Sorghastrum nutans 'Indian Steel'
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More Attention on Emerging Market
Green infrastructure uses plants, soils, and natural systems to address the effects of development.
Green infrastructure brings a whole new market to nurseries and the green industry. To take advantage of it, we must join the conversation and work with other disciplines who have been shaping the field. That's the message of a recent article in Nursery Management magazine. 

Writer and horticulturist Brie Arthur urges our industry to get involved in this emerging market. She  believes we can integrate the functional and ornamental aspects of plants and make them a necessity for everyday life. 

For the article, s he interviewed Debbie Hamrick, a long-time member of our industry who now works for North Carolina Farm Bureau. Hamrick is passionate about moving our industry toward green infrastructure and the opportunities it offers.  Read the full article .

Hamrick has started a bimonthly e-newsletter about functional plants and functional landscapes in urban and developed spaces. Called New Terrain, it casts a wide net on green infrastructure, low impact development, stormwater management, and green spaces. It's a fascinating read that will get you excited about the potential for our industry. See the latest issue of New Terrain or subscribe here.
Thinking Short with Grasses
American Nurseryman featured short grasses in their September issue. The article notes we're used to thinking about tall, stately selections. They've chosen seven smaller ones to spotlight how useful these more diminuitive varieties can be. They're perfect for small, urban lots and downsizing gardeners. 

They hit on several of our favorites, including Sporobolus heterolepis, Deschampsia cespitosa, and Sesleria autumnalis. The latter two are cool season grasses, so they will be putting on new growth and looking fabulous this Fall.

Read the article to get plant profiles and see other varieties they featured.

American Nurseryman article
American Nurseryman article

Native Grasses for Midwestern Gardens
Panicum 'Shenandoah'
The online article includes a slideshow of native grasses and sedges.
Grasses are taking center stage this time of year. The Chicago Tribune recently published a story on native grasses for Midwestern gardens. The author interviewed grass expert Dr. Mary Meyer from the University of Minnesota and Shannon Currey, our Marketing Director. 

Switchgrasses, Tufted Hair Grass, and several sedges got the nod. It's great exposure for grasses that are perfectly suited to this region. The online article gives readers a big dose of fall color and beautiful grasses with a slideshow.

Read more about recommended species and their care in the article.

(Note: You may have to register to access the article, but there's no cost associated with registering.)
Grasses in Our Community
Student at Camelot planting grasses
Students planted grasses on the slopes and in a rain garden to help reduce erosion and control stormwater.
Saving the School Yard
In our May issue, we wrote about a project at Camelot Academy in nearby Durham, North Carolina. They were dealing with a steep slope that eroded and caused maintenance and safety problems. A student at the school took the initiative and applied for local grant funding to address the problem.

Hoffman Nursery donated grasses and sedges to the project. Students learned about the water cycle and how rainwater can be handled with plants, soils, and natural systems. They held a planting day and put in all the grasses. 

It was a first step in making the site more manageable. They sent us photos from the planting day, and we loved seeing everyone enjoying getting their hands dirty.

The plants are establishing well and have begun doing their job. We expect to see major changes next spring when the plants break dormancy. We'll check in again.
Grasses Go to Scholarships
PAX  Fall Plant Sale Twice a year, the Iota chapter of Pi Alpha Xi (PAX) at North Carolina State University holds a plant sale at the JC Raulston Arboretum. The money they raise goes toward horticultural charities, scholarships, and organizations. 

PAX 2015 Fall Plant Sale
JC Raulston Arboretum
Raleigh, NC

Saturday, Sept. 25, 8am - 4pm
Sunday, Sept. 26, 10am - 3pm

Hoffman Nursery donates grasses to the sale, and we try to send the latest and greatest selections. Get your grass fix and help out deserving programs at the same time. For a plant list, go to the  PAX website .
What's New in HNI Plants?
Beyond Blue Fescue
Festuca glauca Beyond Blue
('Casca11') PP23307
Beyond Blue Fescue

Perennial favorite Blue Fescue gets a leg up this season with the fabulous Beyond Blue. T his snazzy, new cultivar is really, really blue. And that color lasts all season without fading.

It's proving to be a popular selection, so reserve your plants now. Take delivery in winter or early spring and get a jump on sales with this blue superstar.

Quick Facts: Cool season, steel blue, 1 foot, 1.5 feet with blooms, sun, dry-average, flowers late spring, Zones 4-8, Origin: Europe
We're Hiring!
We are hiring Hoffman Nursery has a fun and dedicated team. We are growing great grass, and we are growing as a business. We are expanding our all-star team of folks committed to respectful relationships, superb quality, and continuing improvement. 

We are now accepting applications for a Sales & Customer Service Assistant and a Section Grower.

If you're interested in joining our team or know someone who is, get more information in this post.
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