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Sept. 7 Social


Society Burger


935 E Kenosha St

Broken Arrow, Ok 74102

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Society Burger


09/07/23 6:30pm - 09/07/23 8:00pm America/Chicago
Social Event
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Sept. 13 OKC

Charleston's Restaurant


2000 S. Meridian Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Speaker: Braedon Kruse With Sooner Marketing Solutions

Topic: Mastering Marketing for Trade: Understanding your customer base, digital marketing strategies, Leveraging traditional marketing.

OKC Meeting




09/13/23 11:30am - 09/13/23 1:00pm America/Chicago
OKC Meeting
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Sept. 14 Tulsa

Tulsa Country Club


701 North Union

Tulsa, OK 74127

Speaker: Braedon Kruse With Sooner Marketing Solutions

Topic: Mastering Marketing for Trade: Understanding your customer base, digital marketing strategies, Leveraging traditional marketing.

Tulsa Meeting


Tulsa Country Club


09/14/23 11:30am - 09/14/23 1:00pm America/Chicago
Tulsa Meeting
I'll Be There!

Announcement: We would like to Welcome 3 New Members to the MEPO organization!

Acts of Service Plumbing

7920 S. 85th E. Ave

Tulsa, OK 74133

Ricky Hudson


Local Heat & Air Supply

1111 S. Sheridan Rd

Tulsa, OK 74112

Dean Hatfield



Brian Sams

Route 66 HVAC & Mechanical

PO Box 08

Kellyville, OK 74039


Electrical News:

Can Flir Technology help your electrical business identify potential issues in homeowners electrical systems and make you money?

Thermal technology, specifically Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) cameras, has revolutionized the electrical industry by providing invaluable assistance to both homeowners and electricians. For homeowners, FLIR cameras offer a non-invasive method to identify potential issues within their electrical systems. These cameras can detect variations in temperature, revealing hotspots that might indicate overloading, loose connections, or faulty components. By pinpointing these problems early on, homeowners can proactively address them, preventing dangerous situations such as electrical fires and ensuring the longevity of their electrical systems.

Electricians also benefit significantly from integrating FLIR technology into their toolkit. By utilizing FLIR cameras during inspections and maintenance tasks, electricians can quickly identify hidden issues that might not be evident through visual inspection alone. This efficiency translates into saved time and increased productivity, allowing electricians to take on more jobs and serve a larger client base. Moreover, the ability to provide thorough thermal scans gives electricians a competitive edge, establishing their reputation as thorough and trustworthy professionals who prioritize safety and the well-being of their clients' homes. As a result, electricians who leverage FLIR technology are more likely to attract and retain customers, leading to increased business and, ultimately, higher earnings.

In essence, the integration of FLIR thermal technology into the electrical industry offers a dual advantage: it empowers homeowners with the knowledge to safeguard their properties and provides electricians with a valuable tool that enhances their services, reputation, and profitability.

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Mechanical News:

High Inflation Worries? With today’s prices, contractors who don’t offer financing to homeowners are likely losing business.

During periods of high inflation, offering financing options to customers in the HVAC and mechanical business becomes immensely beneficial. As inflation erodes the purchasing power of consumers, the upfront cost of installing or repairing HVAC systems can become a significant burden for many. By providing financing solutions, businesses in this sector can alleviate the financial strain on customers, making essential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services more accessible.

Financing options allow customers to spread out the cost of HVAC installations or repairs over time, easing the immediate financial impact. This not only helps customers afford necessary services but also ensures that businesses can continue to secure projects and generate revenue, even when customers might be hesitant due to economic uncertainties brought on by inflation. Additionally, offering financing can attract a wider range of customers who might have otherwise delayed or foregone HVAC services altogether.

Furthermore, the HVAC and mechanical industry is closely tied to energy efficiency and sustainability efforts. Inflationary periods might deter customers from investing in newer, more energy-efficient systems, even though these systems offer long-term cost savings. By providing financing, businesses can encourage customers to make environmentally conscious choices that align with long-term energy savings and reduced utility costs, which can be particularly appealing during times of rising prices.

In summary, offering financing options for HVAC and mechanical services during high inflation periods is a strategic move that benefits both businesses and customers. It addresses financial constraints, maintains steady business operations, encourages adoption of energy-efficient solutions, and fosters customer loyalty in the face of economic challenges

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Plumbing News:

Can Water Jets help drain cleaning professionals turn pipe problems into profit?

In the realm of drain cleaning, water jets have emerged as a transformative tool that allows plumbing contractors to effectively address pipe problems and, in turn, convert them into profitable ventures. This technology, characterized by high-pressure water streams, has become particularly indispensable for businesses like restaurants and commercial properties grappling with stubborn grease buildup in their plumbing systems.

Grease accumulation within restaurant and commercial property pipes can often lead to severe clogs and costly maintenance issues. Traditionally, these challenges required labor-intensive procedures and sometimes even pipe replacement, resulting in substantial expenses for both the establishment and the plumbing contractor. However, with the advent of water jet technology, these problems can be mitigated swiftly and efficiently.

Water jets operate by propelling pressurized water through specialized nozzles, effectively dislodging and breaking down grease, debris, and other obstructions within the pipes. The forceful streams not only cleanse the pipes but also prevent future blockages by thoroughly removing accumulated residues. This innovation not only saves time but also significantly cuts down on expenses associated with manual labor and potential pipe replacements.

For plumbing contractors, incorporating water jet technology into their services opens up new avenues for revenue generation. They can offer specialized drain cleaning packages tailored to the unique needs of restaurants and commercial properties, attracting a larger client base. Furthermore, by effectively resolving grease-related issues, contractors can build a reputation for efficiency and reliability, securing repeat business and referrals.

In essence, water jets have revolutionized the drain cleaning landscape by transforming pipe problems, particularly those involving stubborn grease accumulation, into profit opportunities for plumbing contractors. The combination of technology-driven effectiveness and cost-efficiency not only benefits businesses grappling with pipe woes but also elevates the standing of plumbing contractors in the industry, fostering growth and sustainability in the process.

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