Reopens September 2nd at 7am

Extreme Club Makeover 2019 was a great success!

SO... what have we been up to?

We scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed!
We made a Major surface upgrade in the Aquatics Center.
We installed lots of new equipment including
Bikes, Power Plates and a ladies only Matrix System.
We've framed in and have almost completed
5 New Individual/Family Locker Rooms.
We tiled all the locker rooms... ahhhhh!
We brought in Hydro Massage Chairs that are AMAZING!
And the lobby and ProShop received a beautiful Face-lift...ooooo!

It's a Wrap!

The GAINZ competition is coming to an end...
WHO will take home $1000?

Join us Wednesday September 25th at 6pm
when we reveal the WINNERS

Bragging rights!!

on the patio at Club Northwest

Color On Your Plate Matters
presented by the new well

Thursday September 12th 6-7pm
The Conference Center
at Club Northwest

Sign up at the new well
or call 541-471-2224
  • Open to the public ($10)
  • CNW Members are free
  • Free samples, recipes and cooking demonstrations
Get to Know the Bemer
presented by the new well

September 18th at 5-6pm and Sept 19th at 3-5pm
Club Northwest Conference Center
Free and open to the Public
Now Offering Healthy and Delicious Sandwiches
Turkey Avocado
Chicken Pesto

Shake of
the Month

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly with Oats

Gayle Werden - Member Of The Month
What is the most embarrassing thing – that you can laugh about now- that has ever happened to you here at Club Northwest?  
It was on one of my birthdays. The trainers and friends had a person dressed up as an old funny woman. I was on the treadmill and she came up to me and started singing a funny song about getting old. Then she started to hand me items from a basket like Preparation H, toilet paper and other items just as embarrassing. I started to laugh as did every single person in the area. It was great fun but embarrassing.  

What was your driving passion for becoming a member of Club Northwest?  
A place to work out and stay healthy. Then Club Northwest became so much more. It not only keeps the body healthy, it is a place to keep your heart engaged.   

What do you love most about being a member of Club Northwest?  
I love the staff and the members. We have the most wonderful people anywhere in the world right here. It’s family. It is a huge part of my life 

Outside of Club Northwest what do you do for fun?  
I love theater, movies and travel. Spending time with friends is on top of the list.   
What do you do for your down time or to de-stress?  
I spend time with friends, get togethers. Also, wine tasting, movies and just generally have fun! 

If you could give any advice as to living a life of Wellness, to other Club Northwest Members what would it be?  
The most important thing to remember is show up no matter how or what is going on in your life. Stay engaged with friends, family and even people you don’t know well. Everyone has a story and we are richer sharing those stories. Take care of your body and your mind. Never stop learning and always remember to smile and laugh.  

Are you creative and self-motivated?
Do you want to grow through service in wellness?

Chosen as a Top 100 Company to Work for in Oregon,  
Club Northwest provides an environment of wellness to each team member and we challenge each and every Serrior (a warrior servant in wellness) to be their very best.   We are a World Class Health Club and will be expanding our reach soon. If you think you may be the right fit, apply NOW -
Club Northwest employment openings typically create lots of interest and
don’t stay open long.