff is what Adunnis's mother sells, the other two were served by Kofi and or referenced in the facts section."
Beth's Greater Boston Book Club: "Our reading selection is Pip Williams's novel The Dictionary of Lost Words, a story of a team of male scholars compiling the first Oxford English Dictionary and one of their daughters who decides to collect the 'objectionable' words they omit. Can you suggest a menu?"

From Pip Williams: "Lizzie and Mrs. Ballard are fond of a pot of tea and a plate of sandwiches—they are a staple in the Sunnyside kitchen and the Scriptorium. Mrs. Ballard is also famous for her sponge cakes and will often send one over to the Scriptorium for the lexicographers’ morning tea. I suggest a strong English breakfast tea."
Have a question for an author about a recipe, book club food pairing, or food reference? Contact us. Also see Novel Noshes menu ideas from authors and book club, and Featured Author Recipes.
GalleyMatch Book Clubs Suggest
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*CT Lit Club, Milford, Connecticut
*KU Endowment, Lawrence, Kansas
*Page Ladies, Cleveland, Ohio
*Girls Clubhouse, Auburn, California
*Mom and I, Carmichaels, Pennsylvania
*Pittsford Moms, Pittsford, New York
*St. Louis Book Club, St. Louis, Missouri
*Port Wine & Book Society Readers, Port Washington, Wisconsin
*The Revivals, Germantown, Wisconsin
*Famished for Fiction, Plano, Texas
*Zoom-Chilly Thrillies, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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