September 2017


EMUC's Vision is to be a thriving Spirit-filled congregation; diverse, inclusive, and engaged with the community and creation.

The Mission of EMUC is to offer opportunities for all persons to experience the love of God through Jesus Christ.


Ordinary Time and the Season of Pentecost continues.   We use the colour green until next week, when Creation Time begins.

This is the first newsletter since June.  Spring events are reported as well as up-coming events for the fall.  As we start our journey together with our new minister, there will be changes to the Friday Message, the newsletter and the website.  Look for the launch of EMUC's new website in the near future.

TOCIn This Issue

Ready to let my spirit soar, thanks to your love!
Remember, I quoted Carol Burnett:  "I'm so glad we had this time together, just to have a laugh or sing a song.  Seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say so long."

I have my own version: I'm so glad God brought us all together; just to share our burdens and our joys.  Seems we just got started and before you know it, comes the time for us to journey on. Thanks everyone!

I have LOVED being here. As three months turned into six, and then into to nine and ten, I just felt happy and privileged to be with such good, good people. What have I learned?
  • Well, I know more about cell phone towers (thank you, Ian Thompson) than I ever thought I needed to know.
  • I have sort of learned how to unlock and lock the church doors with that weird IKEA key you gave me
  • I have learned a whole new way of doing Communion  (Thank you, Sylvia.)
  • I have learned, again, the power of Holy Baptism, even when it happens on a grand scale!  (Thank you, Sandra W. for your guidance and ministry.)
  •  I have experienced the power of the resurrection through the faithful waiting with Christ through the Saturday night before Easter Sunday.  (Thanks to all of you.)
  • I have been to the church's biggest garage sale, and I learned that God will not be upset if we turn the sanctuary into a temporary place to exchange goods and services.
  • I have learned, again, how powerful a witness to justice we can be when not afraid to name hard things around all kinds of inclusivity.  (Thank you, Dianne H.)
  • I have learned that trekking through the water front of Mississauga is not just about exercise, but touching creation. (Thank you, Striders.)
  • I have learned the powerful reach of simple friendship through 'Circle of Friends'. (Thanks to all of you.)
  • I have been touched by the gracious use of a blood pressure gadget when I was not well. It probably saved me an emergency visit. (Thanks, Hermine..)
  • I have learned that power point can be my friend. (Thank you, Lorraine B. and Cindy...that is a miracle!)
  • I have learned that if I don't follow the Lectionary for one Sunday, I won't be struck dead.
  • I have learned that those "rabbit ears" you gave me to use each Sunday do have a purpose, except when you put them on backwards.  (Thanks, Sylvia for putting up with me in that department!)
  • I have learned about the wonderful retreat centre right in my own backyard.  I did not know Joshua Creek existed.  (Thank you, Women to Women.)  And I learned about the spiritual power of drumming!  Love peanut butter & jam.
  • I have learned to be patient with different interpretations of life, God, love and happiness - and especially how important language is in including everyone. (Thanks everyone on that front.)
  • I have learned how not to get so freaked out by budget spread sheets that make no sense to me.  (Thank you David. L. and Ian T.)
  • I have learned the basics of plant care, and how it relates to spiritual growth. (Thanks, Rachel)
  •  I've learned to navigate my way around Mississauga.... and the United Church, all over again  (THANKS SYLVIA.)
  • I have learned how to be gracious and caring without losing leadership, especially in meetings!  (Thank you, Joanne Hines!!)
  • I have learned that singing in the right key honours God more than going back to the original lyrics.  (Thanks beautiful choir.)
  • I have learned the dignity and power of diversity in music, and that God might even like Jazz.  (Thank you, Len.)
  • I have learned that Church Administrators are indeed the rock upon which the Holy Spirit welcomes the stranger, and keeps the absent minded Supply Minister informed. ( Thank you Peter; your name is well earned )
  • I have re-discovered the power of Taize worship and fellowship. (Thank you, Wednesday Night Prayers & Communion)
  • I have learned how "bi-vocational" anyone can be.  (Thanks to Janet and Barb who, in spite of busy lives and jobs, get these publications out.)
  • I thank God in Jesus Christ for all of you.  I name all of you in my prayer of gratitude, not just those specifically mentioned.  You know who you are, and so does God. 
  • Finally, I have learned that God shows Godself to us in a myriad of unexpected and even unorthodox ways, but especially through a holy hospitality that never ends.  Thank you, everyone!

                                                                             Love you in Christ,  
                                                                                     Rev. Jackie

  LC From the Chair of the Leadership Circle

A Fond Farewell

On Sunday, August 27th, we celebrated Rev. Jackie Burnie's time with us. Over the last 11 months we have come to know Jackie for her kind and gentle heart, her wonderful sense of humour and her passion for pastoral care. She connected in such a personal way with so many of us and helped reconnect some of the folks who had lost touch with Erin Mills United.

During her last service with us, I said the following words about Jackie;

From the moment Jackie came in to meet us last year, there was a wonderful energy and enthusiasm she brought to our church home. We are truly blessed and eternally grateful that Jackie was brought into our lives when we needed her most. And, although we all knew the temporary nature of this role, we have come to know and love her open, welcoming spirit in our midst. Her gifts for compassion and understanding have been so appreciated during this transitional time.

Please let me say, on behalf of all of us that you, Jackie, have made an impact on our life at Erin Mills and we will not forget all that you have done for us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking on a role and stepping into a situation many would have run from. You embraced us and I hope you will always feel you have a home here at Erin Mills.

Jackie was presented with gifts from the congregation and we wished her all the best as she moves through her own transitional time. We hope she stays in touch and pray for peace, joy and happiness as she continues on her journey.

And now we look forward to continue on our own journey in this year of many changes and exciting opportunities. I continue to be lifted up and encouraged by the support everyone offers to each other through these times of challenge and celebration. Thank you to all who have offered assistance in serving on committees and taking on important tasks, so we may continue to support each other and our community during this time of transition.

                                                                            Joanne Hines,
                                                                     Leadership Circle Chair

RevKathiMessage from Rev. Kathi,

With a few days left until I actually start, I am already feeling a warm welcome.
Meetings with the Worship and Music teams, Jackie, Joanne Hines and the Transition team have brought me into the life of EMUC and prepared me for a great beginning. Peter has been especially helpful and I am looking forward to settling in to the office routine next week. 

I am excited for our ministry together and anticipate building relationship with all of you. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get to know you!
Shalom,   Kathi

Thank you to:

  • Mike Ogilvie for weeding the flower beds on our church property and for leaving the milkweed!
  • Mary Anna Williams for co-ordinating the school supply drive for Children of Hope Haiti.
  • Brian Takayesu for providing guidance for the purchase of a new computer.
  • Those who helped out with scripture readings, greeting, ushering and coffee hosting throughout the summer.
  • Len Feldman for arranging for guest musicians for summer services.
  • Barb Jennings and Owen Luo for their work over the summer on our new website which is being revised for early fall.
  • Janet Morrison for putting out the Friday message over the summer and to Barb Jennings for backing her up.
  • Terry Loffree for organizing and producing the church picnic on Sunday, June 11 and to all who brought salads/desserts to share
  • Sandra Witterick for her continued co-ordination of the baptism program
  • Mora and Bob Cairns for coordinating the Bridge club since its inception i.e. 25 years!
  • Sue Ogilvie and Peter Kiteley for overseeing the printing for the banner dedications
  • Cathy Scattergood, Laura Macro and all others who planned and organized the Women for Women retreat at Joshua Creek
  • Rev. Jackie Burnie for her service as supply minister for the past year

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Life at EMUC
Women for Women Retreat

Thirty-two women gathered at the Joshua Creek Heritage Centre for the Women for Women Annual Retreat on June 17.  The theme was Refresh, Restore and Reboot.  The day was filled with a combination of reflection, small group discussion, walking about the gorgeous countryside and through the gardens on the property (many walked the labyrinth), a delicious lunch (catered by Sue Ogilvie-thank you, Sue!), followed by a session of either print-making or drumming.  Appreciation is extended to Cathy Scattergood, Laura Macro, Debbie Sturgeon, Cindy Young, Karen Colwell, Jo Ann Thompson, Janet Tait and Janet Read for their efforts to plan and present this thoughtful, meaningful, enjoyable event. 

Bridge Club

On June 9, the Bridge Club celebrated with the closing event of its 25th season under the supreme co-ordination by Bob and Mora Cairns!  The Club continues to make yearly contributions toward various church items, the most recent being the purchase of the AED and money being held in a Capital Reserve Fund, designated for the purchase of new chairs for the lower hall.  Sincere appreciation and congratulations are extended to Bob and Mora for this amazing leadership.  Interested in joining the club?  Please speak with Sandy/Tim Hayes at before September 15.


Baptisms, Banners & Picnic

During the worship service on June 11, four babies were baptized and dedications for Norman Singh and Shirley Smith were made, as their names were added to our Memorial Banners.  In addition, the Membership and Pastoral Care committee hosted the annual church picnic after the service.  It was a hot summer day and the picnic was well-attended.  Many contributed delicious salads/appetizers/desserts to share, along with drinks and cold cuts supplied by the committee.  Clusters of cheerful conversation were seen both inside the building, staying cool, and enjoying the heat and sun in the Spirit Garden.  


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EMUC Striders gathered at the church following the service on June 21st to carpool to Jack Darling park for a one-hour stroll along the waterfront and on the boardwalk through Rattray Marsh.  Jackie, way to go for joining us!  Thank-you's go to Tim Hayes for another season of choosing and organizing fun-filled, beautiful hikes in our surrounding areas, and your encouragement to all of us to get out there and enjoy nature.

Book Book Club
A potluck BBQ was hosted by Barb Jennings on June 22nd, as the newest book club of EMUC held the final meeting of its first year.  Ten women enjoyed themselves thoroughly (need we say more when ten women get together?), and we thank Barb for being such a gracious hostess.  Appreciation is extended to Cathy Kiteley for getting (and keeping) us organized in our start-up year, as she assumed the role of secretary.  Interested in joining a book club?  See Heather Bunting or Sandy Hayes for information about creating another club.

Sixty-six very lucky people attended the Annual Strawberry Social at EMUC on Thursday, June 29.  A feast was served with cold cuts of chicken and ham (freshly cooked-no preservatives there!) and a vast array of delicious, home- made, fresh salads, too numerous to recount, though next year I think we should, because it was unbelievable.  And this was only the prelude to a taste of pure heaven for dessert-freshly-picked Ontario strawberries on top of home-made biscuits or cake, topped with your choice of whipped cream (the real deal-NOT Cool Whip!) OR frozen yogurt OR vanilla ice cream...OR...a sample of all three toppings!!  Kudos to Sue Ogilvie, Sylvia Arnold and Barb Jennings for organizing and preparing many salads, and for all the clean-up/dishes afterwards, to so many people who brought extremely yummy salads to add to the selection, to Dave Arnold and Mike Ogilvie for their help in setting up the room and to the team of berry pickers:  Sonia Neilson, Trish Campbell, Cindy Young and Sandy Hayes (and two cleaners-of-the berries: Cindy/Sandy).  Muriel Hamdani should be given an award of some kind for baking all of the biscuits, despite her inability to attend the event.  Thank you, Muriel!

RoniCelebration of Roni Beharry's Ordination
On June 4th Rev. Roni Beharry preached and served communion for the first time since her ordination.  EMUC celebrated her ordination with a reception after the service. Roni was presented with a stohl which was made by Audrey Thomson, pictured below with Roni and the Discernment Committee.   Roni and her husband, Lorne Robertson have moved to North Bay where she has been called to a pastoral charge.  We wish them the best as they start a new adventure.

Upcoming Events
Come One, Come All!

HikersEMUC Striders

Sunday September 17th, the Striders hiking group will visit the Silver Creek Conservation Area.  The group will congregate in the narthex after the service for a 'brown-bag' lunch and then car pool to the area.  The Silver Creek Conservation Area includes a large Escarpment valley and many representative features of the area's natural splendor.  Wander past babbling brooks, lush forests, and Escarpment rocks as you explore this little taste of wilderness nearby our urban environment. A map is available from Tim, if needed.

                                                          Tim Hayes, Coordinator


As some of you know, we will be sharing in a M urder Mystery fundraising opportunity with Eden United Church, in April. Two performances will take place and we will be team up with Eden to share the workload - and to share the stage.   We hope to have actors from both congregations take part, so if you are interested in taking to the stage, please send contact information to Jon Dobbin (director) at . We are looking for a variety of actors whether you are experienced or have never acted before. If you can memorize lines and are able to move around the stage easily including up and down steps then we would like to hear from you. 
We plan to have an  information meeting in September (TBD), and if numbers warrant it, simple auditions will be planned and announced at a later date.
Please direct any inquiries to Joanne Hines.

BCstartBridge Club

The EMUC Bridge club will be back in action on September 15 at the church, with 5 tables in play. This is our 25th year and we are anxious to get started again.  If anyone likes to play bridge, let Mora know at and they could help being a fill in player.

StartupsFall Start Ups

All on-going activities at EMUC get started again in September. Please watch for announcements throughout the year to participate in them, or contact Heather Bunting (Chair, Membership and Pastoral Care committee) or Sandy Hayes (Focus Circle leader, Member Development and Care) if you would like further information.  We are open to creating new small groups in other areas of interest, so let us know your thoughts.  We invite everyone to deepen their involvement with life at EMUC.

Following are a number of opportunities to get involved at EMUC and to share your time and your talents:
  • Focus Circle Leader for Children & Youth
  • Chair, Worship Committee
  • Chair, Peace and Justice Committee
  • Chair, Fundraising Committee
  • Member for Ministry and Personnel Committee
  • Members for Erinview Lodge Worship team
  • Leaders for Junior Youth
  • Leaders for Senior Youth
  • Leader for Awesome, the children's choir
  • Leader or Coordinators for the Men's Breakfast Group
  • Coordinator for Bell Choir
  • Coordinator for Christmas Hampers
  • Organizers for the Green Team
  • Baptism Coordinator
If interested in helping in any of the above, please speak to a member of the Nominating Committee (Paul Marot, David Leeder, Sandy Hayes, Barb Jennings), the Focus Circle Leader for that area, the Chair of the committee or the Office Administrator.

Put down your roots and let your spirit soar!

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