September Cougar Chronicle
Welcome Back!
Welcome back to school! To say this summer was a whirlwind would be an understatement. Just like all of yours, this summer was an unprecedented one filled with plans, adjusting plans, and adjusting them again! I want to thank everyone for their support, flexibility, and kind words. The encouragement I received throughout the summer kept me motivated and was a constant reminder as to why I love the Corpus Christi School community!
This year we are starting things a little differently than in years past. As we have discussed, The Hybrid School Plan was chosen to ensure that all children are prepared and well aware of the new and sometimes challenging expectations that we face. Please know that the faculty and staff are working tirelessly to prioritize children’s health and education at a high caliber level. Teachers and other faculty have attended professional development programs to prepare for this upcoming school year. We continue to learn new methods to effectively teach students whether it be in person, through hybrid method, or if need be, fully virtual. 
My focus for the school year, particularly with the current environment, is to rely on science and data to help formulate my decisions on the status of the school. I acknowledge that sometimes these decisions may be frustrating to parents and guardians but I can’t stress enough how important the safety and health of the children, faculty, and staff is to me. I will continue to openly communicate school plans to the community as soon as I can. I hope you understand that school plans may sometimes change quickly and I may not be able to provide as much advance notice as I would like. Please bear with me as we continue to navigate these unknown waters together. 
As always, I am very excited for this upcoming school year even if things around us are a bit different. I look forward to seeing and safely interacting with each child. I continue to pray for the Corpus Christi School Community. I know together we will make this year a memorable one! 

Mrs. Sarpu
If you have not already taken the back to school survey about remote vs in person learning please do so as soon as possible. Your child's teacher needs this information for each and every student.

Remote Learning Students Chromebook and School Materials Pick Up
Wednesday, September 2nd
PreK - Grade 4 --- 8:30am - 10:00am
Grade 5 - Grade 8 --- 10:00am - 11:30am

All remote learning students please come to the back entrance of the school. 1 person may exit the vehicle and pick up the necessary materials during your designated time window.
September Calendar Students in Grades PreK 3 and PreK 4
September Calendar Students in Kindergarten
September Calendar Students in Grades 1 through 8
Back To School Forms
Please Fill Out The Following Back To School Forms by Tuesday, September 1st
Reminder School Health Physicals are required for all students. They are still required even if your child is remotely learning at present if they fall into one of the listed categories per State Statutes.

Farewell and thank you!
We would like to thank Mrs. Cascio, Mrs. Cardascia, Mrs. Peak, Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Amador for their valuable contributions to our school. Our students greatly benefitted from your support and wisdom. We wish you all the best in your next chapter!

A special thank you to Mr. Bill who is retiring after twenty-eight years of faithful service to our school. You have touched generations of students here at Corpus Christi School, and we are grateful for all of your hard work throughout the years. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement Mr. Bill, we will miss you!
2020 - 2021 Corpus Christi School Faculty and Staff
  • Mrs. Sarpu

Assistant Principal           
  • Mrs. Kownacki

Administrative Asst.
  • Mrs. Borea
  • Mrs. Spina

  • Mrs. Bazzano
  • Ms. Benzinger
  • Mrs. Brooks
  • Mrs. Sadak

  • Mrs. Miller

Grade 1                             
  • Mrs. Beliveau
  • Mrs. Isakson

Grade 2                             
  • Mrs. Broduer

Grade 3                             
  • Mrs. Furlong
  • Mrs. Samse

Grade 4                             
  • Mrs. Labay
  • Mrs. Pasternak
Grade 5
  • Mrs. Caporiccio
  • Mrs. MurphyMulligan

Grade 6
  • Mrs. Magalhaes
  • Mrs. Sullivan

Grade 7
  • Ms. Braunstein
  • Mrs. Pare

Grade 8
  • Mrs. Sargent
  • Mr. Sarpu

  • Mrs. Calitri

  • Mr. Kordek

  • Mrs. Henderson

  • Mrs. Gregorio - Library

  • Mrs. McKearney

  • Mrs. Cowan
The Corpus Christi School HSA welcomes you back to school!! We hope everyone had a safe and relaxing summer.  Please be sure to look for HSA news and updates in the monthly Cougar Chronicles and the weekly Monday Memos. As we navigate our way through these unprecedented times, we will continue to keep you updated on HSA fundraisers and events.