September 2017
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Early Literacy Practice: Talking
As any caregiver knows, curious toddlers and preschoolers ask questions! This beautifully illustrated picture book discusses who owns the moon, and will invite conversation between reader and audience. The rhyming text makes for a fun read aloud!
Ask your child about a special item he owns. Have him describe it to you and write it down. Take a picture of the item or work on a drawing of it together. Talking and using descriptive words expands vocabulary and gets your child ready to read!

Early Literacy Practice: Writing 

M is for Mitten is a wealth of information presented with poems by Kathy-jo Wargin and additional information on the side of each page. Learn about our beautiful state as you venture through the alphabet in M is for Mitten by Annie Appleford.

Get outside and play in the water before the weather turns too chilly! Almost everyone has a turkey baster hidden in their kitchen, so pull it out and hand it to your toddler. The bulb fits perfectly in their little hands and squeezing water in and out of it into a basin is a great way to build the fine motor skills and muscles needed for writing later.
Early Literacy Practice: Reading  
Flynn has finally gotten his big boy bed, but now that it is here, there is one large problem-Walrus.
Find out how Flynn copes with this huge problem.
Wish I Were a Walrus 
I wish I were a Walrus, A waddling on the shore. 
I'd say, "Move over, here I come!" 
And bellow out a "ROAR!" 
I wish I were a Walrus, A basking in the sun. 
I'd flap my flippers, oh so loud, to show I'm number one! 
I wish I were a Walrus, A strutting all my stuff. 
If anybody picked on me, I'd show them my big tusk. 
Early Literacy Practice: Playing     
Fall is apple time! Make the classic Dr. Seuss book Ten Apples Up On Top
come to life with an interactive counting game. In the story, three animal friends attempt various activities while balancing apples on top of their heads. Using blocks as apples, have your child create his or her own stack on the floor by adding an apple on top each time you come to one in the story. Encourage counting and recounting before joyously knocking them all down at the end! Tape an apple picture on each block with printed pictures, or by cutting them out of construction paper for an extra bit of visual fun.

Early Literacy Practice: Singing
Down by the Barn is a lovely fall-themed book to go along with this song, Down By the Station . Join this scarecrow as he takes a hayride, filled with farm animals and the sounds they make on this musical adventure.

If you're looking for a toddler-friendly app to help kids learn farm animals and the noises they make, this one by 22Learn offers some great simple games with easy-to-move pieces and clear directions.