2022 Karibu Fashion Show
CVOEO invites you to the in-person return of the acclaimed international fashion show, Karibu!

Karibu, which means "welcome" in Swahili, is an energetic, community-centered event that celebrates the cultural diversity of the Burlington area and is an occasion to showcase the talents of diverse makers and models.

All funds raised directly support the CVOEO Asylum Seekers Assistance Program, which provides asylees with emergency funds to purchase essential items, including personal hygiene supplies, diapers, food, and medicine. All attendees are encouraged to make a donation of $10-50 per ticket.

This year's event will also feature the New Hope Award Presentation Ceremony. This award is sponsored by the Crystal family and recognizes New Americans making a difference in our community.
NorthWest Family Foods Match Campaign
Make a gift and double your impact for NorthWest Family Foods during Hunger Action Month, an annual nationwide campaign in September designed to inspire people to act and raise awareness of hunger. This month we can harness the power of coming together as a nation to help those in need.

We also recognize the power of coming together locally. That’s why our neighbor, Renee Reiner, co-owner of Phoenix Books, has committed $15,000 to inspire community action for NorthWest Family Foods on the occasion of Hunger Action Month. Renee, a dedicated supporter of CVOEO’s programs in Franklin County, has challenged the community to match her $15,000 gift and double the impact for NorthWest Family Foods! Thank you, Renee, and challenge accepted!

Click the link below for more information and to donate!
Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program (VERAP)
Last week, the State announced that the Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program (VERAP) is coming to an end. This program helped renters who were dealing with financial challenges related to the pandemic, providing assistance to almost 15,000 Vermonters. CVOEO commends the State for its work in getting federal dollars dispersed to our neighbors in need, and we acknowledge the impact of this short-term strategy to alleviate poverty. The sudden winding down of the program, however, is not good news for people on the margins, and for those experiencing homelessness. CVOEO will always advocate for more support for our communities, and we are committed to exploring ways to fill this gap in funding for the upcoming year.