Missed the Live Presentation?
Check out the CVSA YouTube page! The full recording of Dr. Thangam Venkatesan's presentation of "Management of CVS in Adults" is live. Additionally, you can see other presentations on topics relevant to CVS.
Medical Outreach
From October 1st - 4th, CVSA will be exhibiting at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) conference.

As part of the CVSA mission to help spread awareness, we believe it to be very important that we attend
to help recognition in emergency rooms, dubbed a “war zone” for CVS patients.

CVSA has had reports of positive changes in care since materials were distributed at the first ACEP conference in 2019. It was though feedback like this that prompts CVSA to once again choose to exhibit. Providing materials on CVS at this conference can help to keep impacting and facilitating this positive change.

There is a lot of work still to be done in this field. Donations and contributions to CVSA directly support efforts like these and so many more.
ANMS Update

CVSA attended the American Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society (ANMS) conference, held August 5-7 in Philadelphia, PA, as part of our medical outreach program and maintaining the CVSA mission. At events like this, we are providing education, information, resources and opportunities to interact with physicians to increase recognition of cyclic vomiting syndrome. The attendees at ANMS are uniquely qualified to understand and recognize the symptoms and treat CVS because of their specialized fields.

Two of CVSA’s medical advisors presented at ANMS and help with that recognition of CVS. Dr. Thangam Venkatesan and Dr. Katja Kovavcic both had presentations that involved information about CVS, both for recognizing and treating cyclic vomiting patients.

This was a great opportunity for CVSA to be present and reinforce information with copies of brochures, pamphlets, and treatment guidelines to hand out and discuss with attendees.
Pediatric Guidelines is Getting an Update!

The project of updating the pediatric guidelines is underway!

See more about this important project:

Please consider contributing directly to this project, by clicking the button to the left.
Local Light Ups
Want to help Light up Awareness of CVS for the next International CVS Awareness Day, March 5th? Help make the 2023 Awareness day bigger than ever!

Last year there were a number of places that lit up blue to help "Light up Awareness of CVS," including Niagara Falls! CVSA and it's volunteers are working on beating that number this year and we need your help!

There are many places that have to be requested by a local resident in order to light up with an awareness color. Check out landmarks, arenas, buildings, and bridges that are local to you, request that they light up, and send any confirmations of lighting up to cvsa@cvsaonline.org. Let's Light Up Awareness of CVS!

Your efforts can make a big difference! Here is some information you may need.
1.) Primary Information:
- Organization: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association 
- Address: P.O. Box 270341, Milwaukee, WI 53227 
- Phone: 414-342-7880 
Website: www.cvsaonline.org 
Name of the event: International CVS Awareness Day 
2.) Dates to Light up for:
Main date is the March 5th, 
Alternative Dates: March 3rd through March 5th 
3.) Color to Light Up- Blue:
- If they ask for hex codes: #333399 is preferred, but #171796 works as well. 
4.) Send confirmation letter:
- Email or forward confirmation to the CVSA office at cvsa@cvsaonline.org.
- If it needs to come directly from us send us the info on who to contact. 
Forward or email us and let us know who to contact.
Poll Results from August
1.) How many prescription medications do you use to treat your CVS?
76.77% said they used 1-3 medications.
23.23% replied with 4-6.
0% was noted for 7-9.
0% selected 10+.
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