Breece Robertson, the Director of Partnerships and Strategy for the Center for Geospatial Solutions at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, has just published a new book, "Protecting the Places We Love." The book explores the powerful ways that maps, spatial analysis, and GIS can drive vision, innovation, and impact across partnerships and landscapes.

In this month's Perspectives piece, Breece explores these themes, previewing the book, highlighting some of the stories of impact that emerge in its pages, and sharing insights on the power and potential of mapping and geospatial data for accelerating landscape conservation. Her piece will inspire all of us to reflect on how maps can tell the stories of the places we love and build shared understanding, bringing people and communities together around efforts to sustain and protect that which makes our cherished landscapes special. Breece will also be joining the Network's Landscape Conservation in Action webinar series to continue this important conversation--be sure to register for her webinar scheduled for October 7 at 1pm ET.