September First Friday


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First Friday Opening
September 4, 2015
6pm - 9 pm
Taylor White

September 4 - September 26, 2015
Back Gallery

EVAC | Featuring Marine Corps Veteran Taylor White
The Endowment for Veterans Art Campaign (EVAC) is a social venture organization that advocates and endows veterans in the arts. Started in Kansas City, Missouri by a former Marine, EVAC's mission is to honor, encourage, and support the role of art in the daily lives of those that sacrificed so much in service to out country. EVAC is proud to present the work of former Marine and emerging artist from Quantico, Virginia Taylor White. White's diverse media collection is juried and curated by Ashley Anders, founder and director of KC+ Connect and special events director for EVAC.  
Taylor White | Artist Statement
War is controlled chaos. Supersonic violence. Ear ringing explosions. War is a young widow in a hospital room crumbing at the feet of a failed surgeon. It is broken children, burning cars, and mania. When developing my work, I often draw upon my experiences as a sniper in the U.S Marine Corps and the associated psychological consequences that accompany the job. Fragments of sounds, panic, and mayhem are recalled and explored through a multitude of mediums and technical approaches, and my work ultimately becomes a mirror used to inspect myself.

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Self in Red Shirt, 2000, watercolor on paper, 12" x 14"
  Me, Myself and I:
Self-Portraits by Janice Atkins

September 4 - October 31, 2015
  Opie Gallery

Janice Atkins paints pictures of herself.  Reflected in a mirror.  In a TV.  In a coffee pot.  In a spoon.  She uses her self to make wry comments about us.  Don't we all want and need to diet, battling those Snickers and Pringles.  She questions society for its narrow views on the likes of religion. And its desire to always buy new and expensive everything--everything but art.
Janice is a Kansas City resident, a UMKC art grad and member of the Kansas City Artists Coalition where her watercolors are featured in exhibitions and auctions.
Janice paints pictures of herself because she is, well, always available.  She fills every space around her with pattern and decoration. No "less" here, only more "more." 
      - Don Lambert

Kansas City Art Institute
Foundation 50th Anniversary Exhibition

August 7 - September 26, 2015
Main Gallery and Front  Gallery
KCAI celebrates the 50th anniversary of their ground-breaking foundation year program with a national group exhibition that will feature over 60 artists from across the country, who taught in the college's foundation program at any point since its inception, in 1965, to the present.



The Basement Artists

August 7 - September 26, 2015
Lower Level Gallery


David Grimes

Lori Profit

Jen Waldrop

Patrick Curtin

Voix de la Ville Arts Collaborative


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