September 2020

According to, September is the peak month of hurricane season, and the most active day of the year is around Sept. 10.
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September is National Preparedness Month. Now is a great time to make a plan for your family. People get very frustrated when key supplies are out of stock hours before a storm makes landfall. People get concerned when I-75 becomes a parking lot hours before landfall. You can help your neighbors avoid this by sharing the website 

Remember: when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.

In the last few weeks:
  • LWR CERT started our Activation process for Hurricane Laura. We are grateful that the storm turned west before arriving in Florida. As I write this, the National Hurricane Center is tracking 3 disturbances that are headed this way.
  • The Training Committee has added new radio videos to the LWR CERT YouTube channel. 
  • The Logistics Committee moved our supplies to a new storage unit to get us better service at a lower cost.
  • The Communications Committee has been updating our Facebook page to keep us current on storm activity in the Gulf.
  • Our Team Captains have been communicating with their teams and neighbors to help everybody prepare.

We have not been able to hold most of our meetings and classes due to the Coronavirus. We are conducting our first organization-wide virtual member meeting this week; more than 60 members have already registered. This is a member-only event.

LWR CERT continues to prepare for hurricane season amid the pandemic. We have added surgical masks and face shields to our Team Kits to provide additional safely measures if we need to activate.

Stay prepared -- stay safe.

Jim Emanuelson
President, LWR CERT
Sept. 3 VIRTUAL Member Meeting
We're gearing up for our first-ever VIRTUAL Member Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 3 from 7-8:30 PM.

In addition to updates on the latest COVID-19 safety tips, you'll also hear from LWR CERT VP and licensed clinical social worker Jan Kuhn, who will delve into the psychological aspects of the pandemic and the impacts it is having on us individually and with our families, friends, and the community. There will be time for Q&A at the end of the discussion.
This is a member-only event. To learn more about joining LWR CERT, visit our website
Hurricane Season is heating up!
You no doubt have heard know how important it is to prepare before a hurricane approaches. COVID-19 adds an additional level of complication to preparation and planning.

Help yourself, your neighbors, family and friends prepare for this year's hurricane sharing our 25-minute online video with them.

The video may be found by searching "LWR CERT, YouTube" or directly at

Visit our YouTube channel to see all our videos at
Did You Know...
...our members' team radios are also a NOAA weather radio?

The Training Committee created a video to demonstrate how to use the NOAA weather radio feature.

Did You Know...
...our members' team radios have a light and a very loud Emergency Beacon?

Watch other videos on the LWR CERT YouTube channel
Storage Moving Day
Thanks to Brian Thompson, Vijay Mahadeo, Bob Donato, Alan Silverglat, Mike Staley, Patt Staley, Karen Emanuelson, Jim Emanuelson, Tony Gula, Mel Davis, Gordon Kuhn, Jan Kuhn and Jean Hritz for donating their time, muscle and sweat on Saturday, Aug. 28 to move the contents of LWR CERT's storage units across town to a newer, less expensive storage facility.

Under the direction and leadership of Logistics Committee Manager Pat Knowles, these dedicated members loaded and moved pickup trucks, vans, and cars full of medical and training supplies, backpacks and radio equipment to the new facility off SR 70.
Member News and Volunteer Opportunities
Happy September birthday to members Samuel Acquaviva, Lenoire Bredt, Marty Burton, Barb Clemons, Marvin Crepea, Barb Davey, Connie Farmer, Barbara Hickey, Karen Lemley, Vijay Mahadeo, Todd Martin, Jerry Mills, Thomas O'Halloran, Nigel Pilling, Bernie Rosenstein, Susan Strahs, and Sheila White.

Feeding Tampa Bay has a continual need for volunteers for their Manatee Mega Pantry event which runs Tuesdays from 2:30 - 6:30 PM at the Desoto Mall. Volunteers help provide pre-packed meals in a drive-thru style distribution. For more information and to volunteer, visit
Upcoming LWR CERT Meetings and Training
Meetings take place at LWR Town Hall unless otherwise noted and are open to all members

Communications Committee - Video Call - Tuesday, Sept. 1 at 4 PM.
Member Meeting - Video Call - Thursday, Sept. 3 at 7 PM
Board Meeting - Video Call - Monday, Sept. 14 at 7 PM
Operations Committee - Video Call - Thursday, Sept. 10 at 6 PM
Radio Communications Committee - Video Call - Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 7 PM
2020 LWR CERT Executive Committee

President - Jim Emanuelson
Vice President - Jan Kuhn
Treasurer - Pat Knowles
Liaison - Deb Diven

LWR CERT 941.404.8606
Newsletter Editor - Karen Emanuelson, Communications Manager

Thanks to Diane Anderson for proofreading our newsletters.

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