Add to your native plantings this fall... Check out TLC's native tree, shrub, and plant sale!
Hard to find New Jersey Tea shrub now on sale through TLC.

New and Improved Online Ordering System!
Native trees, shrubs, and plants are now for sale on the TLC website. In addition to supporting   TLC, you will be contributing to the ecological integrity of McHenry County by using natives in your landscape. We've also included a detailed list of pollinators that are supported by each species in our sale, so be sure to browse through them all. 

Conservation@Home participants receive 10% off their total order by entering MEMBER in the coupon code box.

Plants are available for pickup on an ongoing basis, and trees/shrubs can be picked up at the TLC office on 10/14-15. All orders must be received by 10/7! Quantities are limited, so order soon.

Benefits to Fall Planting
Cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours lead to a few benefits:

1. Extra Root Growth: Instead of focusing on leaf and flower production, your new plant can put its energy into extra root growth. This can lead to a hardier plant come next spring.

2. Less Water Required: Plants will be photosynthesizing less, thereby using less water in the fall. A new plant will need a good initial soaking, but will require less supplemental watering in the fall.
Remember that you can encourage homeowners, businesses, and other community groups to use the Conservation@Home ideas on their property, big or small. TLC is happy to offer presentations on C@H and many other environmental topics. Call 815-337-9502 or email Sarah Michehl at . As the season progresses, email us updated pictures of your environmental features!

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