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Technically a satellite is any object that orbits a planet or star? So that means that the moon is a natural satellite!
Member Benefit! SBCA Fights for You: Advocacy, the Satellite Industry and SBCA
The satellite industry has become a major presence in the pay television and broadband markets. The Industry is being viewed as a source of tax revenue by state governments. For our members, SBCA advocates for our position, protect the jobs and businesses that satellite technology has created and sustain the growth of the industry.
SBCA, DIRECTV, Viasat and PerfectVision Team for Retailer Roadshows
SBCA has teamed up with DIRECTV, Viasat and PerfectVision on the next series of retailer roadshows focusing on installation management and customer retention. Attendees at these events will be provided tips and resources designed to help them improve the customer experience and their overall bottom line. Events will be held in Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas and Lexington with additional events being planned.

For more information or to register please contact your PerfectVision representative.
Amazon Will Get into the Satellite-powered Broadband Game
Article via SmartBrief

Amazon plans to launch 3,236 low-orbit satellites to provide broadband internet worldwide to areas that have poor or no access. The company is not the first to embark on such an endeavor, as Facebook, Boeing, SpaceX, Telesat and OneWeb have all introduced similar initiatives.