Word of the Month
Very happy, animated, or elated 

Career of the Month
With all the introductions to our animals on campus and with the extra love that Pyp our chicken gives, our children on campus have all been interested in farmers! 

August 24 - September 1, 2020
: CK Closed for Staff Development   

August 27, 2020 - Emergency Bag Pick Up!  
If you just started during the summer there is no need to pick up your emergency bag since it is up to date. Otherwise emergency bags will be available for pick up between 9:00am - 2:00pm in our parking lot by first name. 
September 1, 2020: Tuition is due
Since we are closed September 1st, please be sure to either mail in your payment or bring it in before summer camp ends. This way you will not be charged the $25 late fee.
2020/2021 Tuition rates will go into effect and can be seen on our website HERE 
If you are set up for automatic withdrawal these fees will automatically get deducted with your September Invoice.
Also don't forget to add our annual fees!  

Wednesday September 2, 2020: First Day at School!
We are very excited about the new school year and looking forward to a great year! Don't forget that our drop off and pick up protocols have changed. Check in with Ms Katie to learn more if you haven't already received our COVID policies and procedures!   
Drop off will close promptly at 9am in order for all our classes to get started with their day! You will receive your classes individual start times via email. Please help us in adhering to those times that you receive in order to help us transition our children in smaller groups.

Aqua and Kinder arrival
Drop off 8:30am - Class will start  
promptly at 8:40 a.m.
Drop off times AM/FULL DAY:  
Little Dragons 8am - 8:15am
Big Dragons 8:15am - 8:30am
Aqua Dragons 8:30am - 8:40am
Baby Dragons 8:45am - 9am

Drop off Times PM
Baby, Little Bigs - 1:00-1:15pm

Pick Up Times:
AM Schedule - 12noon
Aqua Dragons: 2:45pm
PM/Full Day - 4:45pm-5pm
Extended Care - 5pm-5:30pm

Thursday September 3, 2020: First Day at School for children with a Tuesday/Thursday schedule.
September 7, 2020 - CAMELOT CLOSED - In observance of Labor Day
September 18, 2020 - EARLY DISMISSAL 12 noon  
September 18 2020 - Back to School Knight - 1pm-4:30pm 
More details to come about our brand new set up for Back to School Knight! We are going to have an open air forum for you to meet your child's teachers & see your child's ongoing project they have been working on!  
September 21, 2020:   Class Spirit Day! Wear your pajamas to school day!  
September 22-25th - Paint-A-Tile Week 
Instead of our annual Paint-A-Tile Knight we will be painting tiles with your children during the week.  You are invited to have your child paint their own masterpiece on a (6 x 6) tile $40 each.  We have the tiles fired and placed on our Atelier Wall for your child to come back and visit as a CK Alumni like Felix and Kai did this summer:)

2020-2021 School Calendar: LINKED HERE 
On our website, you will find a main calendar which has all school-wide information including the dates that we are closed. You will also find calendars specific to each class, class snacks and important events and dates. Please be sure to check back often as some dates may change.  

Mark Your Calendar! CHLA Blood Drive - October 21, 2020 
Thank you for making the first blood drive in May so great, we were able to save 60 children's lives with the blood that was donated! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now we are off to our second blood drive of the year. A link will be provided shortly so you can sign up!

2020-2021 Admissions Agreement
We need ALL FAMILIES to sign our NEW Preschool Admissions Agreement. Please find the form online LINKED HERE  
Parent Handbook:
Our parent handbook is up on our website and is available at any time. It has all of our daily information, policies and procedures. We encourage you to take some time to read it.
UPDATE Immunization Cards
All families must update Immunization card. Please bring in a copy and submit it to the front office.
Update Parent Info:
If there have been any changes to your information, such as a new address, email, or phone number, please contact Ms. Katie ( ) with that information.   
Parent Directory:
You will receive your class Parent Directory soon. Please check your info and email Ms.Katie ( ) with any changes or updated emails by September 18th. After that no changes will be re-sent out to parents.


Please make sure that all these items fit inside a bag and do not overflow, again please make sure that all items are labeled. Sometimes we have active sleepers and want to make sure that everything gets returned. Please try and keep this to a minimum amount. With one lovely, one child size pillow and one blanket.  
- Pillow 13x18 toddler pillow  
- Toddler Blanket or crib size blanket
Camelot will provide a nap sheet ($25 Fee) with your child's name clearly marked. If your sheet gets lost, you will be required to pay for another one.
In addition each child has their own cubby in class to hold these items. These must be taken home every Thursday or Friday to be cleaned and washed and brought back the following Monday. These items must also be taken home and laundered if your child goes home sick.  
In compliance with DSS standards, children must sleep on a sheet, therefore if you forget to bring your child's sheet they will be required to sleep on a "CK spare" and you will be charged $5 per day cleaning fee.  
Late Pick Up Fee's
If you are running late please call the office to notify us, you will receive a $10 late pick up fee after the 10 minute grace period.  
Extended Care
There is no grace period for extended care, after 5:30pm you will get a $15 late pick up fee and $1 per minute till your child is picked up.
New Earthquake Kit:
Don't forget to turn in your Earthquake Kit for the 2020/2021 school year. This is stored here at school in case of an emergency. Please submit all of these items in a LARGE zip lock bag clearly labeled with your child's name. The kit should include all of the following: an extra pair of clothes, a sweat shirt, an extra pair of shoes, a family photo and a comfort item.
All Earthquake Kits due Friday September 4, 2020
We store food and water along with an earthquake pack for each child. There is an annual fee of $50 required to replenish these goods each year.


Included but not limited to the below. Email Katie ( ) for full list of items or check out our website HERE for our statement of Health and Safety at Camelot Kids.
  • Camelot staff + children only on campus.
  • No non-essential visitors allowed on campus.
  • Drop-off/pick-up happens outside in parking lot.
  • Wellness checks for each staff member and child before entering the building.
  • Children with symptoms will be sent home.
  • Hygiene/hand washing will be required at applicable intervals.
  • New Blueair Blue Pure 211+ True HEPA Air Purifiers added to each classroom and indoor campus areas.
  • Reduced class sizes - "Cohort" of 12 children.
  • Social distancing to the best of our ability.
  • Face coverings for children 3+ are suggested but not mandatory at this time.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces.
  • Parking lot is temporarily closed.
  • New waiver to Parent Admissions Agreement regarding health screening changes and Pandemic Policy.
  • New daily drop off and pick up protocol.
  • Adjusted meal, snack and prep time.
  • New nap + rest period opportunities.
  • Individualized classroom + outside play time.

Dates We Are Closed through December 2020 
September 7 - In Observance of Labor Day
October 12 - In Observance of Indigenous Peoples' Day
October 23 -  Parent Teacher Conferences - Part 1 - AM/FULL
November 11 - Observance of Veterans Day
November 20 - Early Dismissal 12 noon - Parent Teacher Conferences -  Part 2 - PM
November 25 - 27 -Thanksgiving Holiday
December 18 - Minimum Day - Last Day before Winter Break
December 21 - January 3 - Closed for Winter Break
January 4 - First Day back from Winter Break  

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