September 9, 2016
Dear NGS Faculty:

It's the unofficial end of summer as this past weekend was Labor Day Weekend. More importantly, though, it was the recognition of the American labor movement. As almost all of our NGS students are working adults, we are pleased you are part of our team in assisting them with their educational needs.
Most of our visitors to Falmouth have left as they return back to hometowns to start school for themselves or to send their children off to school. Don't tell anyone but ... the best days on the Cape are those in September and early October. The beaches are empty and we can walk or ride our bikes on the bike path without seeing another person. The golf courses are gorgeous with the fall colors, too. Don't get me wrong, we do need the tourists but for the locals, we love the fall! On a personal note, my golf has been fairly consistent throughout the summer, but I am ready and eager to start a curling league in mid-October. I am on target with my 52 Books in 52 Weeks again this year and have read a book a week. I do track my reading on as a few times I have started a book and said to myself-"didn't I read this book?" Being in three book clubs helps me read different genres but I typically alternate a fiction and non-fiction book each week.
Fall is known as the start of the school year for many. For us here at NGS, our school start dates for cohorts are all year long and do not adhere to the traditional academic calendar. This assists our working adults and provides multiple start times for our student population. I am confident our faculty and students get excited for the start of a new cohort or class and we are lucky that it is not only the early fall that we start school here.
First, allow me to repost some updates from my first student letter. (These quarterly letters are also available on our NGS website and I hope these letters provide valuable information, personalize the student experience, and help students understand academic policies.)
Academic Affairs Update (From Eileen Sullivan)
  • Catalog and Student Handbook 2016-207. Be sure to review the Catalog and Student Handbook to be aware of essential information about your program, policies, and administration details (on the portal and on our NGS website). There are also many other resources under Information for Current Students:
  • STUDENTS WERE SENT THIS UPDATE: Please also be sure to use your NGS email to communicate with your professors and the School. When you signed the Learning Agreement there was a statement that read: "I acknowledge that The National Graduate School has provided me with the opportunity to attain a college e-mail account and to enroll in the NGS Portal for my courses. I also acknowledge that The National Graduate School's e-mail account is the formal method of communication with the school and I am therefore responsible to obtain and actively monitor information conveyed via BOTH of these forms of technology."
  • FOR FACULTY: If you are currently contracted to teach, your contract requires you to use your NGS email account to communicate with students and others for NGS work. If you have any technology issues, please contact Elaine Moore ( to assist you.
 Technology Update (From Elaine Moore)
  • NGS is in the process of upgrading our Student Information System and Learning Management System. There is no need to do anything, but you will become aware and enjoy the new look and functionality in the near future.
Enrollment Management Update (From John Alonso)
  • The October cohort launch for all programs is only weeks away - please refer anyone you know who may have interest in NGS programs to the Enrollment team at 800-838-2580 x505 or
 Library Services (From Cecilia Mullen)
  • NGS has both a virtual library and real live librarian!  Access to the Virtual Library is on the Student Resources tab in the Portal.  Your live librarian is Cecilia Mullen who is available to help guide you in your literature searching and research efforts.  Don't hesitate to contact her at
  • You will find the Virtual Library in the Portal under the Student Resources tab.  NGS subscribes to two of the ProQuest databases that have been selected for the needs of NGS students and faculty. They are the comprehensive ProQuest Dissertations and Theses and ABI/Inform Collection. The first includes dissertations and theses from institutions throughout the world and the second covers both trade and professional journals in the business and management fields. It is not completely full text as is PQDT, but it has mostly full text articles and many are peer reviewed. In addition NGS subscribes OmniFile Full Text Select which complements ABI/inform by providing coverage of journals across multiple academic disciplines, with about 3/4 of these in full text and a high percentage in scholarly journals.
  • I am happy to help both faculty and students with our databases and research strategies to find needed published literature.  I am available by email at I look forward to talking with you. Cecilia Mullen.
Second, Academic Affairs does track and verify that faculty completed the required training prior to being assigned a class to teach. If you have been assigned a course to teach and have not completed the required training, please do so (in Faculty Resources) and connect with Academic Affairs. Also, you will need to listen to the degree specific webinar in your program's folder. Program Chairs and I are communicating about the next steps for training which will include Jenzabar updates, best practices, and degree specific needs. Stay tuned for an email in the late fall.
Third, current faculty who are teaching need to complete the Faculty Self-Evaluation and Assessment Form. This form is available in Faculty Resources. Submit the completed form to Academic Affairs (AA) at NGS by mid-October. Program Chairs and I will be reviewing these forms and then communicating with you about our reflections.
Fourth, share all your news with us on our NGS social media sites. We would love to hear about your presentations, writings, and news about your work. Like our Facebook page and also rate us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @NGSedu. We also have an active LinkedIn site. Check the NGS website for updates and read the new Student and Faculty Spotlights, too.
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Finally, we are excited about the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) accreditation visit September 25-28th. The preparation for the site visit has been a reflective one and will assist the School in further accomplishing its educational mission. It has been a team effort and we appreciate the faculty and Program Chairs who have been asked to assist with some of the interviews.
Thank you for teaching with us at NGS and for sharing your expertise. We are pleased to report we have many qualified faculty who are eager to teach with us. Academic Affairs and Program Chairs will be sure to contact new faculty if there is an opening to teach in their content area. Thank you for your patience waiting to join our team. For our current active faculty, we appreciate your commitment to our students and are proud of your work with us. While our teaching is mostly online, the human variable is still the most important to the process. I have the opportunity to read the outstanding reviews of your teaching and can say that our faculty care about making a difference and go above and beyond to meet the needs of each student. While I enjoy our Orientations, my favorite days are when faculty invite me to attend a class, the Bachelor Business Project and the Master Business Project presentations, as well as the dissertation defenses for our DBA students. Keep up the great work and stay in touch. My door (and email and phone) is always open to hear from you. 
Eileen C. Sullivan, Ed.D.
Dean, Academic Affairs
The National Graduate School of Quality Management
186 Jones Road  |  Falmouth, MA 02540
800.838.2580 ext. 121

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