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September 9, 2019

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Battle for the Bay, Coastal Cleanup Day, September 21

B attle for the Bay/24th Annual 
Oakland Creek to Bay Day

Saturday September 21, 2019

The mayors of Oakland and San Francisco have challenged each other to a "Battle for the Bay," a friendly competition for the most impactful cleanup effort! Show your love for Oakland and the environment by volunteering to help on Battle for the Bay/Creek to Bay Day! Projects include trash removal, habitat restoration, tree planting, and beautification. Turn the tide on trash and be a part of the global movement to keep our cities and shared waterways clean.

Corporate Training Solutions

Petaluma Antique Faire, September 29

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Patriots Jet Team Foundation Gala, October 5

Real Time Pain Relief

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Health & Wellness EXPO, October 12

Zoho One Seminar, October 15

Zoho's hosting a free, educational seminar on how you can run your entire business online! 

Join our software friends on October 15th, in Oakland to learn how you can enhance your business' productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and amp up growth with 
one cloud platform. 

They'll discuss everything from sales and marketing to finance, support, analytics, and beyond. Their experts will also review best practices to help you drive more sales and collaborate seamlessly. 

NorCal Franchise Business Expo 2019, October 15 & 16
NorCal Franchise Business Expo

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Danville FallFest 2019, October 19 & 20

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