Another season is drawing to a close, and with the primary (and its record voter turnout!) in the rearview mirror, November's election will be here before you know it.

Do you have questions about voting under the new election law or anything else elections-related? LWVMA has created a voter email “hotline” to answer any questions you may have about voting options this fall. Please send questions to and you will receive an answer promptly!

For information on new voter registration and voting changes, visit the LWVMA Elections Resource Guide here.

Finally, find personal voting, ballot, and polling information at Brought to you by the LWV Education Fund, it includes all the election information you need. It's now also available in Spanish!
Important Dates:

9/8 & 9/10: LWVMA Racial Justice events
More info below

9/9: LWFC Virtual Board Meeting
Email if you'd like to attend.

9/12: LWVFC / Source to Sea Cleanup
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9/16: LWFC Voter Services Virtual Meeting
Email if you'd like to attend.

9/17: LWVMA Virtual Showing—"Rigged: The Voter Suppression Handbook" narrated by Jeffrey Wright.
Panel discussion to follow.
Watch your inbox for information from LWVMA or view ahead of time online.

10/15: Virtual Civics Trivia Night!
More info to come!
Pew research indicates that two thirds of Americans favor ending qualified immunity. What is qualified immunity? Why should it be eliminated? Why is it causing such an uproar in the MA police reform bill? Join Oami Amarasingham, Deputy Legislative Director of ACLU MA, on Tuesday, September 8th at 7 pm when she briefs us on QI and takes our questions. Register here.

What are the next steps for the MA Black and Latino Legislative Caucus? Join us on Thursday, September 10th at 11am when we meet with Rep. Carlos Gonzalez of Springfield, Chair of the Caucus and member of the conference committee on police reform legislation. He will discuss the history of the bill and subsequent Ten Point Plans. Register here
LWVFC / Source to Sea Cleanup

Saturday, September 12, 9:00-11:00am

This year, the Source to Sea Cleanup has been expanded to the entire month of September. Participants can clean up any time during September to ensure safe physical distancing from others. Saturday, September 12, a few members of LWVFC, following all CDC guidelines, have chosen a location in Montague to clean up. Please contact us if you'd like to register to join us—it shouldn't be hard to maintain physical distancing in the great outdoors, but we've capped our group at 10.

Help pass YES ON 2 for Ranked Choice Voting in November! 

LWVMA supports RCV and urges a Yes vote on Ballot Question 2 in November's election. If you'd like to help, the Yes on 2 Campaign is looking for volunteers. From making phone calls to writing letters to the editor—there is no shortage of tasks to be done. People from diverse backgrounds and a wide variety of skill sets are needed. Visit their website here for more.

For more information on RCV, you can watch this webinar produced by LWVMA, and this short video from YES ON 2.

Lastly, during our annual meeting in June, part of the local program we passed involved advocacy work around the outdated asset limits of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), for which we received approval from LWVUS and LWVMA. We're about to launch our campaign for a concerted effort to effect change, so please stay alert. All the information you need will be coming next week.

We hope you're taking good care—
In League,

Marie Gauthier, President
Nicole Moore, Vice President
Marge Michalski, Treasurer
Laura Luker, Secretary
Jean Cherdack, Director
Christine Turner, Director
Joannah Whitney, Director