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September 2014
When we put out our very first e-newsletter over a year ago, we mentioned that it is a work in progress that will evolve with time in response to your feedback. You have spoken: You are not a huge fan of our "Noms" restaurant reviews. Going forward, you will see less of them, or maybe none at all.

We are brainstorming alternative features to enhance the newsletter. If you have any suggestions, we want to hear them!

This month's recipe comes from Stefanie "Chef Steff" Laituri, who provides personal and private in-home chef services in Wellesley and surrounding communities. Her acorn squash soup sounds like a perfect way to enjoy the cooling weather and apple-picking season.



Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

"Weight Loss Specialist"


A colleague of mine calls it "paradigm blindness." In other words, many people do not realize that their presumed solution to being "overweight" actually exacerbates the condition, so they keep adding more of the supposed solution to the ever-worsening issue. Read More  

He Said, She Said: Nutrition Facts Labels


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering proposed changes to the current nutrition facts label that appears on many foods we buy. We have our own ideas for improvements.
He Said


Those working in policy are often charged with impossible tasks. Given the differences that make us each unique, coming up with guidelines that will work for some will inevitably alienate others. My suggestion is to abandon attempts to use food labels as nutrition-education tools and instead focus on accurately conveying the contents of the food itself. Read More 


She Said


Ah, the nutrition label. As a practitioner specializing in eating disorders (EDs), I am well aware of how the nutrition label has the potential to be used (and abused). Many of my clients could spend an hour or more in the grocery store, looking at label after label to find the healthiest food option. I had one patient tell me that she spent 30 minutes in the . . . Read More 
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Our work often involves undoing the presumed coupling of weight and health. If you are confused, ambivalent, or experiencing resistance related to this paradigm shift, come to a half-day workshop on Saturday in Newton to learn more. See you there! 
Recipe of the Month
Acorn Squash Soup

Recipe is courtesy of Chef Steff.



This is a nice Thanksgiving soup with a subtle hint of apple and pear, adding a unique flavor to the dish. 



* 2 Tbsp olive oil

* 2 acorn squash cut into 1-inch pieces

* 3 ripe, juicy pears cut into bite-sized pieces 

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