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September 2020 Newsletter
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By Barbara Balfour
Aug 04, 2020|

Back-to-school time is different than usual this year. But whether kids are going back to classes or doing distance learning from home, schedule changes can be stressful for dogs. The sudden switch from long summer days of playing with the kids to living in an empty (or busy) home can be a tough adjustment. Here are some tips from behavioral experts on making this yearly seasonal transition as smooth as possible for your dog.

Curb Boredom Through Enrichment Toys, Puzzles, and Games

* Stock up on toys and fill them with desirable treats like small amounts of peanut butter, frozen banana slices, and dog food. These can be made up ahead of time and put in the freezer until you're ready to use them.
* Hide those treats around the house for them to find. Make a game out of it.
* Use positive reinforcement training. Encouraging your dog to work and think for their treats is a fun activity for both you and your pet.

Ease Your Pet into a New Routine

Before school starts, begin getting your dog accustomed to the soon-to-be new schedule. Get up early, take your pup out for a rigorous walk, and introduce the activities they can do when everyone is gone, says Mary R. Burch, a certified applied animal behaviorist, and the AKC Family Dog Director.

Determine Bathroom Breaks

By the time school starts, you should know how long your dog can stay alone at home without needing a bathroom break. Burch suggests taking your pup out for a sufficient time in the morning and having the first person to get home in the afternoon take them out again. "If you aren't sure about whether or not the dog can go all day without a trip outdoors, have a pet sitter come in at lunch to take them outside," she says.

GGLRR Masks:
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3-year-old blind neutered male Black Lab mix, 79 lbs. 
Ray gets along great with people and other dogs.  He is settling in as his foster but he is no doubt confused, unsure, and anxious - takes a while to calm and settle down.  He is not yet housebroken so will need to be well supervised.  Caring for a blind dog requires a unique approach.  He is super sweet and gentle, but is a bit pushy, so we're working on leash manners and sitting while doors are being opened and closed for him.    

Besides being blind, Ray appears to be in superb health.  Maybe a few pounds overweight.  Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped.  We hope to get Ray to a doggie eye specialist in the near future.  Ray is located in Oakland.

Contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or 

Photo Submissions for the 2021 GGLRR Calendar!

Did you adopt your dog(s) from GGLRR? Do you know anyone that did?

We are now accepting photos for the 2021 GGLRR calendar!

You've probably shared photos of your GGLRR Lab with friends and family, and on Facebook too. How would you like the chance to make your GGLRR Lab an even bigger celebrity? We are asking for submissions for the 2021 calendar, with lucky Labs to be chosen to grace the pages of the calendar, while raising much needed funds for GGLRR.

If you would like a photo of your Lab(s) to be considered as one of the photos in GGLRR's 2021 Calendar, please send submissions through September 1, 2020 including:

Photo(s) per guidelines below;
Your name and the dog's name;
The month / year the dog was adopted from GGLRR; and,
Email to GGLRR at

Photo Guidelines:
  • The calendar is an annual fundraiser for GGLRR, and we feature Labs that have been adopted through GGLRR.
  • Photos with multiple dogs are welcome, but all dogs shown in the photo must be from GGLRR.
  • We encourage people to use settings showing the fun people have with their Labs in beautiful Northern California settings (beach, mountains, hiking trails, Golden Gate bridge, etc).
  • You may include as many GGLRR-adopted Labs in the photo as you want, but please no people, text, or copywritten backgrounds.
  • Professional photographs will be accepted if submitted by the photographer who can provide GGLRR permission for unlimited usage of the photo as listed with the submission.
  • Please do not use watermarks or other text since photo info and credits will be added consistently on the calendar.
  • Each owner may submit up to 6 photos of the same Lab.
  • Please submit as high of resolution as your camera permits (8 megapixel or higher preferred).
  • Photos should only be sent in .jpg or .png format.
  • We only accept submissions from the dog owner and by emailing the photo, you are giving GGLRR permission to use the photo for the calendar or our website.

    We look forward to receiving many wonderful photos of GGLRR Labs!

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We are now part of Amazon Smile's program online. Anything you buy on Amazon, you can also buy on Amazon Smile and a small portion of your purchase will be donated to GGLRR. Just go to Amazon Smile and designate "Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc" as your selected charity. It's so easy to do and it would mean a lot to the Labs.  
GGLRR also has an Amazon Wish List! 
If you are on Amazon and want to buy something for the Labs, please check out our WishList!




"Spartan has been such a joy since the very moment we met him with his foster family. His sweet, easy-going nature and capacity to love made the transition into our home seamless. He loves getting hugs and belly rubs, and giving licks and kisses in return. We enjoy getting out for walks and water fun time in the backyard. Spartan requires pain medication and a strict diet to help keep him healthy and feeling good. As an older mom of two, I do too! So we complement each other well. 

We are blessed to have Spartan in our family. He lifts our spirits all the time, especially during this time of uncertainty. We look forward to many loving days ahead just sharing time with each other."


"Lizzie [fka. Luna, aka. Doorbell (adorable), aka. Thwumpy (she likes to thwump her tail when we're near), aka. Ridic-i-dog (she's utterly ridiculous) is doing great. 

She and our 13-year-old, Gordie, bonded quickly and love to be together. She's incredibly patient with our overly-adoring kids.  She's learned quickly and is now great on leash for long walks but still needs to figure out how to actually play with other dogs.  She's always more interested in the people at the dog park.  

When she's not barking at squirrels or zooming around the track she made in our yard (despite the long walks), she's flopped somewhere on her back with her legs in the air.  We're all in love with her and think she's a great addition to our family!




"We can't thank you enough for bringing Diko (formerly Decoy) into our lives. We had been thinking for quite some time about taking the plunge into getting a dog, but we just weren't sure if it was the right plan for our family. We thought we wanted a young dog, but Liz convinced us to give seven year old Decoy a try. It was love at first sight for my kids! We've had him in our home now for 5 days, and it's like he has always been a part of our family. He is loving and lovable, playful, and so well-behaved! He loves playing fetch, going for walks and giving kisses to everyone. Thank you so much for matching him with our family. We are so happy he's here bringing smiles to all of our faces, and completing our family!"

The Perkins Family

"We hope you are safe and well during this pandemic! Raven is now 4 years old and a mama to 4 baby chickens. She continues to be a buddy to all the little kids in the neighborhood and protects us from daily attacks from the mailman every morning. Clearly that is what he trying to do, based on how loud she barks ;).

She is our stinky little love bug and a beloved doggo. She is a very, very good girl.

Grateful you helped us to adopt her :)"

The Gibson Family



"Scout is such a GOOD DOG! He is making progress on not barking at other dogs while out on walks. He still pulls on the leash but not as much. Although he loves to play he has been very good about taking a break when I have other things to do ... He shares his love with all of us.

Scout finally got some play time with other labs who matched his energy. He did great sharing his toys and wrestling without growling. We even had one lab stay with us for two days and the two dogs were wonderful together. They wore each other out, which was a big help for the humans.

I have taken Scout to the neighbors' pool a few times ... he waits for the ball to float to the edge of the pool to reach in and grab it. Silly guy.

We are so grateful Scout is part of our family. Thank you again for making it happen."

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