Click the link below for a complete list of K-12 standards-based lessons linked to dairy cows, milk, and other dairy products.
Experience a virtual dairy farm field trip from the comfort of your classroom! Your students will see real-life farming examples that reinforce science and social studies curriculum.

Dairy West also has a NEW pre-recorded field trip that features seven different dairy farms across Utah and Idaho. This video is under 20 minutes long and is easy to pair with topics about animal care, energy transfer, careers, the farm-to-table process, and more!
This FREE Dairy West Mozzarella Cheese kit is available to teachers in Utah.

Make fresh mozzarella cheese in your classroom to engage students in science, careers, and nutrition. This kit includes rennet (enzymes), and citric acid, two of the components used in the cheesemaking process.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to adopt a cow from a dairy farm in your area! Throughout the year, your students will receive exciting updates of their cow, including photos and live chats from the farm. Teachers will also be provided with activity sheets and suggested lesson plans that are linked to Common Core Standards.

Sign up for this free program by September 15, 2022, to participate in this exciting journey!
Dairy West is hosting a "Power Your Passion" event to educate students about the farm-to-table process. Several groups will earn prize money to use towards programs that lead to positive change in their school and communities.

This event is for middle and high school student groups. To learn more about this event and to register, click the link below.
Ready to join?
  • Identify 6-8 innovative students to join your team
  • Register for the event by September 26, 2022
  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with additional required registration forms to attend the event:
  • Student/parent liability waiver and photo consent form
  • Travel reimbursement forms for district completion - Dairy West will provide $200 reimbursement for travel per student group
  • Student pre-event questionnaire task
  • Student team registration list