Honda Parts Sale
Stock Up Before the Big Races
At the beginning of the year, we offered deep discounts on Honda Parts and expendables such as spark plugs and fuel filters.  We received a huge amount of positive feedback from these sales that we decided to do it again before the Biggest races of the year.  

These prices won't last long because our margins are just too small.

Stock up now to save big.

1999 Honda CR125 Top End Kit -

2001 Honda CR125 Top End Kit -

Honda CR125 Clutch Pack -

1999 Honda CR125 O-ring Exhaust Manifold -

OE Keihin Main Jets -

OE Keihin Pilot Jets -

Fuel Line and Fuel Filters -

NGK Spark Plugs -
New Product from Swedetech

Swedetech Keihin Slide Protector and PWM38 and PWK38
  SwedeTech Racing designed this plastic Keihin Throttle Valve and Jet Needle protector to save 
racers money.

While working on or transporting a kart, we have seen many jet needles and slides damaged due to the harsh and non-protecting environment such as the race track. The slide and needle simply slide inside the plastic sleeve. This will keep the needle and throttle valve protected while work on your kart.

A simple mistake such as dropping the slide into the kart seat will damage the needle, and will affect the performance of the engine.

This needle and slide protector was designed for the protection of the Keihin PWM 38mm and PWK 38mm carburetors in mind.

Pricing and Videos can be found here -  You Tube Video and Product Information

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