September Developments
Where You Live Matters

Last week, the New York Times reported that decades of racist housing policies across the country have left communities of color far more vulnerable to environmental hazards, including increases in average temperatures that exceed temperatures in predominantly White communities. The article pointed out that “heat waves are more dangerous for people living in older housing units, that are harder to cool.”

Approximately 60% of housing in the District of Columbia was built before 1950, and more than 80% was built before 1978. Much of that housing is located primarily in communities of color in Wards 7 and 8. Families in these communities are at risk of added health burdens and crises due to the lack of working air conditioning this summer and fall.

I am happy to report that the D.C. government’s Department of Energy and Environment has awarded Yachad two CARES Act grants totaling $775,000 to respond to this crisis. With this funding, Yachad will be able to provide air conditioning window units and HVAC systems to hundreds of families and older D.C. residents living in single family or multi-family private properties.

Yachad continues to strive to make housing safe, healthy and functional because where you live matters.

Audrey Lyon
Executive Director
Homeowner Corner
The pandemic may have changed how we do our work, but it has not stopped us from taking care of our neighbors. At this time, we are remediating housing conditions for over 100 households--both home owners and renters.

Twenty-six of these households are receiving emergency air conditioning as part of Yachad's CARES Act work. With temperature in the upper 90's, and students back to school at home, this relief could not come soon enough.

Each of these families has a story. A story of why our work matters and the impact these repairs are making on people's daily lives.
front porch
Homeowner Spotlight: PART ONE

I want the kids to have the same experience in this home as I had growing up. -- Ms. Fennell-Hawkins, Yachad Homeowner

Ms. Fennell-Hawkins lives in her childhood home with her mother and three boys ages 11, 9 and 5--all who have asthma. She has many happy memories of growing up in this Southeast DC home, which has been in the family for 27 years and the center of many gatherings.

Her sons are receiving treatment at Children’s National’s IMPACT DC Asthma Clinic. They learned that flooding in their basement was creating mold that was spreading through the house from the air ducts, worsening the children's asthma. For years, the family has tried their best to remedy the flooding and mold issue themselves, but so far nothing has worked. The IMPACT clinic referred the family to Yachad for mold remediation and other services.

To date, Yachad installed a new central air and heating system, replaced the hot water heater and replaced the refrigerator. Most importantly, much needed mold remediation in the basement will hopefully happen shortly. More on that good news coming up next month.
Virtual Volunteer Opportunity
Become a Housing Navigator and assist Yachad clients in navigating the D.C. government's application process for energy efficient and weatherization services. These programs aim to reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills, plus repair or replace heating and cooling systems, appliances, water heaters and more. These improvements lead to significant energy cost savings and healthier families. A small amount of your time will make a big and lasting difference for our neighbors.

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We Can't Do It Without You
Thank you to our recent donors who are stepping up and doing more to support Yachad’s efforts addressing racial and economic injustices in communities of color:

NCB: National Cooperative Bank
Noa and Stuart Baum
Erica and Jeremy Brown
Drs. Dobs and Auster
Kathleen and Joseph Dreyfuss
Rochelle and Edward Grossman
Norman and Suzanne Javitt
Haya and Michael Laufer
Chaya and Lorne Lieberman
Roxanne Littner and Roy Rubinfeld
Ralph and Camellia Nitkin
Marsha and Kevin Teichman
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