Full Circle
Circle Center's E-Newsletter
"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
with summer's best of weather
and autumn's best of cheer."
-Helen Hunt Jackson
Fall, in all of it's splendor, has officially arrived. We are enjoying the cooler days and crisp fall mornings, but we know that heading into fall also means the start of another cold and flu season on top of our continuing to navigate the transitions of a pandemic.

In an effort to maintain our focus on the health and safety of our participants and their families and caregivers, we recently held our Annual Flu vaccine clinic with our partners at Bremo Pharmacy. It is highly recommended that everyone receive the flu shot as a preventative measure, especially this year.

We continue to appreciate the opportunity to share our stories with you through Full Circle and we hope you also take a chance to read our CEO update we have sent by mail. If you do not receive our mailings, please contact Lisa Pacelli, lpacelli@circlecenterva.org or 804.355.5717 to let us know to update your mailing address! We will continue to communicate with you regularly through email, but we welcome all opportunities to express our gratitude, as well as share our accomplishments and challenges.

In this edition of Full Circle we also share a participant's story that highlights just how special our brand of adult day is here. Our emphasis on a person-centered approach allows us to connect one-on-one with our participants and successfully engage with them through programs and activities they enjoy. It also provides insight into each individual, and gives us the opportunity to learn more about the interesting lives they lead and helps us tailor our programs to interest and encourage them. We also welcome new board members and share some fun pictures and updates about how we've been staying busy!
Person Centered Care
We talk about it a lot, but do you know what "person centered care" truly means? It means that not only do we meet our participants where they are, and work to support their needs and challenges on every level, from medical to emotional, physical and even spiritual, we also work hard to learn about each participant and tailor our services to their individual interests, talents and needs.

During our intake process we learn about each of our participants, who they are, what interests them and may motivate them now, what they did in their life for work, their hobbies and interests.

While this is one of the cornerstones of our approach to care, it is also an incredible way to get to know our participants, who come to us with a vast array of rich and fascinating lives, careers and hobbies. We are honored to be a part of their next chapter, learn from their stories and encourage them to continue to do what brings them joy. Whether that’s a retired teacher who jumps at the chance to “assist” our program director with a particular activity or a retired electrician who never had time to pursue a hobby who now enjoys painting beautiful art. 

One of our more recent participants comes to us with such a backstory. A beloved retired RPS school teacher for 31 years, Adolph White is as well known for his devotion to his students as for his love and dedication to nature, and specifically, birds. As a child growing up in Surry County, Adolph spent a lot of time wandering outside and learned from an early age to enjoy the peace and the connection he found in nature. He would pause and notice birds, listen to their distinct sounds and songs, and study their nests. A budding artist as a child, he would often sketch and draw the scenes he found in nature, or write stories about what he encountered on his daily walks.

A natural educator, Adolph has always been passionate about sharing his love of nature with people of all ages. He began to build bird houses for the community of Purple Martins in Bryan Park. He welcomed school children, interested park visitors, and community groups to listen and learn, and often taught accompanying art lessons too.

Passionate about nature, art and their connection, Adolph has continued to share his lifelong love and passion with his friends at Circle Center. He has regaled us all with his stories about birds, and has inspired a myriad of art projects and program activities. He has especially enjoyed teaching fellow participants how to make "flip books," as they show a transition, something he loves about nature.
Adolph enjoys relaxing on our sun porch, where he can enjoy plants, abundant sunshine and watching the birds outside the window.

Welcome new Board Members!
We have been fortunate to add a few more new faces to our Board of Directors! Three new board members joined us from Altria. Colin Costello is the Director of Brand Management at Philip Morris, USA. Nadine Golay is the Senior Manager of Research Operations, Altria Ventures, Inc., and Nathan Justice is the Director of Manufacturing, Altria/Philp Morris USA.

We are thrilled they are sharing their knowledge and skills with us.  
Welcome, Colin!
Welcome, Nadine!
Welcome, Nathan!
Volunteer Day
Thank you to friends, volunteers and board members who spent a recent Saturday afternoon with us helping with projects around the Center. Some much needed cleaning up and clearing out, sprucing up the outside, painting some interior walls, and removing old brush and helping to plant new greenery. It was such a joy to welcome volunteers back to us and have their help in keeping our Center looking it's best!
The Circle Center Scene...
It's a Bird, it's a Plane...It's...
A tale of two Larry's! Circle Center team member, Larry L. and Circle Center participant, Larry Z., both showed up in their Super Hero best! Larry L. sure is a Super Man around here and we always love Larry Z's coordinated and thematic outfits! You are both super heroes to us!
Programs and activities have been in full swing around here!

What could be better than flowers, friends, art projects and activities!
Our Morning Receiving Line!
We really are all smiles when our friends arrive each day!

...and a celebration!

We love a reason to celebrate, and recently we were able to celebrate Circle Center Program Manager, Elizabeth Perkins at her baby shower...and just in the nick of time too, as her sweet baby girl was born just the very next day!

Congratulations to Elizabeth, and her family, on welcoming their bundle of joy and thank you for bringing sweet Devon in for a visit!
Thank you for your support!
Your support has allowed us to continue to serve our community, and support our participants and caregivers throughout the pandemic. Thank you.