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September 2020 Newsletter

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This is the electronic version of the Pierre Area Chamber's September 2020 newsletter.

Life is good on the river,
The Staff at the
Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce

In This Issue
2020 Chamber Board of Directors
Executive Board
Meredith Lee - President,
Lee Real Estate
Thomas Allerdings - Vice President, ClubHouse Hotel & Suites
Angie Bollweg - Secretary,
Sanford Health
Melissa Puepke - Treasurer
First Dakota National Bank
Jennifer Anderson - Past President, Anderson, Nill & Associates
Board Members
Steve Bass
Edgewood Senior Living
Chris McConnell
Black Hills FCU
Aaron Fabel
Kristie Maher
SD Discovery Center
Jodie Hickman Anderson
Strategic Association Services
Dennis Rounds
Tori Reeves
Pam Metzinger
Branding Iron Bistro
Jamie Maher
Maher Dental Clinic
Tanner Kost
Dakota Prairie Bank

Ex-Officio Members
Ron Wagner, PEDCO President
Pierre Mayor Steve Harding
Ft. Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson
2020 PEDCO Board of Directors
Ron Wagner - Chair 
First National Bank
Andy Hubbart - Chair-Elect
Mark Anderson - Secretary
SD Department of Labor
Kim Easland - Treasurer
American Bank & Trust
Doug Abraham
May, Adam Law Firm
Rick Dockter
Ameriprise Financial
Zach Clark
Clark Insurance
Dawn Morris
Morris Inc.
Kim Olson
Sen. Mike Rounds Office
Prakash Saripalli
Karl Richards
Avera Medical Associates
Damon Wheelhouse
Allied Plumbing & Heating
Gordon Woods
SD Intrastate Pipeline

Liaisons - Annual Appointment
Jamie Huizenga
Pierre City Commission
Meredith Lee
Chamber of Commerce
Kristi Honeywell
Pierre City Administrator
Norm Weaver
Hughes County Commission

Jim Protexter
Chief Operating Officer
Alicia Fabel
Administrative Asst.
Pierre Economic Development Corporation 
2020 Investor List
(From 6/29 to 7/27)
Thank you to the following businesses, organizations and individuals who are supporting economic development in Central South Dakota through their PEDCO membership investment.

Bronze Investors - $150
Titan Machinery Inc.


"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce will be closed on Monday, September 7 in honor of Labor Day. We will resume regular business hours with someone in the office from 8-5 on Tuesday, Sept. 8.
CEO's Report
Jamie Seiner, Chief Executive Officer
All of us are making more decisions than ever before. The pandemic has forced changes to traditions, and our former 'business as usual' more times in the last six months than over the past ten years. As always, we need to continue reviewing business plans and operations for the sake of our future. As you pivot, pivot in the name of progress. There is opportunity in our decisions to allow you or your business to do better and be better.

The team at the Chamber has been devoted to our community in the face of all this change. We have been helping member businesses and organizations make tough decisions, try new things, and inspire to stand tall when times are tough. Over the past year, we have three measures we used to make our decisions and modify our programming, they are:
  1. Strive for excellence - Make sure we are fulfilling the need, surpassing expectations, and delivering quality.
  2. Remain relevant - As we make changes, we are always reviewing to make sure we are accomplishing the objectives we set out to meet and reach the audiences we need to.
  3. Dive deep for alternatives - If there is a new way to do something, we seek it out. The way things have always been done is not always the best way; we are constantly brainstorming for new ideas and programs to help our member businesses, community, visitor industry and workforce.
The Chamber has made change - A lot of change. In fact, since March 13th I counted the new strategic initiatives we have taken on. There are 35 different things we have implemented in that time and I am proud of each one of them. Some are more successful than others, but they all have created a mission, continued a vision, and inspired our team.

A few recent changes I want to make sure you know about are:
  • Mallory Gordon, our Communications and Events Director started a blog for businesses. There are so many great articles she has generated, my favorite series being, "How to Grow When Its Slow." Check it out.
  • Leadership Pierre is one of the most amazing programs at the Chamber. We definitely could have went on with the program and shared the unique facets of Pierre and Fort Pierre with another class virtually, but after an intense review and survey of the applicants it was decided that it won't ring the bell of excellence as it did the past two years. For now, we are taking Leadership Pierre to a new stage with a video series showing why Pierre and Fort Pierre are a great place to live.
  • With the help from the Pierre BID #1 Board and Pierre Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO), we have merged two visitor sites into one. Tia Kafka, our Convention and Visitor Bureau Director has worked hard building a new home for local hotel bookings, new hunting and fishing information and an Instagram feed (#Pierreadise). Click here to view this site!
Progress is everyone's business and we are better... together. Join the Chamber in pivoting for progress!

Jamie Seiner

Chamber Brew - Back to School Edition
Chamber Brew: Back to School Edition

How To Get Your Mindset Right When Everything 
Feels Wrong
Need a little outside help to get your mindset right when everything feels wrong? Call 211 for assistance, 24/7.

You want to grow your local business and treat your employees and customers right. But sometimes it's hard to keep your mind focused on what you know you should be doing. We understand how easy it is to fall into doubt, worry, or even mental paralysis, especially when everything around you feels wrong somehow.

But we believe in you and in your business. That's why we've put together this list of tips to help you keep your mindset in the right place and stay focused on the things that matter most right now. Take a look.
  1. Give Yourself a Break
If your mental intake is focused on doom, gloom, and uncertainty, your mindset isn't going to be a healthy one. Instead, give yourself permission to step away from current news, and open your mind to healthier input. That might be anything from funny YouTube videos to a chapter of a novel you've been meaning to read for years. You'll return to your tasks with a healthier mindset and renewed energy.
  1. Focus on Helping Others
Thinking about others and what they need is a sure-fire way to get your mindset right. Whether it's overtipping your food delivery person with a kind note, checking in with the cleaning staff at your business to make sure they're okay, or driving by a child's house to wave them a happy birthday, you'll feel stronger when you express generosity and thoughtfulness to others.
  1. Take Good Care of Your Body
It's easy to think of your mind as something separate from your body, but times of crisis make it clear how very interconnected they are. Stop every hour to spend 30 seconds breathing deeply. Even if you can't go to the gym, take a walk or do some light exercises at home. While a little comfort food is understandable, don't neglect the veggies and fruits that give you the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay healthy. And allow yourself to go to bed a bit earlier or sleep in a bit later to help boost your immune system as well as your mindset.
  1. Write Things Down
Some people use lists to stay in control of their world - and it's also a good way to keep your mind focused. More broadly, it can also be helpful to write down how you're feeling in a time when everything feels a bit off. Write down the best and worst-case scenarios to keep your mind from spinning in circles, or start a journal to chronicle what you're going through. Often the act of writing something down on paper (or on a screen) can help you purge the associated feelings and get your mind back in gear.

When you adjust your mindset by focusing outward rather than on what seems wrong, you improve not only your own sense of focus but also your relationships with those around you. Bypassing the negative messages that sometimes seem to assault your mind to focus on the positive instead can help you face whatever comes next with hope and determination.

Pierre Mayor Steve Harding's Report
The City of Pierre can't do what it's been doing without you!

That "doing" is in reference to quality of life investments that are being made throughout Pierre. We can't make those investments without you because many are being made possible through public private partnerships.

The most prominent of those partnerships is the new outdoor swimming pool. The City has committed up to $10 million in existing revenue to finance the project. The remainder of the $13 million project is being pulled together by a volunteer fundraising team. That's no small lift, but our volunteer force and community partners are proving generous with both their time and treasure.

A number of our parks have received visible upgrades this year thanks to that same generous spirit. In Griffin Park, shade canopies were recently added to the tennis courts, and the baseball field has been almost completely remodeled. Both of those projects are thanks to public private partnerships. The Tennis Association, the Capital Area Baseball Association, the Pierre School District, the City, the BID Board and private donors came together to make those two projects happen.

A new scoreboard was installed at the LaBarge Park baseball field this spring. That addition too was the result of a public private partnership between a user group, a corporate donation and the City of Pierre. You might have noticed improvements at the softball complex as well. The new fencing and shade structures there happened through a partnership between the City, the Softball Association, and the BID Board.

The expansion and remodeling of the Boys and Girls Club that was completed this summer was the direct result of a major public private partnership initiative.

It's a public private partnership that continues to bring public art to the streets of Pierre, continues to clean up the community during our annual Go Green and Clean campaign, and is making a dog park a reality in Pierre.

All of these examples improve the local quality of life, make the community stronger, and encourage activity in the City. The nicer our facilities, the more beautiful our community, the more likely we are to attract tournaments, visitors, and community members.

To that end, thank you to our business community and community members for making Pierre a better stronger community! These investments will continue to benefit you and Pierre for many years to come.

Fort Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson's Report
One of our next beautification projects in Fort Pierre is the lighting of the Bad River Pedestrian Bridge. The idea sprung from a group that meets monthly to come up with good ideas to promote downtown development. They wanted to add more holiday decorating, including the bridge, and it was decided to "do it right," installing permanent lighting that has programmable combinations to light the bridge red, white and blue for patriotic holidays, purple and gold for school events, red and green for Christmas, and so on. Interim white lighting will be used to offset the use of color.

The bridge, which spans the Bad River between the boat dock parking lot and Fischers Lilly Park, will be highly visible from the highway bridge, from Fischers Lilly Park, downtown, the Missouri River, and Pierre when lit.

Because the City of Fort Pierre owns and maintains the bridge, the City Council approved hiring an engineering firm to design the lighting system. The first decisions made by a small committee were: the project cost limit would be no more than $75,000, it would be funded by private contributions, and long lasting LED linear lighting with ease of maintenance would be the best option.

The engineering company selected by bid, Malone Engineering of Rapid City, predicts that the bridge will become a community billboard so that when people see it lit up with color, they will know something is going on in Fort Pierre.

Will Clark Electric has been awarded the bid to do the work, and Fort Pierre Development Corporation has accepted the responsibility for raising the funds, an amount between $75,000 and $80,000 total. As of this writing, we are more than halfway there.

A sponsorship plaque will be installed to list the names of contributors, with categories ranging from $250 to $20,000. Anyone interested in being a stakeholder should contact Dave Bonde at 223-7603, by cell 280-9680 or fpdc@fortpierre.com. Checks should be made payable to "Future Fort Pierre" with "bridge lighting project" in the memo section. The mailing address is PO Box 471, Fort Pierre, 57532. Please feel free to call Dave or me with questions.
Gloria Hanson, Mayor
Capital City Economy
May 2020
Current Month
Same Month 2019
Percent Change
2020 YTD
2019 YTD
Percent Change
Pierre 2%
Pierre 1% BBB
Fort Pierre 2%
Fort Pierre 1% BBB
Pierre BID #1
Missouri River Bridge
US 14 East of Pierre
New Homes
Stick Built - Number
    Dollar Amount
Other* - Number
    Dollar Amount
    Dollar Amount
New Buildings
    Dollar Amount
    Dollar Amount
Total Permits**
    Dollar Amount
New Homes
    Dollar Amount
Other* - Number
    Dollar Amount
    Dollar Amount
New Buildings
    Dollar Amount
    Dollar Amount
Total Permits**
    Dollar Amount
WORK FORCE              
Pierre MiSA***
Total Work Force
Total Employed
Total Unemployed
Unemployment Rate
* Includes multi-family, mobile and manufactured homes
** Includes residential, commercial, and all other permits.
*** Pierre Micropolitan Statistical Area includes Hughes & Stanley counties
Source: Pierre Economic Development Corporation Research
CVB Report
Tia Kafka, Convention & Visitors Bureau Director
It has been a busy summer, but it's not too early to start making plans for Rooster Rush, October 13 - 17, 2020. We will be doing some fun things again this year. One thing that you should start planning for is the Orange Spirt Day - when businesses and individuals decorate their yards or entryways with hunting displays. Visitors traveling through the city appreciate all the great decorations.

In addition to the fun activities planned by the CVB, we want to know what area businesses have planned as well. Send us your Rooster Rush events to add to our calendar. Please send the information to contactchamber@pierre.org to be added to the Rooster Rush Calendar of events.

We are also getting the 2021 Pierre Visitor Guide ready for publication. Over 17,000 guides are printed and distributed. These guides go to: visitors interested in coming to Pierre, rest stops along the interstate, newcomers to the area, conventions and conferences held here, reunions, and at sport shows. If you are interested in being a part of this publication, please contact the Chamber for more information.

Remember to give our office a call at 224-7361 for more information on Rooster Rush and all the activities we have planned. Let's have a fantastic fall season!

As we move towards the 'new normal,' it is more important than ever for businesses to help consumers to feel safe and confident while patronizing their establishment. Take the pledge to get industry-specific guidance to ensure best practices are being followed. You will also receive a pledge decal sticker to display in your business - visually signifying to customers and visitors alike that you value and prioritize their health and wellness. 
Membership Report
Katie Johnson, Membership Director
September is my favorite month of the year; the weather is warm during the day, and cool enough to open your windows at night. School is in full swing and the fall schedule is a welcome sight after a summer of fun. Regardless of how you feel about COVID this year, we are all craving routine at this point. I am a planner and want to know what I am doing weeks in advance, and none of us have been able to do that since March. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like things are going to drastically change for the better in the next couple of months., either.
We were able to participate with the ground-breaking for the Pierre water treatment facility, the building plans look very nice and will sit between the chamber building and the river. Mad Mary's Second location called Crabby Shell's Seafood Shack had their ground-breaking this month too. They will be located on Missouri Avenue with an awesome view of the water. Crabby Shells Seafood Shack is scheduled to open next Spring. We did a ribbon cutting for the Boys and Girls Club, it is a beautiful facility, and the Pierre/Ft. Pierre kids are lucky to have a great space to continue growing and learning. We also celebrated a ribbon cutting for the new tornado shelter in Griffin Park. The much-needed shelter is a wonderful addition to the area and is available to rent as a community space. To wrap up August, we cut a ribbon for Kari Bauman State Farm Insurance, located on Dakota Avenue. It was a great celebration with family, friends, and clients.
Looking ahead to October, be sure to sign up for the Chamber Golf Classic; it will be held October 8th at Hillsview Golf Course with a shotgun scramble format. Rooster Rush week will be October 12-16th, and the Parade of Lights is scheduled for November 23rd!
Have a happy and healthy fall!
Katie Johnson

Email Katie Johnson for assistance with listing your items and services!
New Members
Behavior Care Specialists
200 W. Pleasant Ave
Pierre, SD 57501
(605) 223-5500

Kari Bauman State Farm Insurance
200 East Dakota Ave Suite 1
Pierre, SD 57501
(605) 224-1096

Slate Creek Counseling, P.C.
Jon Rapp
319 S. Coteau St.
Pierre, SD 57501

Member Highlights



If your business or team member has something to celebrate, email Mallory!

Chamber Events

Ribbon Cuttings, Open Houses & Ground Breaking's

City of Pierre Griffin Park Storm Shelter
City of Pierre officials hosted a Ribbon Cutting and Open House for the newly completed community room and storm shelter in Griffin Park on Wednesday, August 5. 

City of Pierre Water Treatment Facility
A Ground Breaking Ceremony was held on Friday, August 7 in Steamboat Park to commemorate the initial phase of building the new Water Treatment Facility.

Crabby Shell's Seafood Shack
Crabby Shell's Seafood Shack is coming to town, and we celebrated the new business venture with a Ground Breaking Ceremony on Monday, August 10. 

Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area
The Boys & Girls Club of the Capital Area recently finished their renovations, just in time for summer programs and after-school programs! Congratulations on the beautiful new facility!

Kari Bauman - State Farm Insurance
Kari Bauman - State Farm Insurance agent celebrate the recent opening of her branch and office on Tuesday, August 18. Congratulations, Kari!

Save the Dates!

September Calendar of Events

Sep 1, 8, 15, 22, 29: Touching Hearts 50/50 Raffle. Facebook Live Drawing. For more information: The Right Turn.

Sep 1-30: Volunteers needed at food bank. Assembly takes place daily at Feeding South Dakota, 20562 Grace Avenue. Shifts are 9am-noon & 1-4pm. For more information: Feeding South Dakotaandrew@feedingsouthdakota.org,  

Sep 2-3: Business Continuity Planning Course - online. Zoom. For more information: Colleen Dryden, SD Dept. of Public Safety, 605.773.3218https://www.ruraltraining.org/.

Sep 2, 9, 16, 23: River City Toastmasters. Lutheran Memorial Church--Basement Conference Room. For more information: Brian Underdahl, 605-220-1003.

Sep 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28: English As A Second Language (ESL). The Right Turn. For more information: 773-4755http://www.TheRightTurn.org.

Sep 2: Stanley American Legion Post 20 Monthly Meeting. Moose Lodge, 910 N Deadwood St, Fort Pierre. For more information: Kim Hallock, Post 20 Commander, 605-222-7065.

Sep 3 & 17: Breast Cancer Survivors. 415 S. Crow St.. For more information: 

Sep 3: 2020 Pierre/ Fort Pierre Golf Scramble. Hillsview Golf Course. For more information: Matt Brakke, JA Pierre/Ft. Pierre Board Chair, (605) 280-9061 or Rachel, Events Manager, (605) 336-7318Facebook @JASouthDakota.

Sep. 3: Hector Anchondo Band @ The Roadhouse. The Roadhouse at Grey Goose Store & Social Club from 7-9pm. More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/

Sep 5, 12, 19, 26: Capital City Farmer's Market. Parking lot in Pierre (corner of Sioux Ave and Coteau St). For more information: 

Sep 7: Canvasback Art Club. Rawlins Library, 1000 E. Church. For more information: Bev Letellier, 605-224-7993ranchvet66@yahoo.com.

Sep 9: Feeding South Dakota - Mobile Food Pantry Distribution. River City Transit, Pierre. For more information: (605) 494-3663.

Sep 10: Breastfeeding Class. For more information: Dawn Tassler, 605-224-3189gut1@dakota2k.nethttp://www.growinguptogether.org. $10.00 and scholarships are available. Pre-registration is required.

Sep 10: Dallas Moore @ The Roadhouse. Grey Goose Store & Social Club. For more information: Grey Goose Store & Social Club

Sep 11: Women's Cancer Support. For more information: Gloria, 224-3131

Sep 11: OHBA FUN NITE. DRIFTERS. For more information: JARED NEILAN, 295-2520; MATT GRAVES, 222-8400; HEATH SCHNEE 280-9688.

Sep 12: Run with the Govs 3.5 Mile Road Race. SD State Capitol Front Steps, 500 E Capitol Ave., Pierre. For more information: Trail of Governors foundation, Ann Schwartz - 617.838.5049https://runsignup.com/. $25 registration fee. All proceeds support the Trail of Governors Foundation.

Sep 14: Central SD Survivors of Suicide Support Group. Monthly locations TBA. For more information: Julie Moorejulie.moore@avera.org.

Sep 14: Stately Stitchers Guild Meeting. Lutheran Memorial Church Basement, 320 E Prospect Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota. For more information: Pat Wheeldreyer, 

Sep 15: Stroke Support Group. Conference Room @ 415 South Crow Street in Pierre. For more information: Countryside Support and Memory Center, Cindy M or Maxine, (605) 945-0827, countryside@midconetwork.com.

Sep 17: Dementia Caregivers Support Group. 415 S. Crow St.. For more information: Countryside Hospice Support & Memory Center, 605-945-0827,  

Sep 18, 19: CCC CDL Class. Capital City Campus. For more information: info@capitalcitycampus.org,  https://capitalcitycampus.org/academics/cdl-classes/
$195 per student.

Sep 18: Men's Cancer Support. For more information: Gloria, 224-3131

Sep 21: Bariatric and Weight Loss Support Group. Sanford Clinic Pierre, 521 E Sioux Ave. For more information: Angie Bollweg, 605-945-5560

Sep 26: Central SD Heart Walk. Hyde Stadium. For more information: American Heart Association- South Dakota,  https://www.facebook.com/events/576483526300318.
For future months, go to www.pierre.org