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Happy Birthday To All Those Born In September!
You probably know sapphire for its intense blue-violet pigment, which is fitting since its name is derived from the Greek and Latin words for blue . What you may not know is that sapphires appear in every color of the rainbow, the most sought after of which is the lovely Padparadscha: a fascinating gem whose pink-orange glimmer almost simulates a tropical sunset. Nonetheless deemed the "ultimate" blue gemstone, sapphire often represents loyalty and trust, and is said to bring its wearer prosperity, inner peace, and beauty. Those lucky enough to call this incredible gem their birthstone are to be envied, as its rich colors and sparkling facets are truly timeless.

A Love Story
A special wedding gift
Custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces aren't reserved for gifts of romantic nature. In fact, this striking opal pendant with diamond accents is a precious wedding gift from a son to his mother . This perfect teardrop opal, glimmering with shades of blue and green, is the perfect center stone for a gift of congratulations, from son to mother, on the start of her happily ever after.
Puppy Pick's
Bella & Lani's Favorites
In only 6 short months, Lani has grown so much, both in size and behavior. It's no secret that her big sister, Bella, is a wonderful role model. They always have such fun picking their favorite piece each month, and for September they've chosen a matching set! 
This matching 18KW Tanzanite diamond pendant and earring set would make a lovely birthday or holiday gift. Come see them before they disappear, or schedule a visit with Michael to craft your own custom piece before the holiday rush takes over!

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Michael Baksa
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