September 2021
September Festivities
9/8 Gary Alizzeo
9/11 Jill Rhoads
9/13 Jonathan Dreher
9/14 Connie Griffith
9/24 Kathleen Lamp
9/30 Beth Cummings
9/8 Chad & Heather Lords
9/13 Steve & Jill Rhoads
Pirate Fest Recap
August 14
By special request of a very special member, for our Summer Party we revisited last year’s Pirate Fest. Don’t worry, we won’t make a habit of it. We gathered a rowdy crowd of swashbucklers to participate in the festivities and many tested their skills with the cutlass. This sword play was taken very seriously and only the hardiest survived, while most of the cutlasses deflated quickly.

Captain Ron once again opened his shady establishment and served up his “adult” tropical specialties while pouring some kid friendly versions for the younger swabbies. Dinner was a Caribbean feast of Roast Pork and Jerked Chicken and Shrimp, with appetizers, side dishes and desserts from the four corners of the Seven Seas, courtesy of our generous members. The highlight of the day was the rousing music of the County Mayo Irish Band, who fully embraced the spirit of the day.

Thanks once again to Michelle Johnson, the “energizer bunny” of parties, as well as Michelle Bish, Kathy, Lori, Robbi and, of course Gracie, plus all the worthy seamen who did the heavy lifting.

Our final bash of the Summer will be The Century Club Speakeasy coming up on September 11th, but please don’t tell Eliot Ness.
US Sailing Small Boat
Sailing Instructor Training @ PCC
August 26-27
PCC Sailing School is growing!!! During the last week of August we hosted US Sailing Instructor Course for Small Boat Instructors here at PCC. Instructor Candidates were required to demonstrate sailing skills, knots knowledge, power boating skills and teaching techniques. Presentations included chalk talk (classroom presentations), land drills, as well as water drills. We were excited to welcome several candidates from more or less local sailing clubs, and three of our very own PCC members who will join our PCC Sailing School team next season: Erik Bardy, Chris Weber and Bill Gray.

Congratulations to all who participated! Very excited to have you on board, especially those who will be teaching here at PCC Sailing School!
Our outdoor classroom!
Knots practice.
Joe Shields of US Sailing was our Instructor Trainer
More knots practice.
Practicing chalk talk.
Getting ready for on the water drills.
And a little more knots practice...
All instructor candidates demonstrated capsize recovery skills.
Power boating skills check out.
Although these courses are very demanding, both in time and knowledge, they can also offer bonding opportunities...
September hors d'oeuvre party
Join us on Saturday, September 4 at 6:00 PM for our monthly hors d'oeuvre party!

Come and enjoy the camaraderie of the evening. Bring your favorite dish to share. It's BYOB or donate to the fridge. Friends and new members are welcome. No RSVP's necessary, just show up. See you all there!
Century Club Speakeasy
September 11 @ 5 PM
The pleasure of your company is requested at the Century Club Speakeasy Event.
Bathtub Gin and other delights will be served at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
Dinner to commence at 6 o'clock.

RSVP to Pam by September 6 at or text 412-760-0864
Please see attached for additional details.

Attire: your Flapper finest and Bootlegger best.
Please welcome the Rappoport Family!
Please join us as we welcome Cody and Nissa Rappoport, along with Thor (9) and Viggo (7) to the PCC family!

"We ran into a boat deal we couldn't refuse, and now have a pirate ship to restore! We are hoping to get her sailing worthy by next season and start learning how to sail her. We live just south of Pymatuning in Greenville, and enjoy hiking, kayaking, and cooking in our spare time. Looking forward to meeting everyone!"
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