September 2017
Chief Receives Honorable Mention
Cincinnati Christian University holds a public awards program each year to honor public servants and first responders.  Chief Wallace received an Honorable Mention in the award category of Community Service and Problem Solving and will be recognized at the September 11, 2017 Beyond the Call awards program.  The criteria for this category recognizes honorees who have devoted themselves to an usually high level of service to the community, engaging with others in a positive way to resolve issues of concern to individuals and community groups.  Chief Wallace's nomination, submitted by Lt. Blum and Administrative Assistant Anna Shaw, details the Chief's passion for mutual aid to surrounding communities, connecting on social media with the residents, and engaging the Village's growing Jewish population and collaborating with the local rabbis to address issues within the community:
  • When the Chief understood the perils of those walking to temple, reflective sashes were made available at no cost to residents.
  • A crosswalk in the most heavily traveled area was installed at the Chief's command, enabling pedestrians to cross a heavily trafficked street with greater ease.
  • The Chief also instituted a menorah lighting ceremony during Chanukah, held in Council Chambers where residents can join in the celebration.
  • A local Chametz burning is now accommodated and monitored by the Amberley Village Police and Fire Department at the Chief's request. Chametz, a Hebrew term for food mixed with leaven, is ceremoniously burned safely now thanks to the Chief.
  • The Mayerson JCC, located in Amberley Village, has had a large impact on the community and the department alike. Chief Wallace works hand-in-hand with Safe Cincinnati (based at the JCC) which is a community-wide initiative to improve Jewish Cincinnati's readiness to deal with security threats and natural disasters. The Chief has initiated programs to help train the staff of the JCC on disaster preparedness. Drills are held regularly to help keep the staff mentally and physically prepared.
Congratulations to Chief Wallace for receiving this recognition! This is a free, public event and residents are encouraged to attend the awards program on Monday, September 11 at 10 a.m., held in the Cincinnati Christian University's Worship and Ministry Center Chapel, 2700 Glenway Avenue. For more information on the program, call 513-244-8492 or visit www.CCUniversity.edu/BeyondTheCall.
Safety Training for Fire Firefighters
Vehicle Extrication Training
First responders act immediately to provide aid and life-saving measures in emergency situations.  In the case of responding to a fire, Village firefighters must be ready to deploy at any time of the day or night. 

The Amberley   Village Fire Department currently has maintenance and police performing dual roles as firefighters for a total of 25 members who are certified through the State of Ohio and receive training throughout the year. 

The monthly training covers a broad range of topics including structural firefighting, vehicle extrication, first responder medical care, fire behavior, pumping operation, firefighter safety and health just to name a few.  The department places training among the highest of its priorities.  Firefighters must be continually trained to sharpen response skills and maintain certifications as well as stay up to date on current events in professional fire services.  In the photo above, you see firefighters learning how the Jaws of Life tool would be deployed and used for a scenario where there are trapped occupants in the car.
Ice Cream Social Held August 20
Ice Cream Social 2017
Ice Cream Social 2017
Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Ice Cream Social August 20! And, special thanks to resident Amy Rubenstein who coordinated the event in collaboration with Village staff. 

Residents were enjoying ice cream, neighborly conversation, and checking out the equipment used to keep the Village services running like the back hoe, dive boat and fire truck creating the spray station. Among the family-fun activities happening, the "house on fire" to squirt with water was very popular with the kids! Thanks to the City of Norwood for sharing it and adding to our fun.  Also, new this year was the Mr. Softee soft serve ice cream truck which received great reviews.     

In case you missed it, we're sharing some of our event photos with you and hope to see you next summer!
Last Day of Brush Pick-Up

The Village will temporarily suspend the collection of brush beginning October 6.  The last pick-up for residents will be your regularly scheduled pick-up day during the week of October 2 nd through October 6 th .  If you want to find out the last day of brush pick up on your street, please visit our website's news section at amberleyvillage.org or call the Village administration office at 531-8675.  

The Village's Maintenance Department staff will concentrate on bulk leaf collection from mid-October through December 29.   If you need to dispose of brush before collection resumes in January, Rumpke allows residents to place brush with their trash, as long as it is bundled and cut into four-foot lengths, or cut the brush and place it into a garbage can or yard waste bag for collection.   Find out the last day of brush pick-up on your street.
Leaf Collection Starts October 16

The Village's annual leaf collection program will begin on Monday, October 16 this year.  The Maintenance Department has readied its equipment and the crews will make regular routes throughout Village to provide leaf collection to residents until December 29, 2017.  

As the volume of leaves increases, the black and white advisory signs will be posted at the entrance to your neighborhood in advance of the crews, projecting the estimated day of collection in your area.

Crews will stay on schedule as much as possible.  Weather, equipment, parking on the street, and debris mixed with leaves all affect the Village's ability to collect leaves. 

A closer look at leaf collection
A Closer Look at Leaf Collection

Please take a few minutes to watch our video on how leaf collection works in the Village. It provides a closer look at the guidelines for setting out leaves, how the equipment operates, and what you can do to help get your leaves collected.
Where to Place Political Signs
Another opportunity for citizens to express their right to vote is approaching with the November election.  Amberley Village Code regulates the placement of outdoor election signs.  The following guidelines will be helpful as you express support for your preferred candidates this upcoming election season:

Political signs should be erected in a safe and secure manner and cannot be posted in the Village's right-of-way.  The Village right-of-way typically extends to the area where the utility poles are located.  In the absence of utility poles, assume the Village right-of-way is 12 feet from the pavement into the yard.  Signs should also be kept off of utility poles.
In some areas, the right-of-way may not be apparent by utility locations.  In such instances, the first priority is safety and the Village will immediately remove signs that impede sight lines for traffic.  Signs illegally posted on any utility pole or posted within the area of the street and utility poles or Village right-of-way, will be removed by Village crews. 
Confiscated signs will be stored for seven (7) days on the south side of the Service Garage behind the Village Municipal Building at 7149 Ridge Road.  If you believe your signs have been removed due to being in the right-of-way, the signs can be retrieved from behind the Village Municipal Building before they are disposed of after seven 7 days.
Volunteer to Clean the Green!

The Environmental Stewardship Committee would like to invite volunteers to participate in the upcoming clean-up day at the Amberley Green property to perform light maintenance to remove weeds and invasive growth from roots zones to ensure healthy trees. 

Amberley Green is the home to many significant older trees that add beauty and value to the property. Trees help clean air, reduce water run-off, provide food and habitat, as well as enhance mental health. 

On Thursday, September 28 at 5:30 p.m. volunteers will meet in the parking lot at 7801 Ridge Road. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Get a Free Amberley Police Key Chain!

If you stop by the Police-Fire Department to update your census information, you will receive a free Amberley Police key chain!

It only take a few minutes and keeping your information current with the Police-Fire Department helps us serve you better.  

The Police-Fire Department is open 24 hours, and a dispatcher can help you.  Questions?  Call 531-2040.
Extended Tax Returns Due

If you filed an extension for your 2016 Tax Return, it is due on October 15. Filing and paying on time can save you a late filing penalty as well as interest.
To contact the tax office, call Patty Meiers at 531-0130 or email taxoffice@amberleyvillage.org.

Print Newsletter in October

Communicating the business of the Village is an important function for our residents.   To increase readership of the E-News and to ensure residents are being reached, a print edition of the newsletter will be published bi-annually.   Residents will receive their October news via regular mail and electronically.