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Deborah Wilder
CCMI President 

Overtime calculations

Just a reminder that overtime obligations in your state may be different on prevailing wage projects. Many states only impose OT after 40 hours a week or more than 10 hours a day, but when you get on a prevailing wage project, the overtime requirements are different. It is not always controlled by a collective bargaining agreement either. Here are some examples of some of the quirky rules contractors need to be aware of:

California: OT paid after 8 hours a day- no exceptions for CBAs or employee consent.

Oregon and Nevada: OT after 8 hours a day unless you have written employee authorization to work 4-10 hours day at straight time - BEFORE the worker starts work on the project.

Minnesota Update: Just want to remind contractors that travel and subsistence is required on many prevailing wage projects when the commute time to the job is beyond the average typical commute time to the office/yard/jobsite. The rationale is the prevailing wage rate is the minimum rate to be paid; so, if the workers have to travel an exceptional distance or amount of time or stay overnight near the worksite, then the employer needs to be sure to compensate the worker for that travel and subsistence.

Virginia Update: Remember Virginia prevailing wage law  has gone into effect and many counties are just now implementing their own prevailing wage requirements for projects over $250,000. CCMI was recently awarded the prevailing wage work for Fairfax County.

Upcoming Training:

California - San Diego: Stop by CCMI’s booth at the NAHRO conference September 21-23. Marriott Marquis.

Pennsylvania: Prevailing wage training in Western Pennsylvania September 28th430 West Germantown Pike, Norristown. For more information contact: Danielle Hart dhart@abceastpa.org

New Jersey: Prevailing wage training September 29th. For more information contact: Samantha DeAlmeida; Samantha@abcnjc.org

California-Pleasanton: Stop by CCMI’s booth at the APWA Northern California regional event November 2-3 at Pleasanton Fairgrounds. Details to follow.

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FROM THE INBOX....You asked, we answered!
QUESTION: I am confused about the California electrical certification process. When does it apply to electrical work?

ANSWER:  California law requires that contractors holding a C-10 license, who have workers performing work which requires that C-10 license, to complete a test administered by the California Contractor’s State Licensing Board. If the worker passes the test, they are listed on the DIR’s website as “certified” electricians. If they do not pass the test, then they must be enrolled in a bona fide training program and they are designated as a “Trainee” on the DIR’s website. These trainees are still paid journeyman wages, but must always work under the supervision of a “certified” electrician on a one to one basis. The only other type of individual who may perform this type of electrical work is an apprentice (again working under the supervision of a “certified” electrician). If a worker is not an apprentice, a trainee or a certified electrician, they may not work on the project performing work which requires a C-10 license. There are exceptions for C-7 and C-45 contractors and other situations.  

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