Master Choa's Wisdom
"Regulate your mind. Do not worry excessively about the future. If you have done everything that has to be done, the future will take care of itself."
Upcoming Pranic Healing Classes!

Pick a date to take the class you have been waiting for! 

Here's the San Diego Schedule of Classes taught by Dr. Mary Clark. You will find an abundance of information by clicking the link to register for a specific class and time. The Level I class is a prerequisite for all the higher classes.

September Calendar of Events

MCKS Pranic Healing Level I

September 21st and 22nd Pranic Healing Class Level 1
 9:00AM - 5:30PM 

Dr. Mary Clark
Senior Certified Pranic Healer 
and a Licensed Pranic Healing instructor 

Both theory and practice are provided, preparing students to confidently interact with subtle energy to promote health and well being. Students will learn foundational skills in scanning and clearing the aura of blockages, and methods of applying prana to promote physical and psychological well-being. They will also learn self-care strategies, long distance applications, energetic anatomy, specific applications for common physical/emotional distresses and recent research findings. Its no-touch methodology makes it a practical complementary modality for both health care practitioners who want to apply energetic modalities to their basic practice, and for healers who want to expand their energetic skills to include these powerful strategies.

Fee: $350
Reviewers: $50
CEs available for Nurses, LCSW's, MFT's, LPCCs & Massage Therapists

Class will be held at Pranic Healing of San Diego
California Institute of Human Science 
701 Garden View Court, Encinitas, CA 92024

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Pranic Healing of San Diego.
Mary D. Clark Ph.D.
Dr. Mary D. Clark (pictured below) will train health professionals on the fundamental skills to feel, control, and apply pranic energy to promote physical and emotional well-being. Mary D. Clark Ph.D. is a Senior Certified Pranic Healer and Licensed Pranic Healing Instructor. She is also a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Licensed Educational Psychologist in California, and a Licensed Psychologist in Arizona, who studied under Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing. 

Pranic Healer's Certification Program


Pranic Applications along with Pranic Healing of San Diego is pleased to announce the Pranic Healer's Certification Program.  The primary goal of this program is to provide in-depth training not only in the Pranic Healing principles, but also the practical healing skills leading to an internationally accepted certification established by Master Choa Kok Sui through the Institute of Inner Studies in Manila. 


The purpose of this training is to cultivate confidence, proficiency and a high standard of Pranic Healing skills.  There are several levels of Pranic Healer's Certification, each level requiring higher proficiency and skill training.


The Associate Certified Pranic Healer, the first level is comprised of three steps:


1. The completion of Pranic Healing, Level I (Basic), Pranic Healing, Level II (Advanced Pranic Healing), and Pranic Healing, Level III (Pranic Psychotherapy)


2. The completion of 25 Pranic Healing cases: 10 simple cases, 10 advanced cases and 5 pranic psychotherapy cases, all supervised and validated by a Mentor.


3. Completion of a comprehensive book exam. 


If you are interested in becoming an Associate Pranic Healer, and achieving a higher degree of confidence and proficiency in your healing, then this program is for you. As a result you become a member of an internationally recognized and accepted group of certified Pranic Healers.


For more information or to directly apply to the Pranic Healer's Certification Program, please contact Dr. Mary Clark, Coordinator, at info@pranichealingsd.com or call 888-226-4325.



Evolution Continues
Dear Pranic Healers, Arhatic Yogi's, and Friends of Master Choa Kok Sui,
I feel a great deal of gratitude, honor and joy for having taught our Beloved Grand Master's work for the past 23 years, and a deep appreciation for working with you throughout this wonderful time. So, it is with great sadness to inform you that I will be retiring from teaching the Pranic Healing classes at the end of January 2020.
Thus said, I will be teaching my last series of workshops here in Encinitas, CA this September through December. Please rest assured that I will continue our work together in Pranic Healing, but not as a licensed instructor.
I hope you will understand my love for Master and his mission. He was a highly evolved Soul who possessed a great tenacity and dedication to uplift humanity. His was a mission of Love and Compassion, reaching hundreds of thousands of souls before he returned to the Inner Planes of Light. Today his work continues to grow and expand in many countries around the world as well as in many fields of endeavors.
It is important to remember that Pranic Healing of San Diego is a living, vibrant center infused by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's energy when he first came to bless and ground his mission here. Since that time, his energy has been pervasive, supporting our growth and expansion in all the services that we now offer. We will continue to operate and provide the community with these services:
            Free Pranic Healing community clinics
            Twin Hearts meditation groups
            Arhatic Yoga meditation groups
            Certification of Pranic Healers,
            Research and publications concerning Pranic Healing
            Pranic Healing student study groups
            Space for Pranic Healing practitioners to work
As you can see, I will be stopping the teaching side of Pranic Healing but will continue to focus on the application side of Pranic Healing. This includes service, studies, meditations, research and ongoing support for the Pranic Healers. I plan on continuing my work supporting and spreading Master Choa's teachings, but more in a mentoring capacity, not as a formal instructor.
I am available to all who wish to talk more with me about the changes that will come in 2020. I would be most happy to answer your questions.
God's Blessings of Divine Light, Love and Power to you.

What you want to know about this 
last series of classes taught by Dr. Mary Clark!

The Fall opens a very busy time at the Pranic Healing of San Diego Offices! Dr. Mary D. Clark is gearing up for the fall season of classes here in San Diego. As we move into the series of five fabulous classes that she will be teaching for the final time, it's time to act and register for one or all of the classes. On September 21st - 22nd, she starts with MCKS Pranic Healing Level I (Foundational) which is the building block to becoming a Pranic Healer.  Registrations are now being accepted for all the classes.  Pranic Healing is a wonderful skill to have to alleviate pain and stress from family and friends and help them feel better faster. 

After experiencing this foundational class, many people sign up for the whole series of classes. The Pranic Healing, Level II (Color Prana Applications) and Pranic Healing, Level III (Psychological Applications) are taught on November 1st-3rd as an Intensive.  On December 6th-8th. Dr. Clark teaches Pranic Healing, Level IV (Pranic Crystal Healing) and Pranic Healing, Level V (Pranic Psychic Self-Defense) as an Intensive. If you told yourself you would take the Crystal and/or Self-Defense with Dr. Mary Clark "next year", now is the time to lock in your schedule for this once-a-year event.

There are many opportunities to find a way to take this last series of Pranic Healing Classes with different options depending on the classes you choose to add to your repertoire...

If you have been thinking about becoming Certified with your skills in Pranic Healing, Dr. Mary Clark can help you. The first level of certification is Associate Certified Pranic Healer. To apply  you are required to take Pranic Healing. Levels I, II, and III.  Please consider enrolling in these courses this fall while this opportunity exists. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Pranic Healer, you are required to take Pranic Healing, Levels IV and V, along with Arhatic Yoga (Preparatory) before applying.  Again, get a head start by taking advantage of Pranic Healing, Levels IV and V in December. Take Arhatic Yoga (Preparatory) taught by Master Stephen Co in Los Angeles during spring. 

If you are interested in becoming certified as a Pranic Healer  and achieving a higher degree of confidence and proficiency in your healing, then this program is for you. As a result, you become a member of an internationally recognized and accepted group of certified Pranic Healers. More information is below in this newsletter.

Free Healing Clinics 
First Sunday of the Month
Cancelled due to the Labor Day Holiday!

See you in October!
Sunday October 6th
12:30-2:00 PM
20560 Questhaven Rd.  
San Marcos, CA, 92078

Pranic Healing San Diego
Third Saturday of the Month
Saturday, September 21st
1:00 to 2:30 PM
741 Garden View Ct.
Encinitas, CA 92024 
(888) 226-4325
We are in service to you at our Pranic Healing Clinics. Our clinics are a free offering to the community to extend a feeling of good will and healing energy to all who attend. Pranic Healing alleviates difficulties associated with ailments ranging from asthma, arthritis, cancer to addictions, depression and phobias. It is an effective no-touch, painless, healing art that acts as a powerful catalyst to spark the body's inborn ability to repair itself. You will receive a complementary twenty minute session from one of our experienced healers. To serve everyone fairly, no requests for specific healers can be honored. You will be seen on a first-come first-served basis; Reservations are not accepted.
A loving gift for you...
come and enjoy the benefits of Pranic Healing every month. 
MCKS Twin Hearts Meditation
September 5th and 19th
(First & Third Thursday)
Meditation on Twin Hearts is an advanced meditation technique aimed at achieving illumination or universal consciousness. It is also an instrument of world and community service that eventually harmonizes the earth by blessing it with loving-kindness, peace, joy and goodwill. 
Please arrive by 6:45 PM for a brief introduction. Promptly at 7:00 PM, the doors will be shut and we will begin with some light physical exercises. Master Choa Kok Sui will guide us in blessing the earth with the Meditation on Twin Hearts which lasts about 30-45 minutes. The evening is free, love donations are gratefully accepted. Following the meditation there will be time for those who wish to ask questions and/or share their experiences. 
Study Group for Pranic Healers  

See you September 12th!

If you have taken any Pranic Healing classes, you are welcome to join us as we work together and practice our healing techniques. We meet monthly to enhance what we have learned in the formal classes. If you want information or have questions about Pranic Healing or different protocols, this is the forum to ask them. 
Join us at Pranic Healing of San Diego  
741 Garden View Ct
Encinitas, CA 92024
More information is at the website 

Arhatic Yoga Practice

 Tuesday Morning 8:45 AM to 11:00 AM

(Must have taken Arhatic Preparatory)
Pranic Healing San Diego
741 Garden View Ct. Suite 204 Encinitas CA


Arhatic Yoga Meditations are powerful meditations that rapidly and safely accelerate the spiritual development of the practitioner. "Arhatic" derives from the word "arhat", which means "a highly evolved being." An Arhat is one who through diligent practice of yogic techniques and purposeful character building has overcome the impurities of desire and will. 

Please arrive by 8:45AM for energy purifying physical and breathing exercises.  We will then begin our meditation at 9:00AM or shortly thereafter which will include one of Master Choa Kok Sui's guided Arhatic Meditations. Following the meditation there will be time for those who wish to ask questions and/or share experiences.


Click here for more information

Come and work on your clients at our beautiful Pranic Healing Center!

If you have come to any of our Free Healing Clinics at the Pranic Healing of San Diego offices, you know we have a wonderful room to for healing.

   If you are looking for a beautiful place to work on your clients, you may be interested in checking out our healing room. There are many options open and available, and a specific rental plan can be tailored to your needs be it one day a week, just mornings, afternoons, daily or specific days. 

Give us a call at 888-226-4325 or email us at  info@pranichealingsd.com, to and set up a meeting to discuss further details. 
Our Healing Center!