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Deborah Wilder
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California DIR Posts Electronic Payroll Reporting Requirements for Public Works Projects That Use Ready-Mix Concrete
The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) recently posted updates relating to ready mix prevailing wage requirements including the requirement to post CPRS on the DIR's eCPR site. The DIR stated:
"Effective September 1, 2020, ready-mix concrete companies will be required to submit payroll online to DIR using its electronic certified payroll reporting system. Please note that this requirement applies only to the certified payroll records required by section 1776(a) of the Labor Code. The separate written time records certified by ready-mix drivers do not need to be uploaded into the electronic certified payroll report system and are only required to be submitted to the Labor Commissioner's Office upon request.
Assembly Bill 219 governs concrete delivery on public works projects and became effective on July 1, 2016. The amendments added new section 1720.9 to the Labor Code, which provides: 
  • A company hauling or delivering ready-mix concrete for a public works contract shall:
    • Register as a public works contractor.
    • Submit a certified copy of the payroll records required by subdivision (a) of Section 1776 to the party that engaged the company and to the general contractor within five working days after the employee has been paid, accompanied by a written time record that shall be certified by each driver for the performance of job duties.
  • Nothing in section 1720.9 shall cause any company to be treated as a contractor or subcontractor for any purpose other than the application of this chapter of the Labor Code."
Assembly Bill 219 does not apply to public works contracts that were advertised for bid or awarded prior to July 1, 2016. For more information, go to www.dir.ca.gov  
Washington has Reciprocal Agreement for Apprentices from Oregon and Montana
If you are performing work in Washington, the State's Bureau of Labor and Industry also allows contractors to use apprentices enrolled in apprenticeship programs in Oregon and Montana, and for some limited trades in Alaska. To confirm the Apprenticeship enrollment in Washington, you can do that on the Washington BLI website. For other out of state apprentices, you need to verify the apprenticeship status with each state's Dept of Labor. Please note that Oregon has the apprenticeship information on-line; Alaska and Montana does not, so you need to contact the Agency directly. If you are using an out of state apprentice under the reciprocal agreement, the apprentice must be paid at least the Washington apprenticeship rate. If your State requires a higher wage rate, then that would have to be paid.
Note: Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC also have a reciprocal apprenticeship agreement.
LCPtracker Academy has Online Courses for California prevailing wage requirements, including Trucking
Trucking can be a confusing topic on prevailing wage projects, none more so than in California. Just remember that a true supplier delivery in never subject to prevailing wages. Please note that Concrete Deliveries are not considered part of the exempt supplier deliveries. Contractor controlled deliveries are often time controlled by the on-haul/off-haul trucking rates. Certain onsite equipment is covered by the Teamsters. For more information, sign up for LCPtracker Academy. 
October 26-29th Foundation Software Conference has been cancelled. Stay tuned for the new conference date and location March 7-9 in Orlando, Florida.
November 16-18th LCPtracker's Ignite Conference originally scheduled for June 16-19 has been rescheduled for November 16-18th. Location San Diego. Deborah will be speaking at several breakout sessions on the 17th and 18th . Contact www.LCPtracker.com  for more details. There is a possibility that this conference may be cancelled. Be sure to sign up for their LCPtracker Academy.
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QUESTION: Our housing project has no federal funding in it, yet I am required to pay federal prevailing wages. Why?      
If you are a private company or non profit which owns low income housing property, the fact that you accept Section 8 vouchers for the payment of rent will require the payment of federal prevailing wages for the construction and repairs to the building. The Section 8 vouchers are considered "federal dollars" which will trigger prevailing wage requirements. 
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