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October 1st should be a date marked on the calendar of all parents with students in college next fall. It signifies the first day to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or “FAFSA” to apply for federal student aid.

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Rick, Lyman and Andrew
Your biggest financial aid mistake
Why should all college students fill out the FAFSA? It’s not just used to determine federal grants; it’s also used to determine eligibility for federal loans and work study arrangements.

What expenses can I pay for out of my 529 plan?
For those taking distributions from 529 plans, the proceeds may only be used to fund qualified educational expenses. So what can be used and what can't?

(Note: Room and board are generally included if the student is enrolled as at least a half time student)

Student Corner
Factors to consider when choosing a college

You've probably already thought about academics, school size and location. What else should be on your mind as you consider different schools?
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Do you have something on your mind as you go through the college process?

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