Volume 34 | Septemeber 2021
Member Benefit Alert
Member Benefit! Advocacy and Education for the Satellite Industry
The satellite industry is a major presence in the pay television and broadband markets. The industry is being viewed as a source of tax revenue by state governments. For our members, SBCA advocates for our position, protect the jobs and businesses that satellite technology has created and sustain the growth of the industry.
SBCA Foundation Provides Support for Those Impacted by Hurricane Ida
Hurricane Ida impacted many communities in Southern Louisiana. Due to the nature of the storm there are both short term and long term needs for these communities. The SBCA Foundation is committed to helping those individuals and institutions which were impacted by the storm.

Recently, SBCA donated funds which provided meals to 1,500 community residents and relief workers. In addition, we made a donation to the Bayou Foundation which is helping provide daily resources such as clean water, ice and other necessities. In the coming weeks, once the rebuilding phase commences, the SBCA Foundation will be working with the local community to provide funding to replace needed school, or other, equipment that were damaged in the storm. Since its inception, the SBCA Foundation has donated more than $135,000 to rural communities who have been impacted by natural disaster.
Call of the Wild: Connecting Park Systems with Managed Broadband
Visits to state parks jumped more than 45 percent in 2020. Maryland alone had a record-breaking 21.5 million people its parks. Across the country, park visitors are seeking ways to unplug—if only for a while. Hikers, campers, and guests alike want to be able to connect off the trails, and rangers and staff need connectivity to communicate with each other, perform their duties, collaborate with other properties in the park system, and provide guest services. For that reason, park systems of all sizes require enterprise-grade network connectivity.

A significant challenge for park systems, however, is that individual properties may vary widely in their broadband options. Some areas boast extensive communications infrastructure, while others do not, causing inconsistent user experiences. For example, long lines may form at guest check-in if the reservation management system stalls due to a sluggish network. Guests may get frustrated when Wi-Fi services are spotty or not nearly as fast as they enjoy at home.

“That’s why Hughes Managed Broadband is a natural fit. There’s a gap when it comes to parks having adequate connectivity and bandwidth to meet their own needs, let alone meet their guests’ expectations,” Tony Bardo, assistant vice president for Government Solutions at Hughes, explained.
Rules Might Favor Internet Funding to Rural Areas
Article via SmartBrief

A US Treasury Department interim rule might mean the government will favor rural areas when distributing $350 billion in American Rescue Plan broadband aid. Eligibility guidelines now focus on areas that don't have reliable broadband, and some city officials say the low speeds and high costs of the connectivity their communities have should make them eligible as well.