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Due to the upcoming Labor Day Holiday Weekend, COAL will move its September Breakfast to the 2nd Saturday, September 11th. Hopefully, over the Labor Day weekend, you will take time to enjoy friends and family, either in-person or via zoom, skype, or facetime. The traditional phone call also works.

COAL Board of Directors  

"The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us..."
Let's Continue the Work
Please Get Vaccinated

COAL, leveraging expert information and advice, strongly encourages its membership and larger community of interest, to get vaccinated.

However, recognizing that many of our readership were vaccinated as soon as vaccines became available, COAL further recommends that each of us strongly encourage friends and family experiencing any form of vaccine hesitancy, to also get vaccinated.
Lives depend on it. Ending this pandemic depends on it.