September 2019
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T ake Stock in Children Welcomes 
45 New Students!

On Saturday, September 7th 45  TSIC students  & their family members attended the  New Student Orientation  at the Hillsborough Education Foundation. Students and parents learned about both the  benefits  and  requirements  of the scholarship and they finalized their participation in the Take Stock in Children program by signing the required documents and reciting the Take Stock in Children pledge. 

Take Stock In Children Pledge

I understand that
I have been given an opportunity
of a scholarship to further my education after high school.
I am responsible for my own success.
I am responsible for making my dreams comes true.
I recognize that I have academic strengths and
will work to overcome my weaknesses.
I pledge that
I am committed to my education.
I will work hard to maintain good grades.
I will respect others and conduct myself
in a manner which earns respect in return.
I will remember that I have people in my life that care about me
at home, school, and with Hillsborough Education Foundation.
I pledge to strive for  excellence in my academics and as a person.

We are so proud of our new students for earning this scholarship and are excited to work with them throughout their academic journey.

Students learning about the TSIC program requirements.
Students taking saying the TSIC pledge during the
Spanish Orientation

During the mentor orientation the TSIC team got to meet some really amazing students! Learn about some of them by reading below!

A  N  G  E  L
What types of activities would you like to do with your mentor?
If my mentor enjoys sports, I would love to play soccer with them, it's my favorite sport.

What are you hoping to learn from your mentor?
 I  need to improve my study skills, it would be great if my mentor would 
help me with that.

What is one thing you would like to accomplish this year?
My goals are to raise my GPA and join the soccer team.

What types of activities would you like to do with your mentor?
I would like to look up additional scholarships, talk about my progress in school and get help with subject  I am having a hard time with. I would also just like to have fun with them sometimes!

What are you hoping to learn from your mentor?
 I would like more guidance in regards to the type of careers that exist and which career would make sense for me to pursue.

What is one thing you would like to accomplish this year?
I want to get straight A's and pass all of my tests.

Mentor of the Month
Michael Nelson
  • How did you become involved with mentoring through the Hillsborough Education Foundation? Initially, I called on the HEF in 2017 regarding their IT support needs. During my meeting I asked if there was any need for volunteers. A couple weeks later I received an email asking if I could volunteer to interview TSIC students for scholarships...and I accepted. Interviewing the students was a life-changing event for me. Previously, I was unsure how I felt about free college for all, but after the interviews there wasn't one student that I felt wasn't deserving of a scholarship. Not only did that experience change my mindset, it also inspired me to become involved in TSICs' mission.  My girlfriend is also a mentor in Pinellas County and hearing her experiences further inspired me, so I knew that it was something I was meant to do. 
  • What has been the most rewarding part of mentoring? The most rewarding part of mentoring for me is connecting with mentee on many levels, and showing him that I'm vested in him and his future, and that I'll support him for the long-term.
  • What do you believe is the key to being a quality mentor? For me the key to being a quality mentor is consistency. Consistency builds trust with your mentee and strengthens the relationship. If we as mentors are consistent then our mentees will be more consistent in their daily lives.
  •  When you are not working with students, how do you prefer to spend your free time? I love my downtime and spend it to achieve balance in a variety of ways. Staying connected with family and friends are high priorities for me. I exercise, attend local art, food and music festivals, visit the beaches, parks and other outdoor venues. I also love to travel locally, around the country and internationally.
  • What do you hope your mentee will learn from you? My mentee is an amazing your man and a great student. I hope that I can help him to develop and strengthen his interpersonal and business skills to achieve his highest goals academically and in life



On August 18th a few Take Stock in Children scholars  got the opportunity to go to a Tampa Bay Ray's Baseball game for their Take Stock in Children night. Students had a blast watching the baseball  game from their suite with family members and HEF staff! Thank you, Tampa Bay Rays for your support! 

And for those of you wondering-- YES! The Rays WON the game!

F  I  N  A  L      S  C  O  R  E

Florida Shines Presents: Virtual College Week

WHO:   T his event is ideal for Florida High School Juniors, Seniors, Parents, Counselors and Mentors!

WHAT:   Three days of live webinars that will provide a wide variety  of  information for college-bound students, featuring experts in the areas of college and university admissions, scholarships, financial aid, career planning and more.  The event speakers also represent a wide variety of institutions from the Florida College System, the State University System and the Florida Department of Education.

WHEN:   Mark your calendars for this event: October 28-30, 2019

 For more information click here!

Source: 2019 FloridaShines

Goal setting is an important skill mentors can teach their mentee, especially at the beginning of the school year! Please read the following activities below to get some ideas as to what mentors could do to start a conversation about setting goals with their mentee. 

1.  You've just won $40 million dollars!
Have the student imagine that they just won the jackpot. There are no financial restrictions holding you back from accomplishing ANYTHING you want in life. What would your life look like? What do you WANT to do in life? How do you want your life and work to look? How are you going to use your time, energy, and money? Have the student write down their responses.

This exercise helps students set goals that excite them and fulfill their purpose. Because when money is not an issue, we all want to do what matters. Suddenly day-to-day stuff becomes irrelevant. You choose to step into your passion and purpose.

2.  You only have 6 months to live
Encourage students to imagine that there's a time restriction ahead of them. Ask them how they would spend their last days? What would matter to them? What do they want to accomplish? What is so important that they want to spend their last days focusing on? Encourage students to record their thoughts. 

3.  Make a list of your fears and roadblocks
Students can plan and plan, but unless they recognize what's stopping them from stepping out and reaching for their dreams, they will have a very hard time achieving their goals. Share with the student things that you are afraid of, or obstacles that you face and then have student share as well.  There can be past hurt, a fear of the unknown, fear of people, and a number of other things.  Until students recognize and face those obstacles, it is likely that pursuing their goals will be more difficult.
Afterwards, help design a game plan to help your mentee (and yourself) move through or around the roadblocks you both named to achieve the results you want. 


Bright Futures Requirements are Changing

The rules to qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarship will change due to a new bill signed by the members of the Florida legislature. Senate Bill 190 will raise the SAT score requirement for students graduating high school in 2021 and beyond. 

T o read more, CLICK HERE
Source: ABC 20- WCJB
If you are interested in learning what other changes came out of the 2019 Florida Legislative Session, CLICK HERE, for a recap.

Source: Florida College Access Network
The College Success Team
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September 23rd-26th
C ollege Nights 
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October 10th
Pasos al Futuro
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Students with Spanish-Speaking Parents
October 11th
End of 1st Grading Period
October 12th
Senior Workshop
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Mandatory for
12th graders

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